Best Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride book Stockists

Best Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride book Stockists

Medical June 2009 Ugly duckling to beautiful bride! Dressed in her shapeless lab coats and baggy clothes, no one could know medical research assistant Izzy might once have become Australia’s next supermodel. Since an experience left her scarred emotionally and physically, she has hidden herself away. Greek doctor Alex Zaphirides can have any woman he wants. Despite vowing never to let a woman close again, he’s intrigued by shy, innocent Izzy – and is determined to be her Prince Charming. He’ll show her just how beautiful she really is – and turn her into the most stunning bride Australia has ever seen!

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Switch ebook

Erotica September 2012 by Megan Hart Don't think. Don't question. Just do. The anonymous note wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the habit of reading other people's mail, but it was just a piece of paper with a few lines scrawled on it, clearly meant for the apartment upstairs. It looked so innocent, but decidedly—deliciously—it was not. Before replacing the note—and the ones that followed—in its rightful slot, I devoured its contents: suggestions, instructions, commands. Each was more daring, more intricate and more arousing than the last... and I followed them all to the letter. Before the notes,...

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One Life Changing Moment ebook

The bond they share... Orthopaedic surgeon and struggling single mum Dr Mackenzie Fawles can't believe her eyes when she sees John Watson again- the man who saved her and her tiny daughter. He might have vanished before she had a chance to thank him, but she's never forgotten how safe she felt in his arms... John stopped doing emotion a long time ago, after the death of his wife and child. But an unexpected connection was formed the day he saved Mackenzie, and now she's slipping past all his well-guarded defences...

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Secrets in the Village both

Special Releases January 2012 Secrets in the Village by Kate Hardy, Gill Sanderson, Melanie Milburne, Margaret McDonagh A Royal Love-Child Melinda Fortesque has a royal secret. One she has kept from gorgeous Dr Dragan Lovak even though she’s given him her heart. But now duty is calling. Also includes: Nurse Bride, Bayside Wedding, Single Dad Seeks a Wife, Virgin Midwife, Playboy Doctor

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The Texas Lawman's Last Stand / Genuine Cowboy book

Intrigue March 2012 The Texas Lawman’s Last StandSexy cop Bo got the shock of his life when PI Mattie showed up claiming his daughter was really hers. But before Bo could argue, Mattie became a gunman’s target and he swore to be her protector. As they defy a killer, Bo can’t imagine life without his little girl, and soon he can’t picture it without her mother, too.Genuine CowboyDark, rugged rancher Sean was coming home – to bad memories. And to beautiful widow Eve and her son. With an escaped convict on her tail, Eve knows Sean’s the only person she can trust to safeguard her and her son. He’s fiercely loyal...

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Propositioned Into a Foreign Affair / Seduced Int... ebook

Really enjoyed Hudson saga.  With the little bonus stories, couldnt wait to read the last instalment of this story.

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The Hidden Heart of Rico Rossi book

When in Rome… Rico Rossi is a successful hotel billionaire – but when beautiful English tourist Ella Chandler mistakes him for a tour guide he can’t help going incognito! He’ll show her every attraction Italy has to offer…starting with himself! Ella can’t believe the sizzling attraction that burns between them, and when it’s time to leave the Eternal City she finds it hard to kiss her Latin lover goodbye. But when she discovers he’s lied to her she’s devastated. Commitment-shy Rico now has one big fight on his hands: if he wants Ella, he’s got some proving to do!

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The Captain's Forbidden Miss ebook

Historical January 2009 His tempting captive! Captain Pierre Dammartin is a man of honour, but his captive, Josephine Mallington, is the daughter of his sworn enemy…and his temptation. She is the one woman he should hate, yet her innocence brings hope to his battle-weary heart. Josephine senses that the hard-faced Captain both despises and desires her. Although she should fear him, her growing passion will not be ignored. But as the Peninsular War rages on, can the strength of their love conquer all that divides them?

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The Wolven ebook

Paranormal July 2011 When danger and temptation collide, the world of the Keepers may never be the same… Someone – or something – is murdering the members of Danyon’s werewolf pack. As Alpha, punishing the murderous entity is his responsibility. But to stop the slayings he has to accept help from the most unlikely source – a wickedly sensual mortal woman. As the Keeper of the werewolves, it’s Shauna’s duty to guard and protect the packs. Yet working by Danyon’s side to stop an unknown killer – and trying to deny the potency of their illicit attraction – poses a threat to her heart unlike any she’s ever...

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Her Long-Lost Husband ebook

Medical May 2010 Stop the wedding…! A&E doctor Olivia mourned the loss of her soldier hero husband two years ago, although there was a tiny part of her that believed he was still alive. When she hears his husky voice on her wedding day, her heart skips a beat – and she turns round to see Gregor, the love of her life… Working as an army medic has left Gregor unable to walk. But, despite the dark shadows under his eyes, his brooding good-looks are as devastating as ever. But does he still love Olivia – or has Gregor only returned to say his final goodbye…?

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Pregnant with the Billionaire's Baby ebook

Modern May 2009 Claimed: one heir, one bride Jacob ‘Sin’ Sinclair’s night with prim Luccy O’Neill ends in a way he is most unaccustomed to: she leaves him in the early hours of the morning, without a word! Luccy was overawed by the sinful billionaire’s luxury penthouse. Her cheeks still burn when she thinks of how she succumbed to one night of exquisite pleasure. But her shame is only heightened when she discovers she’s expecting Sin’s baby! Sin wastes no time in tracking her down. The Sinclair heir, inheritor to his billions, will not be illegitimate!

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