Bargain Head Case Stockists

Bargain Head Case Stockists

Liven up the office, a party or the family with Head Case. It's really very simple: Attach the basket to your head and see how many balls you can catch! Includes 20 plastic balls. One size, fits all heads!The balls are light and therefore unable to cause any harm. The basketball inspired game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Initiate some healthy competition. Who will hold the record for most balls caught?A great birthday gift idea for children and adults alike. Arrives in funky, 1950's retro design box

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Sip Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Stockists

The childhood game of Naughts and Crosses may seem boring and tame, but add some drinking shot glasses and it becomes a whole new challenge and the ultimate addition to a boys night in or house party. This game of sip Tic Tac Toe takes the game to a whole new level. Designed for two players, you are X, and your friend is O. Players take turns in placing their filled shot glasses in the empty squares. The first player to get three of their glasses in a row (up, down, across or diagonally) is the winner, and has the pleasure in inviting the loser to drink all of the shots on the board. A dead heat leads to both players...

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DIY Straws Stockists

Bendy straws were great, but then came the swirly straws which totally blew our minds! If the thought of a swirly straw is getting you all giddy inside then you better sit down because we have something else for you. The new, and improved DIY Straws are a must have for straw enthusiasts everywhere! Using the 21 connector pieces you can make some crazily adventurous straw designs bending this way and that way. Perfect for adding some fun to your parties or just everyday life, the DIY Straws are a great addition to any drink.

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Desktop Drum Kit Stockists

Generally an office tends to be relatively quiet apart from the ever-present murmur of people complaining about how they wished they were anywhere else. Well now you can shake things up with this Desktop Drum Kit! If you want to unleash your inner Rock star then this Desktop Drum Kit is the way to do it. This brilliant kit stands at 17 inches (43cm) tall and would fit perfectly on a home or office desk. The drums are connected and stand on a black stand. The drums themselves are finished in a glossy red colour with silver accents on the edges. This kit includes 2 snare drums, a tom-tom drum and a crash symbol. The Desktop...

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DIY Drinking Straws Stockists

If you are looking for a quirky party piece for your guests, then this DIY Drinking Straw set is a must have. You can use the connectors to make different shapes and still consume your chosen drink through the straws no matter what shape! The set includes 21 pieces meaning you have the option of making various shapes of all sizes.   These DIY Drinking Straws are ideal for parties, BBQ's and more! They also make a good house warming present, just in time for that house warming party! Enjoy a summer of drinking with a set of DIY Drinking Straws that make a great talking point!   Not suitable for children under 36...

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Desktop Drum Set Stockists

This Desktop Drum Kit is easily one of the most addictive products we’ve played with recently. No one can resist having a go once they’ve seen it, even the most unlikely of rock stars! Unlike many desktop drum sets, this one is an actual 3D set of drums with a stand, rather than a touch-sensitive pad, meaning that your drumming experience is much more realistic! Designed with a hi-gloss, speckled finish and chrome-coloured accents, the Desktop Drum Set features the classic garage band set-up: 1 tom-tom, 2 snare drums and 1 splash crash cymbal. Annoying? Yes. Loads of fun? Definitely!

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Thirst Extinguisher Drink Dispenser Stockists

Got a burning thirst? Then reach for the Thirst Extinguisher Drink Dispenser. A swig from this will quench the thirst of even the driest of palates! This wonderful water bottle in the shape of a fire extinguisher will hold over 1.5 litres of your chosen beverage. It can be used to quench the thirst of your party guests or for warm days firing up the barbecue. However we must warn that it's not a fire extinguisher so don't try to put out the burning sausages - particularly if the fluid contents are of an alcoholic composition. To distribute liquid from the Thirst Extinguisher bottle simply pump the handle up and down. Not only...

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