Bargain Himalayan Salt Shots 4 Pack Stockists

Bargain Himalayan Salt Shots 4 Pack Stockists

Salt, lime and tequila are the staple components to many a night out, but the whole routine is a little dated. Do you really want to be licking your own hand like a drunken kitty? ­Probably not. So, let’s upgrade the whole shebang with the much more sophisticated Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. These little beauties are handcrafted from 100% Himalayan rock salt and will save you from suckling on the back of your own hand. Each shot glass is completely unique too, in incredibly delightful pink tones with a swirling marble effect running through. Now when you are taking your shots, your tastebuds will be greeted by a deliciously subtle salty flavour. Not only do you get the four shot glasses but also an Acacia Wood serving board to present them on. And surprisingly, these little salty shots are reusable as they are made from solid rock salt which is a natural preservative. To clean them, simply rinse with water and dab dry with a cloth. 

Bargain Deal: £24.99

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Vinturi Mini Wine Aerator Stockists

'The Vinturi Mini Red Wine Aerator is the must have piece of barware for lovers of wine - particularly a good red wine. If you appreciate the flavour and bouquet of a good Merlot or Shiraz, there is no need to compromise on flavour even when out on a picnic or enjoying an outdoor concert during the Summer. The Vinturi allows you to enjoy deliciously aerated wine anytime, anywhere. This compact portable wine aerator is an essential tool for anyone who appreciates the pleasure a properly decanted wine has to offer. Like the full sized Vinturi, the Mini, allows a wine to breathe, significantly improving the drinking experience....

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Whisky Wedge Stockists

You’ve come home from a hard day at work and all you want to do is relax with a nice glass of whisky in front of the TV but your whisky is warm and needs some ice, however the ice will dilute it. This dilemma has been puzzling whisky drinkers for a while now and despite the introduction of whisky rocks, some people like the taste of neat whisky on top of ice. The geniuses at Corkcicle have decided to tackle this problem and have come up with the fabulous Whisky Wedge! This silicone mould will solve the problem of diluted whisky without sacrificing the taste of good whisky on ice. The mould is shaped just as it sounds,...

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Whiskey Wedge Stockists

What do you do when you want an ice cold glass of your favourite tipple but you don’t want to lose any of the flavour to melted ice cubes? The clever folks at Corkcircle decided to challenge this age old problem in style, and the result is the most aesthetically pleasing whiskey we’ve ever seen. Looking as though you’ve just been served in the swankiest bar in town, this Whiskey Wedge introduces artistic beauty in your drinking experience. This glass and ice mould set provides you with everything you need to create your striking beverage, simply insert the silicone slope into the tumbler, fill with water...

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Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Stockists

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle means keeping ourselves hydrated which means drinking up to eight glasses of water a day. To some, this sounds even more difficult than taking regular exercise. Then how about adding some zing to your H2O with this Citrus Zinger. It's so simple and so easy.  Designed specifically for citrus fruits, Zing away with lemons, limes, clementines, and more. The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavour from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. Citrus Zinging is great for the active, on-the-go water drinker. Take it to yoga, the gym, the...

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Corkcicle Aerator and Wine Chiller Stockists

Wine lovers - this is a fantastic innovation and great alternative to the messiness of an ice bucket.  The award winning Corkcicle is a new way of keeping your wine at the perfect temperature. With the new Corkcicle Air, you can now AERATE, chill and pour all from a single device. The original Corkcicle  was great however this innovative design has now been upgraded with a pour-through spout and an aerator. Pour out directly from the bottle without having to remove the Corkcicle and as you pour, the wine experiences instant aeration which helps enhance the flavor profile instantly  - equivalent to “letting...

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Chillsner Beer Chiller Stockists

Say goodbye to the bottle of beer getting warm when you're drinking it - after all there is nothing worse than a warm bottle of suds. Chillsner is the World’s first "in-bottle" beer cooler. It comprises an aluminum rod which is filled with a non-toxic thermal gel. Store it in the freezer and when it’s frozen, pop the top off of a bottle of beer, and insert the Chillsner. The beer will then stay cold while you drink.  Made from food grade stainless steel, the Chillsner beer cooler features a drink-through spout so you do not need to remove the beer cooler while you are drinking. Plus, the top of the spout mimics...

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