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Best Hot For It eBook Stockists

Spice January 2009 Bosom buddies since childhood, Carinna and Jack have long harbored secret lustful fantasies for one another, but hesitated to act on them for fear of ruining their cherished friendship. When a family tragedy leaves Carinna in need of comfort, she surrenders to temptation and seduces her best friend. Jack’s a fireman, and used to putting out blazes, but this is one conflagration he can’t quench. As their passions explode with pent-up need, they fearlessly explore their deepest desires with an intimacy they’ve never realized with any other lover. But once the genie is out of the bottle, how will they ever be able to go back to being just friends?

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Guardian ebook

Paranormal March 2011 To find his future, he must uncover the sins of the past! A Templar knight in a past life, Nicholas de Beaufort has no desire to inhabit his former human body again. But when he’s ordered to return to his human form to guard Mary, a woman with a special purpose, he has no choice. Unsure of his new mission, Nicholas is only certain of the scorching lust Mary ignites in him… Yet when an unexpected threat surfaces, Nicholas’s quest becomes clear. He must protect the woman he can’t live without – in order to win the battle that could save humanity.

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Backstreet Hero / Becoming a Cavanaugh ebook

Intrigue April 2010 Backstreet Hero Justine Davis He makes her uncomfortable. Edgy. But as strange accidents befall Lilith she is forced to accept Tony as her bodyguard. Then one explosive night changes everything between them – yet to save Lilith, Tony must expose secrets that may set them apart forever. Becoming a Cavanaugh Marie Ferrarella Someone is murdering the city’s elite. Hot-shot detective Kyle is on the case – and he’s falling hard for new partner Jaren. But their growing attraction must be pushed aside as they decipher the psychopath’s code. Until the threat gets a little too close to home…

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Veretti's Dark Vengeance book

Modern August 2009 He’ll ruin her in the boardroom – and take her in the bedroom! Arrogant Italian tycoon Salvatore Veretti is furious to hear that a young, beautiful model has inherited the company that was rightfully his. Clearly she’s after the family gold! Salvatore will heartlessly reclaim what he’s owed – and he’ll show this impudent female just how out of her depth she is. But after meeting naively determined Helena, Salvatore changes tactics… No longer satisfied with throwing her out of the business, he’ll take his vengeance between the sheets!

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Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress eBook

Modern March 2009 Expecting the Spaniard’s baby! Cesar Caretti has a string of sophisticated socialites warming his bed. Until he meets Jude – and her pure beauty sets his Spanish blood on fire. Jude struggles to keep up with Cesar’s glamorous world. Then her inexperience is fully revealed – she’s expecting the Spaniard’s baby. For Cesar there is only one option – marriage. And he is a Caretti. As Jude is about to discover, his proposal is not a question…it’s a command!

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Colton's Ranch Refuge ebook

Intrigue February 2013 ‘You know nothing about the real me.’ Ex-soldier Gunnar Colton’s only focus is shaking off the horrors of war in his remote cabin – until a murderer abducts another victim from the neighbouring Amish community. Then the Colton code of honour kicks in and it’s his duty to protect the eyewitness who’s the next likely target. Treating sexy, spitfire actress Violet Chastain as just another assignment is next to impossible, though. There’s more to her than Hollywood. The minute Gunnar lets the starlet and her twin baby boys into his home, the guard around his heart starts to crack. One taste...

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Devil's Consort both

Mira May 2011 I’ll not be a vessel merely to carry my blood to my children. I am no brood mare to slave at the behest of a husband. Bordeaux. July, 1137. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine eagerly awaits her first meeting with the French Prince she is to marry. But the union is a disaster. Louis is more monk than monarch and Eleanor soon finds that the crown of France is no consolation for a weak, impotent husband. When Louis announces that God has commanded him to go on crusade, Eleanor seizes her chance to be mistress of her own destiny and ride into battle. But the march to the Holy Land will make her the most scandalous...

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Bella Rosa Marriages both

The Bridesmaid's Secret The moment chic magazine editor Jackie Patterson arrives for her sister's romantic Italian wedding and sees her old boyfriend Romano Puccini, her façade slips...because before Jackie can don her exquisite bridesmaid dress, she must reveal the seventeen-year-old secret from that fateful, sultry Italian summer... The Cowboy's Adopted Daughter Hired to run a quilting course on a ranch, single mum Allie is appalled when brooding Italian Alex Casali accuses her of trespassing. But when her daughter utters her first words in a year to Alex, Allie begins to wonder whether there's more behind the smouldering...

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Savas' Defiant Mistress ebook

Modern May 2009 Inexperienced and out of her depth! The friction between Sebastian Savas and his new employee is instant. But unfortunately the lusciously curvy Neely Robson is also the tenant in the property he has just added to his portfolio. Neely cannot share her home with iceman Savas: the tension is palpable! On the surface she can take it, but underneath her lack of worldliness is making her quiver. Living and working with Neely, Seb realises he’s made an error. But the benefits of discovering Neely’s inexperience far outweigh the annoyance of being wrong!

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Mills and Boon Introduces both

Three of the finest, most exciting new writers of romance Andrea Laurence Will Cynthia Dempsey ever remember? They say she’s the fiancée of media mogul Will Taylor. But though it’s electric when they touch, Will is treating her as an ice queen who has betrayed him! What happened? Soraya Lane Soldier Toby Freeman has survived war, but being a single father is proving much harder! Sienna Gibson understands the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life and tries to help Toby, but her beauty is more of a distraction! Natalie Charles 2011 New Voices winner FBI agent Nick Foster has only seven days to save his ex-fiancée’s...

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The Beholder both

Paranormal April 2012 She’s the only woman who can unleash his inner beast…When murders at the hands of a mutant shifter start occurring in her rural community, Nina Rainwater knows she must put an end to it. But tell that to her arrogant abductor, who will stop at nothing to protect his family.Kane believes the killer is his estranged brother. And though his quest could mean his own demise, he must first stop a prying beauty capable of destroying more than just his composure…

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