Bargain How it Works The Dad Book Stockists

Bargain How it Works The Dad Book Stockists

It’s easy to be confused by our fathers and grandfathers. They do weird stuff that we don’t understand and they struggle to show any kind of affection. This is hard wired into a Dad and this book will give you an inside look at some of their thoughts and feelings. Using classic Ladybird images alongside witty satirical text, the How it Works The Dad Book is a comical guide for adults on all things Dad related. Following on from the popular series of Ladybird books for adults, this guide is perfect for new Dads, confused mums and anyone who just doesn’t understand why their dad does what he does. 

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100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Stockists

The corporate world is a notoriously difficult environment. Hard-nosed fat cats, endless meetings and passive aggressive emails make daily life at the office a constant struggle. Luckily help is at in the form of this brilliant book! Jam packed full of helpful hints and tips, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings will provide you with everything you need to appear clever in half the time it actually takes to learn something! The idiot's guide to conquering the conference room, you will learn all the essential tricks that will pay dividends in the long run. Helping you achieve tricky tasks like constantly nodding, pretending...

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Love You Starlight Bottle Stockists

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to not only brighten someone’s day but also their home, then the Starlight bottle is the ideal present for you. Filled with star shaped LED lights and a heartfelt message on the bottle's exterior, the Starlight Bottle is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. The colourful bottle features a print of the words 'Love you to the stars and back' on the front of the bottle, which is emphasized through the bottles warming LED starlights. Simply add 3 AAA batteries to the Starlight Bottle and be encompassed by the warm and heartfelt glow. 

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Spa Hot Rocks - Hot Stone Therapy Stockists

Just visited a health spa and you want to replicate some of that soothing pampering at home? Or is the idea of spending loads of money to de-stress that aching body of yours going to cause more pain? Well indulge yourself in some Hot Stone Therapy with these Spa Hot Rocks. Stone Therapy is the application of stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage. This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years. When heated, the rocks penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The cool stones sooth inflammation. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing.   The weight of the...

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RED5 Books - How To Tell If Cat Plotting To Kill You Stockists

With a language consisting of ‘purr’ ‘meow’ and ‘hisssss’ it’s sometimes hard to understand what your beloved feline is actually thinking. Worst case scenario, they might be plotting to kill you so this book will help you spot the early warning signs of a killer kitty. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You takes you through a variety of cat issues from how to pet a kitty, all the way to the other end of the scale, how to tell if your cat is a raging homosexual. For example, if your cat is kneading you it’s not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal...

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Book of Mid-Life Crisis Stockists

Do you remember those adorable hardback ladybird books from your childhood; the ones that dutifully listed facts and figures about the given topic? Well now you can grab yourself the adult’s version with this novelty Ladybird book on The Mid-Life Crisis! This book contains a series of novelty anecdotes and ‘facts’ about various men and women who are suffering from a mid-life crisis and how they are dealing with it. Adults are sure to laugh as they read about Nick who got himself a mid-life crisis coupé and will soon realise that he looks like “an astonishing knob”, and many will relate...

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Life Hacks for Dads Stockists

Something very special happens when a man becomes a Dad. Suddenly, everything he’s ever learnt in his life becomes important information that he can pass on to future generations. But there’s always a few handy hints and tips that are still to learn, so if the Dad in your life has a few holes in his knowledge, then this Life Hacks for Dads book makes the perfect read! Complete with more hacks than you could ever find on Pinterest, this compact paperback makes DIY disasters a thing of the past, lets you discover ingenious ways to keep the kids entertained and helpful ways to make cleaning a breeze. Guaranteed to...

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Book of The Shed Stockists

Ah the shed. Every man worth their salt sees this humble wooden structure as a calm sanctuary from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life, and now you can buy a book dedicated to this mighty structure! This hilarious novelty book aptly named ‘The Shed’ is presented as a retro Ladybird hardback book complete with Ladybird logo and is filled with supposed ‘anecdotes’ about men and their sheds. In this book you’ll meet men such as Keith who is sure that children are not allowed in his shed, and Les who hides out in his shed ‘doing work’ while he waits for the coast to be clear...

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So You Think You're A Cyclist? Stockists

More and more people are getting into cycling these days and so this book comes just at the right time. So You Think You're A Cyclist analyses 50 members of the cycling community, examining what make this popular group tick. Features a number of case studies, some of those who are the most common members of the cycling tribe allowing you to see a glimps of their world.  Product Specifications Printed in English 128 pages Published April 14 Hardback book  

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The Brexshit Book Stockists

You remember the day as it was yesterday. You awake with apprehension but a positive frame of mind, safe in the knowledge that we wouldn’t, as a nation, do anything quite as ridiculous as leave the EU. That would be madness you thought…surely it can’t be.… And then the moment struck like a knife. You swipe through your phone to check whether this is really real and the Daily Mash isn’t just pulling your leg. But no, the new reality is much worse than you ever anticipated. Luckily though, there is one silver lining to the disaster which was the EU referendum; this self help guide which manages...

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Weener Kleener Soap Stockists

Personal hygiene has never been more STIMULATING with the new Weener Kleener Soap. Just a few quick 'Strokes" of this soap will clean and sanitise most appendages!  How long you choose to wash is up to you.....The perfect gift for the DIRTY man in your life. One size fits most men! Why not share a bath or shower with your partner for some good clean fun.  Ideal for the man who prides himself on personal grooming everywhere!

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