Bargain Humorist Stockists

Bargain Humorist Stockists

Survivor genius critic. Murderer. Meet Benjamin White blessed since his infancy with an extraordinary gift: to understand humour at its deepest level. Yet Benjamin is cursed too: in all his life he has never laughed or smiled. At the height of his profession as a comedy critic yet lacking any kind of human empathy Benjamin discovers a formula that will allow him to construct the most powerful joke the world has ever known. A joke that has the power to kill...

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Untamed Cowboy ebook Stockists

Historical March 2009 The Cattle Queen’s Cowboy! Carina Lockett is tough – she lives only for her ranch and her daughter. So when her girl is kidnapped, and the cattle demanded as ransom, Carina stands to lose everything! She needs the best there is to help her, and that’s Penn McClure – a mysterious, darkly handsome cowboy… Penn is hell-bent on revenge, and Carina’s cattle will lead him to it. As they ride the trail together they share more than a passion for justice – Penn has made her feel like a woman again. But with all that’s at stake can she save her legacy and tame his heart?

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My First Maths Pack x 4 Stockists

Welcome to maths! What’s it all about? My First Maths is going to show you! This series helps you start with maths in a quick and simple way, using fun examples from real life. Here’s a secret: you use maths all the time, in ways you don’t even notice. Sorting your toys, counting sweets, knowing how tall you are: that’s all maths! Each of these colourful books guides you through a key maths concept, and lets you test your new skills with simple questions. Very first maths that adds up to big fun! Very simple first maths guides for the youngest learners Packed with practical examples of maths in everyday...

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Tokyo city guide - 11th edition, 11th Edition Aug 2017 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Expected in-stock: August 1st -  shipped within 48 hours of arrival. For a limited time, pre-orders are eligible for inclusion in our  Free Shipping  with minimum spend deal!  The current edition of our  Tokyo city guide - 11th edition  is available to purchase while stocks last. Tokyo has everything you can ask of a city, and has it in spades: a rich, cosmopolitan dining scene, more cafes and bars than you could visit in a lifetime, fantastic public transport and grassy parks - plus it's clean and safe. Really, what's not to love? Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Tokyo, with amazing travel experiences and the...

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Young Knights of the Round Table Stockists

HUMANS ARE THE ENEMY! That's what Rick's been taught to believe by the Fey Folk who stole him. Taken to the magical realm of Avalon he's been trained alongside other kids like him into an elite force of warriors. When rumours start that a new generation of knights are re-forming the Round Table to attack Avalon the Fey entrust Rick with a mission: go to Earth find the knights and stop them. Simple right? Well not exactly ...No training could prepare him for the shock of being a modern teenager. And when he discovers that the Fey have been lying to him Rick has to ask: if humans aren't the enemy-who is?

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Arizona Heat eBook Stockists

She Wasn't Looking For a Husband Kansas McClellan was looking for her brother, and Paxton Moore was the only man who could help her. She'd heard he knew the tough, Western landscape like the back of his callused hand, so it didn't matter that he stirred in her feelings of longing that she'd rather not explore... . He Wasn't Out to Find a Wife Paxton was happy with his life just the way it was, but ever since Kansas barged into town, the sultry days - and hot nights - were getting far too steamy for comfort. But he simply couldn't resist her. This was one female in distress he couldn't refuse - even if finding her brother meant...

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NIV Pocket Bible Stockists

With over 400 million Bibles in print the New International Version is the world's most popular modern English Bible. It is renowned for its combination of reliability and readability. Fully revised and updated for the first time in 25 years the NIV is ideal for personal reading public teaching and group study. This Bible also features: clear readable 6.75pt text easy-to-read layout shortcuts to key stories events and people of the Bible reading plan timeline book by book overview quick links to find inspiration and help from the Bible in different life situations.British Text This edition uses British spelling punctuation...

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McKettricks of Texas: Garrett ebook Stockists

Let New York Times bestselling sensation Linda Lael Miller take you away to the dusky Texas plains as the gorgeous McKettrick brothers find love and home Fast track up the political ladder, fast cars, fast women – that’s Garrett McKettrick. Or it was, until a scandal brought him home to Blue River, Texas, to plan his next move. Which doesn’t include staying at the family ranch with his brothers. A city boy, Garrett doesn’t think he has the land in his blood. But Blue River has other attractions, like former nemesis Julie Remington. Now a striking woman, Julie comes complete with a four-year-old son and deep ties to...

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Seriously Sassy Stockists

Thirteen-year-old Sassy is a true twenty-first century girl. She's puzzling out the mysteries of parents boys and why people can't be more like dolphins and confronting big questions like ...Can she become a singer - songwriter and save the world too? (More importantly can she get Dad to pay for a demo?) Should she trust her dolly-goth best friend to give her a makeover without making her look like one of the undead? And does sharing a chocolate chip muffin with Magnus Menzies mean true love or just a mid-morning snack?

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Absolute Friends Stockists

ABSOLUTE FRIENDS is a superbly paced novel spanning fifty-six years a theatrical masterstroke of tragi-comic writing and a savage fable of our times almost of our hours. The friends of the title are Ted Mundy British soldier's son born 1947 in a shining new independent Pakistan and Sasha refugee son of an East German Lutheran pastor and his wife who have sought sanctuary in the West. The two men meet first as students in riot-torn West Berlin of the late Sixties again in the grimy looking-glass of Cold War espionage and most terribly in today's unipolar world of terror counter-terror and the war of lies. Deriving...

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Digging for Dinosaurs Stockists

Do you know your dinosaurs? Dan does. He and his dog Bouncer are digging down to see if they can find the Tyrannosaurus Rex that could swallow a boy in just two bites the gigantic Brachiosaurus that was taller than the tallest trees and the Coelophysis that had knife sharp teeth and sometimes ate its own young. Dan finds a pin and a scrunched up tin and an old plate and a key to a gate and a stone that looks like an odd sort of bone. He doesn't think anything of the odd shaped stone until his mum drags him to the museum (which he's sure is going to be boring and musty) where he spies that the awesome Ty Rex skeleton has...

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