Best Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay (Luxe Edition) Stockists

Best Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay (Luxe Edition) Stockists

An embossed foil edition fit for the reigning victor. No other will do.

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Accidents Happen

Kate Parker has had so much bad luck in her life she's convinced she's cursed. But when she tries to do her best to keep herself and her son safe people tell her she's being anxious and obsessive. Just when her life starts to spin completely out of control an Oxford professor she meets offers to help. But his methods are not conventional. If she wants to live her life again he will expect her to take risks. When a mysterious neighbour starts to take more than a passing interest in her Kate tries to stay rational and ignore it. Maybe this however is the one time Kate should be worried.

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Berlitz: Thailand Pocket Guide

The Berlitz Pocket Guide to Thailand is fully revised and better than ever! This guide features clear colour-coded sections enabling you to locate the information you need quickly and easily. Sections cover all the places to go and indicate highly recommend sights the history of Thailand and interesting facts along with many different things to do including shopping sports children's activities entertainment nightlife and more. An 'Eating Out' section provides information on where to go and what the local specialities are. The Top 10 attractions are highlighted allowing you to set priorities for your stay and ensure...

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Mini Rough Guide to Paris

The Mini Rough Guide to Paris" is your perfect companion to Europe's most visited and romantic capital. Discover Paris' highlights with stunning photography and detailed coverage plus a full-colour section introducing Paris' hottest sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the stylish Marais quarter. Find detailed practical advice on what to see and do in Paris whilst relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels and restaurants the trendiest bars and the most old-fashioned cafes and more offbeat attractions such as new cutting-edge arts space 'the 104'. "The Mini Rough Guide to Paris" also helps you to plan day-trips...

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James May's Toy Stories: Airfix Handbook

After his ambitious project to create a 1/1 scale Spitfire James May returns to the brand synonymous with model kits to learn more about Airfix. Over the years Airfix's range has included figures trains trackside accessories military vehicles engines rockets sailing ships warships liners vintage cars performance cars motorcycles spaceships and more available in many different scales and for different skill levels. Modern kits are increasingly accurate and minutely detailed as precision mouldings and sophisticated techniques and materials have meant scale modelling is truly a 21st century hobby - but with more...

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Once and for All both

Cherish October 2011 He’s the last man she expected to fall for!Take care of her father’s ranch for a few weeks? No problem. Jodie’s a successful lawyer so how hard could it be to oversee a bunch of cows? Turns out it’s pretty hard…especially when she has to beg for help from Sam, the vet her father almost ruined. Between her father’s new prize horse getting injured and the cows that are calving, she’d be done for if not for Sam’s help. Sam’s also the first man who’s fascinated her in a long time. If these sparks between them mean anything, his help could soon turn to love…

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Scholastic Classics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The classic tale of a man and his alter-ego. Does everyone have a dark side?... £2.99 #talented-readers #gr-10-11 #classics-1116

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Little Red Robin #12: Lulu and the Caterpillars

Our brand new story series for you little ‘uns. The funniest fiction to shiver your timbers. Little Red Robin is our new way to get small people like you excited about reading on your own. Colour pics, funny stories: we’ve made this series all-round great! In this story, Lulu finds some caterpillars in need of care. She loves all sorts of animals. But these are rather special: they’ll soon turn into gorgeous butterflies.

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Beautiful Creatures

This edition features exclusive movie cover art. A brand new film tie-in edition of the bestselling love story Beautiful Creatures" - a romance that is bound to capture the hearts of "Twilight" fans everywhere. This edition ties in to the major new Warner Brothers and Alcon Entertainment blockbuster film starring Emma Thompson Jeremy Irons Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich. In Ethan Wate's hometown there lies the darkest of secrets...There is a girl. Slowly she pulled the hood from her head. Green eyes black hair. Lena Duchannes. There is a curse. On the Sixteenth Moon the Sixteenth Year the Book will take what it's...

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How to Study and Learn

Are you thinking of studying or training for an important qualification? Do you know the best techniques for studying and learning to ensure you achieve the best results as quickly as possible? Whether you are at college or university doing projects or assignments writing essays receiving continuous assessment or preparing for exams this is the book for you. Now in its third edition this practical book covers getting your thinking right organising yourself properly finding and processing the information you need reading effectively developing good writing skills thinking creatively motivating yourself and more. Whatever...

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I am Reading with CD: Grandad's Dinosaur

You have to be very quick and very lucky to see a dinosaur! Sally goes to visit her grandfather -- and finds a small red dinosaur in the garage. Her grandfather doesn't know about the dinosaur because he isn't quick enough or lucky enough to see him. The dinosaur gets up to all sorts of tricks like twirling round on the washing line or spinning on the garden sprinkler but he always manages to avoid being seen by Grandad ...just! Young children will love the element of naughtiness in the dinosaur's antics and giggle along with Sally at his entertaining acrobatics.

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