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Bargain Hurrell Stockists

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Fab Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Stockists

The brilliantly funny fifth and sixth novels in the GEORGIA NICOLSON series out now in gorgey new paperback omnibus edition by recent winner of the ROALD DAHL FUNNY PRIZE. 11.20a.m. This is my fabulous life: the Sex God left for Whakatane last month and he has taken my heart with him. 11.25a.m. Not literally of course otherwise there would be a big hole in my nunga-nungas. 11.28a.m. And also I would be dead. Which quite frankly would be a blessing in disguise. 12.00p.m. It is soooo boring being brokenhearted..." ...but Georgia doesn't remain brokenhearted for long: frequent snogging extravaganzas with old flame Dave the Laugh...

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Leader Project Stockists

Designed by Oliver Bulleid for the Southern Railway although the prototype was not completed until after nationalisation the 'Leader' class was revolutionary. The locomotives had an unusual configuration with two power steam bogies utilising sleeve valves and chain drive rather than more conventional valve gear. The body was streamlined looking more like a diesel locomotive than a conventional steam engine. Initially five locomotives were to be constructed but only one No 36001 was completed. This was exhaustively tested and was found to be wanting in a number of areas. Amongst the faults reported the reversing gear...

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Care Planning Stockists

Why is care planning important? How can you use care planning effectively in your own practice?Being able to plan the care of patients is one of most important aspects of a nurse's role. Using an interactive approach this book explores the reasons why care planning is so important and explains the theory behind the practice providing a step-by-step guide to assessing patients diagnosing problems planning goals and interventions and evaluating progress.

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Fallen ebook Stockists

Paranormal June 2011 He fell because he loved mankind. It cost him his soul. Now Cooper seeks his halo, his only to chance to regain what he lost. But wherever the Fallen walk, a Sinistari demon is not far behind; their only task is to slay the earthbound angels. Pyxion stalks Cooper. When she kills an angel, she can claim her own soul. His death will be her chance at redemption. Yet Cooper’s first encounter with the Sinistari leaves him hungering for more. And Pyx finds herself drawn desperately, sensually towards Cooper. With a vampire trailing both of them, relying on each other could be their best hope of survival...

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Windows 8 Plain & Simple Stockists

Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Windows(R) 8! Here's WHAT you'll learn: Run your apps and manage your calendar and contacts Explore the web and send and receive email and messages Organize your files on the PC and in the cloud with Microsoft(R) SkyDrive(R) View share and store your own photos and videos Play games manage your music and watch movies Use maps to find directions and set your location Here's HOW you'll learn it: Jump in wherever you need answers Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts Quick TRY THIS! exercises help...

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Wanted in Alaska both Stockists

Historical April 2011 WANTED: FOR HEALIN’ AND HEART STEALIN’ Outlaws, even innocent ones, just can’t risk doctor’s visits. But Quinn Rowlan desperately needs a nurse for his injured brother. Kidnapping is the only answer. Except Quinn snatches the wrong woman from a masquerade! Autumn MacNeil is a singer dressed as a nurse for the costume ball. She doesn’t know the first thing about knife-wounds! Still, there’s no way he can let her go now – and, to make matters worse, Quinn realises he’s falling for his curvy blonde hostage…

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Standard Grade Biology Stockists

Now in full colour throughout Standard Grade Biology 3rd edition" continues to provide comprehensive coverage of the arrangements. This new edition retains its highly successful format which encompasses clear differentiation key questions and problem-solving questions. It has been updated to include: a glossary at the end of every section encouraging students to use scientific language; a wealth of supporting diagrams and photographs which benefit from being presented in full colour; and integration of the extensive reference section into each chapter helping students to develop skills such as drawing graphs using microscopes...

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GCSE Film Studies for WJEC Stockists

Heinemann's GCSE Film Studies for WJEC" is a lively and engaging full-colour resource designed to support teachers and stimulate GCSE students helping them to achieve the highest grade possible. Written by the Chief and Principal Examiners at WJEC this book shows you what the examiners are looking for in the coursework and in the exam.It provides thorough and explicit coverage of the specification so that teachers can deliver the course with confidence and students can approach assessment fully prepared. It includes activities and case studies throughout to engage students even more with this exciting subject. It contains...

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PM Orange: Budgies (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Stockists

This book of animal facts focuses purely on budgies. The text touches on budgies’ feeding and breeding habits and also explains the differences between pet budgies and wild budgies. Orange level titles introduce new words and reinforce those already encountered. Three-syllable words are included and readers encounter different story structures – such as traditional tales and plays – to build writing skills. PM Non-fiction books are carefully researched, presenting factual information accompanied by superb photography and realistic illustrations to engage young readers.

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Dead Island Stockists

What will you do? How far will you go? What will you become? Welcome to Banoi a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behind...Welcome to the Royal Palms Resort - which offers its guests from around the world the ultimate in luxury and relaxation...Welcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come true...but where a nightmare is about to begin...because a mysterious epidemic has suddenly and without warning broken out across the island. The local islanders hotel guests and workers alike are struck down - only to rise again craving the flesh and the blood of the still living. For four...

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