Best IC F25SR Two Way Radio Stockists

Best IC-F25SR Two Way Radio Stockists

The IC-F25SR is the successor to the best selling IC-F22SR and features a lighter, yet stronger construction. Simple to operate, it enjoys 26.5 hours of operating time with standard large capacity Li-Ion battery pack, a smart ringer and a jack to connect a speaker or microphone.

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IC-F27SR PMR446 Two Way Radio

Outstanding audio quality, high performance and strong commercial build make the IC-F27SR the ideal licence free radio. This licence free radio is ideal for users in diverse areas such as construction, catering, event management, shopping centres, factories, farms as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts Up To 35.5 Hours Operating Time The IC-F27SR features highly efficient circuitry, providing up to a massive 35.5 hours of operating time* with the supplied BP-265 2000mAh lithium-ion battery pack. This means it can be comfortably last an entire shift.* Tx: Rx: Stand-by =5: 5: 90...

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IC-F4029SDR Digital Two Way Radio

The compact Icom F4029SDR digital radio features 16 digital channels, plus an extra eight analogue channels with 6.25 KHz narrow channel spacing. Digitally modulated sound provides secure conversation for commercial and private users.

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IC-4088SR Two-way Radio

The IC-4088SR allows instant communication between members of a group in and around buildings and over short distances. It's water resistant and ruggedly built and has a voice scrambler for secure private communication; call ring function, ten different tones and a handy automatic transponder function that automatically warns you if other radios are out of reception range.

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