Best Ice Blue both Stockists

Best Ice Blue both Stockists

Mira December 2011 Museum curator Summer Hawthorne considered the exquisite ice-blue ceramic bowl given to her by her beloved Japanese nanny a treasure of sentimental value—until somebody tried to kill her for it. The priceless relic is about to ignite a global power struggle that must be stopped at all costs. It’s a desperate situation, and international operative Takashi O’Brien has received his directive: everybody is expendable. Everybody. Especially the woman who is getting dangerously under his skin as the lethal game crosses the Pacific to the remote and beautiful mountains of Japan, where the truth can be as seductive as it is deadly…. “A master at creating chilling atmosphere with a modern touch. ” —Library Journal

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Dangerous Nights eBook

Four years earlier, Ana would have been overjoyed to hear those words from Jed Steele's lips. But then he had hurt and humiliated her and Ana had sworn never to forgive him. Fate, though, obviously had other ideas, and Ana found herself sharing a tropical paradise with Jed. Now she had to fight to survive those dangerous days and even more dangerous nights... !

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The Billionaire's Fair Lady eBook

Cherish February 2013 Hot-shot lawyer Mike Templeton is intrigued when actress-turned-waitress Roxy O’Brien rocks up to his office with a scandalous inheritance claim that could save his practice… After an uptown makeover Roxy feels every inch the heiress – but can she resist her intoxicating lawyer or will she be in danger of losing her heart?

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Romantic Erotica Collection both

Christmas shop August 2012 Fifty Shades whet your appetite? Now it’s time to experiment... From Mills & Boon authors who really know erotica. This daring collection invites you to step further into the shade... Welcome to the darker side of romance. Buy now for JUST £20.97! (RRP £27.96)

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Royal Holiday Bride eBook

Princess Marissa longed for romance. But her coming marriage to King Dante was for politics, not love. A royal masquerade ball was her chance to spend the night with a man she chose…and the handsome, regal stranger masquerading as Jupiter – king of the gods – was perfect!

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Sunsets & Seduction ebook

What happens when the lights go out on a hot, sultry summer night? To Jonas Berringer, bodyguard, Tessa Rose is intoxicating forbidden fruit. She has an intimate knowledge of aphrodisiac scents and, alone in the darkness of a power cut, they indulge all their other senses… Larissa can’t help herself when it comes to her hot ex-fiancé Jason Cantrell. Trapped together in a shop full of sexual and romantic props, would it be incredible sex with her ex? Kaia Bennet had trusted dishy undercover cop, Blake McCauley – who’d arrested her! Now, when the lights go out, the feisty cat burglar has a chance to satisfy...

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How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart / The Rancher's Dance book

Cherish March 2012 How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart Clay’s known Megan her whole life, and now she’s back home after a painful ordeal, he plans to remind Meg she’s still the girl who can beat him in a horse race!An invite to a family wedding seems the perfect way to get reacquainted. But as Meg arrives in her curve-hugging red dress, her skills on a horse are the furthest thing from his mind…The Rancher’s Dance Lucy Buchanan was getting romantic ideas about the sexy rancher next door. Not even Beck’s gruff manner could stop her from being neighbourly. Even before he swept her into his arms on the dance floor, Beck...

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Mistresses both

Special Releases April 2012 1st story: When Angelo Riccardi set out to get revenge, he had financial devastation in mind. But innocent and pretty Gwenna Hamilton added another, delicious dimension. She had no chance when the Italian tycoon swooped like an urban predator and offered her the devil’s bargain: pay for her father’s freedom with her body. Includes: The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress; Emerald Mistress

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The Power and the Glory book

Modern November 2011 The Marshalls…A rich, powerful family that mixes business, politics…and pleasure.If the US had a royal family –this would be it!Any red-blooded woman would kill to be handcuffed to political hot-shot Brady Marshall, but campaigner Aspyn Breedlove wants to raise awareness – not her own acute consciousness of those delicious, iron-hard muscles beneath Brady’s expensive suit…Overnight she’s an internet sensation, and in a shock move she’s made part of the Marshall re-election campaign… Aspyn hopes she can dance with the devil and create change from within. But what chance does she have when...

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The Liberation Of Miss Finch eBook

Undone November 2011 England, 1829. Eleven years ago, Claude Mableau came to Rappard Hall as a stable worker seeking revenge and fell in love with the noble family's poor relation, Miss Louisa Finch. Now home after making his fortune abroad, he discovers that his youthful infatuation is as strong as ever, as is his body's craving for the beautiful lady. Claude cannot resist her plea to introduce her to the pleasures of lovemaking before her arranged marriage. Yet despite their intense passion, Louisa will always be forbidden to him as a bride.

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Captain's Call of Duty both

From tomboy to bombshell? Captain Jim Kelley is thunderstruck. Suddenly Alexandra Mendez has gone from one of the guys, kid sister and tomboy to all woman. Alex is under his command on a dangerous undercover mission, but Jim has to keep reminding himself they’re only pretending to be lovers. Alex has loved Jim all her life, but they’d always been just friends. Now working together to thwart an assassination plot, their cover requires her to unearth her femininity. Jim’s sudden attention is unexpected…and thrilling. But is Jim just infatuated by her looks, or is it her he wants?

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