Best Illegitimate Tycoon book Stockists

Best Illegitimate Tycoon book Stockists

Special Releases July 2011 by Janette Kenny Rafael…Illegitimate. Brooding. Proud. Always an outsider, Rafael spent his life looking in on his priviledged Wolfe siblings. Determined to create the lifestyle denied to him, Rafael worked his way to the top - his marriage to beautiful Leila the icing on the cake! Now his marriage is crumbling. Rafael chased a rainbow – but made his wife feel like she was a trophy… Now it will take all of his courage to win her back…

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Forever an Eaton eBook

BITTERSWEET LOVE Belinda Eaton is dedicated to her job as a history teacher in one of Philadelphia's most challenging high schools. Committing to a man? Not exactly on her agenda. But then a tragedy brings her closer to gorgeous attorney Griffin Rice and they have to share custody of their twin goddaughters. Griffin never saw himself as husband or father material. But suddenly family vacations and Sunday dinners with the girls are the highlight of his schedule--and getting closer to their smart, sexy-looking godmother is his number one priority. Can he teach her that their partnership has turned into a loving relationship powerful...

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Tempting the Jaguar eBook

Paranormal February 2013 At 450 years old, werewolf Rainer thought he was prepared for anything—except discovering that his mate is a jaguar shifter. From the moment he meets Estrella, their attraction is scorching and undeniable. Vampires are stalking Estrella, the sweet and sensual woman he’ll do anything to protect. Yet keeping Estrella safe proves exceedingly difficult…. and keeping his hands off her? Impossible.

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Dragon Warrior eBook

Paranormal September 2010 Dragon warrior Kestrel Grey fought the vampire horde for centuries without suffering an injury, until a devastating battle landed him in the care of empath and healer Sparrow Rose. Curing Kestrel was Sparrow's chance to prove herself and save the man she had admired for years—but innocent Sparrow wasn't ready for the powerful desire that overtook them as part of the healing process...and the tender feelings that followed. But Kestrel was still determined to resume his dangerous mission. Sparrow would do anything to save him—including take him to bed.

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To Have the Doctor's Baby eBook

Nick Damian, paediatric surgeon extraordinaire, was stunned to see his beloved exwife Ryleigh Evans in his office. She thought he'd be the perfect person to father the baby she longed to have and it was the deal of a lifetime for Nick. He'd let Ryleigh slip out of his arms once before. It wasn't a mistake he would make a second time!

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The Doctor's Calling ebook

Cherish February 2013 When love comes calling, what’s a girl to do? Laurel Stanton never thought she had a crush on her grumpy boss – until Russ Hollister announced he was leaving his vet practice. When he proposed that she move with him to a ranch and continue to be his assistant – it made her rethink everything… For Russ, to focus on the horses and cattle on the Cantrell ranch was the chance of a lifetime. But suddenly, facing a day without lovely Laurel’s patience, smile and soothing touch would be pure purgatory. He’d made her one offer – but should he make her another?

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Hard Magic book

Mira August 2011 PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS A handpicked team trained to solve crimes the regular police can’t touch—crimes of magic My name’s Bonnie Torres. Recent college graduate, magic user and severely unemployed. Until I got a call out of nowhere to interview for a job I hadn’t applied for. It seemed too good to be true but I needed the work… Two days later I’m a Private Paranormal Investigator—me and Nick, Sharon, Nifty and Pietr. Five twenty-somethings, thrown into an entirely new career in forensic magic, answerable only to the evidence, the truth. The first job we get is a high-profile case - proving...

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Royal Captive ebook

Intrigue July 2011 A future princess in danger. A prince on a mission. Prince Istvan of Valtria expected to inherit his crown, not lead a death-defying chase to retrieve it. The dashing royal had always been a quiet scholar. Until Lauryn stormed into his life, set off sparks, and vanished – along with Valtria’s crown jewels! Travelling in disguise to exotic lands, Istvan’s as desperate to rescue Lauryn as he is to save the priceless gems. He knows she’s the one who should be his Queen and should wear the crown beside him…that is, if they live to recapture it!

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The Prince's Texas Bride / The Reluctant Princess ebook

Cherish January 2012 The Prince’s Texas Bride Mediterranean Prince Stefan was hell-bent on being a true ruler, unlike the generations of playboys that preceded him. But the feisty Texan he’d just hired on staff proved quite a distraction. He’d never known a woman as challenging – or as irresistible. But this ordinary commoner was off-limits…unless he’d finally met his royal match!The Reluctant Princess Betrayal made Kim flee her fairytale life inside a castle. Now independent, the royal is struggling to raise her illegitimate baby alone in exile. Jake has been tasked with bringing the runaway princess home. And...

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The Marriage Barter eBook

MISSION: CHILDREN Rounding up a gaggle of orphans isn't Wyatt Reed's specialty. Still, the bounty hunter is being paid handsomely to bring these children from Evans Grove to the next town. And then he sets eyes on one pigtailed, pint-sized complication, and the beautiful widow who needs his help. Charlotte Miller's marriage lacked love, but at least it gave her the right to adopt little Sasha. Without a husband now, she can't be a mother. Wyatt agrees to be her groom-for-hire-only until Sasha is hers. Now the man who couldn't wait to leave town is finding unexpected reasons to stay...and glimpsing a future surpassing any fortune...

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All Grown Up eBook

Desire February 2013 Young Annalise Wolff had thrown herself at Sam Ely, certain he was the one. But when rejected, she vowed never to forgive. Seven years on, Annalise is offered a job working closely with Sam and then a snowstorm strands them together...without power…without inhibitions. Is falling for Sam again worth the risk of a second heartbreak?  

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