Bargain Images of Change (Paperback) Stockists

Bargain Images of Change (Paperback) Stockists

Motorways airports tower blocks power stations windfarms; TV and the internet easy travel and shrinking distances; business parks starter homes and vast shopping and leisure complexes. All of these helped define the later 20th-century world and their material remains remind us of the major changes brought about through innovation and rapidly developing technology.Illustrated with striking aerial and ground photographs of some stunning and sometimes surprising 20th-century landscapes Images of Change highlights for perhaps the first time the impact the developments of the last century have had on the landscape and gives us a new angle on the industrial military domestic and agricultural influences at work around us. By turns dramatic beautiful perhaps even shocking the images and accompanying text will convince that the later 20th century should not be seen as an age that has devalued or destroyed what went before.Understanding how the 20th-century landscape is perceived and how it connects to the past is part of what this book is about - helping us to understand that change and creation is as important in the landscape as preservation. We recognise and celebrate the process of landscape change for earlier periods - the 20th century should be no different.About the Author Sefryn Penrose is a heritage consultant with Atkins Heritage.Publish date:May 2010

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Ahrends, Burton and Koralek Stockists

Ahrends Burton and Koralek (ABK) was established in London in 1961 by three young AA graduates Peter Ahrends Richard Burton and Paul Koralek. By the 1970s ABK was known as one of the most creative and versatile of Britain's younger practices its workload ranging from college buildings in Oxford and Chichester to housing public libraries retail and industrial buildings.While influenced by High-tech their buildings were characterised by a concern for strong form and materiality. Major projects of the 1980s included stations for the Docklands Light Railway and the pioneering St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight as well...

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Englands Shipwreck Heritage Stockists

What do characters as diverse as Alfred the Great the architect Sir Christopher Wren diarist Samuel Pepys and the Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins have in common? All had some involvement in shipwrecks: in causing recording or salvaging them. This book examines a variety of wrecks from logboats Roman galleys and medieval cogs to East Indiamen grand ocean liners fishing boats and warships - all are woven into the history of shipwrecks along the coastline of England and in her territorial waters.Wrecks are not just physically embedded in this marine landscape - they are also an intrinsic part of a domestic cultural landscape...

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Suffolks Defended Shore Stockists

Suffolk's Defended Shore presents an illustrated history of the development of military defences on the Suffolk coast using data collected as part of the English Heritage national survey. The survey involved the examination of both modern and historic aerial photographs which led to the creation of a detailed map of the archaeological remains on the county's coast. The results of the survey are dominated by evidence for the military defence of the coast reflecting the importance of the Suffolk coast in national defence strategies over many years. Extensively illustrated this book highlights the particular importance...

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Danson House: The Anatomy of a Georgian Villa Stockists

Danson House (1762 - 66) in Bexley Heath is one of the finest surviving villas by the architect Robert Taylor (1714 - 88). Restrained compact and ingeniously planned it was built for the City merchant John Boyd (1718 - 1800) who had made his fortune in the West Indies sugar trade. Boyd had a keen eye for the arts. He engaged William Chambers to design chimney pieces picture frames and garden buildings the French Provençal artist Charles Pavillon to paint a vibrant suite of allegorical panels for the dining room and the landscape architect Nathaniel Richmond to remodel the grounds in the manner of Capability Brown.This...

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Guidebook: Stokesay Castle Stockists

Stokesay Castle is one of the finest fortified manor houses in England.Built in the 1280s by the fabulously rich wool merchant Laurence of Ludlow it stands in a peaceful Shropshire valley an exceptionally picturesque ensemble of 13th century towers magnificent great hall and a delightful gatehouse built in 1640. Among its many treasures are its medieval staircase and tiled floor and its richly carved 17th century chamber.This new guide beautifully illustrated with plans maps and historical images includes a tour of the site and a history of the castle and the characters who lived there.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished...

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Guidebook: Eltham Palace Stockists

Eltham Palace is a building of striking contrasts.  Behind the elegant façade is a stunning Art Deco mansion built around the great hall of the medieval Eltham Palace.Eltham was initially a moated manor house but by the early 14th century it had become one of the largest and most frequented royal residences in the country. By the 16th century however it had been eclipsed by Greenwich and Hampton Court palaces and for 200 years after the Civil Wars it was used as a farm.In the 1930s Stephen and Virginia Courtauld took a 99-year lease on Eltham from the Crown. They commissioned the architects Seely and Paget to build...

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Historic Airports Stockists

The realisation of mankind's age-old dream of flight is probably one of the collective adventures that best characterises the century we have just left its greatest novelty. In the space of only three or four generations aviation has conquered the entire planet and international airports have developed into sleepless cities. At the beginning of 1999 the European Commission sponsored an international project on aviation's architectural heritage set up at the instigation of the French Ministry of Culture together with English Heritage and Landesdenkmalamt Berlin the official heritage body of the German capital. The project's...

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Support for the Fleet Stockists

"Only book that takes a world-wide overview of the architectural and engineering history of Royal Navy bases""Spans the height of the British Empire from the wooden hulled sailing ship to the heyday of the steam-driven metal-hulled battlefleet""Generously illustrated with maps plans and photos"This major new book traces for the first time the architectural and engineering works in the Royal Navy�s shore bases at home and overseas and the political imperatives and technologies that helped shape them up to the First World War.Based on detailed archival research it concentrates on the remarkable...

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The Architecture of Sharpe, Paley & Austin Stockists

One of England's greatest Victorian architectural practices was based not in London but in the relatively quiet town of Lancaster. For just over a century the leading practice in the area was that of Sharpe Paley and Austin. It was founded just at the start of the Victorian Gothic Revival by the remarkable multi-talented Edmund Sharpe - architect engineer businessman politician and winner of the Royal Institute of British Architect's Royal Gold Medal for his work in architectural history.E G Paley developed the practice and took on in 1867 the man who elevated it to greatness - Hubert Austin described as an architect...

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Guidebook: Richborough and Reculver Stockists

Although today Richborough and Reculver appear very different both sites help to tell the story of the Roman occupation of Britain.Now an inland backwater Richborough once overlooked the strategically important Wantsum sea channel which divided the Isle of Thanet from Kent. In AD 43 the Roman Emperor Claudius's invasion fleet landed and established a fortified beachhead. It became a military supply base and from this developed the port of Rutupiae with an ampitheatre and one of the biggest monumental arches in the Roman Empire: an official 'gateway to Britain'. The town thrived for nearly 200 years until attacks...

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