Bargain In Season S&P Shakers Stockists

Bargain In Season S&P Shakers Stockists

Rabbits are notorious for their habits of destroying vegetable patches and being really frisky… If you know someone who fits that bill as well then why not treat them to these cute salt and pepper shakers. The In Season Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect cheeky house gift for friends and family. With one black rabbit for pepper and one white rabbit for salt, each rabbit is poised for a good old fashioned humping sesh. So you can have a good laugh as add some tasty seasoning to your food.

Bargain Deal: £7.99

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Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder Stockists

This little fella has got his eye on all the birds and he is the ideal addition to your garden if you are wanting to add a little something extra. This Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder gnome is brightly coloured and holds treasured bird seeds in his trousers, just what is needed to attract the local birds to your garden area. With his bright red hat and white beard, he is your average garden gnome but with a naughty streek.  Made from terracota, it will take more than a few birds to destry this little guy!

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Ani-Mate Stockists

Big kids, little kids, and everyone in between, it doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s a magic and creativity in story telling that none of us can resist! Now you can be inspired to tell your own stories and create your own characters with this adorable collection of props, sets and materials that let any aspiring animator create their very own stop-frame animation. After all, any movie director needs the right tools for the job, and this cool kit comes with an impressive array of versatile equipment to get you started on your filmmaking journey! With eight blocks of modelling clay, one stage, two full colour...

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Phone Holder Black Stockists

Everybody needs support sometimes, even if you’re an inanimate object! With the Folding Phone Holder, your phone will finally have that companionship it has always longed for. No longer do you have to worry about accidentally standing on your phone in the dark of the night, as with the Folding Phone Holder all your phone holding worries are memories of the past. Due to the compact size, the Folding Phone holder is perfect for travelling or just charging your phone at the side of your bed! Simply place the Folding Phone Holder on your phone charger and enjoy a stress-free charging experience. 

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Giant Burger Eraser Stockists

Have you ever made a really BIG mistake and worn your rubber down to the end trying to rub it out? Fear no more as this Giant Burger Eraser is meaty enough to tackle even the biggest mistakes! This rubber isn’t just useful for correcting any mishaps but looks great too; just make sure you don’t try to take a bit out of it! Looking exactly like a cheeseburger, this rubber has a sesame bun, lettuce, cheese and the all-important meat patty.   This rubber would brighten up any office desk and would also be a fantastic gift for a student.

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Desk Cable Clips Stockists

If your desk is a constant mess of cables and wires, then it’s about time you got a grip! Grab yourself one of these Desk Cable Clips and start organising those unruly wires. The niche little gadget is the companion who keeps any cable under control. Simply attach the clip to the edge of your desk and you’ll be the envy of the office in no time. Made from firm plastic with a soft, non-slip rubber head, the Desk Cable Clip can hold up to three cables at once measuring up to 6cm in thickness. 

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Superhero Selfie Kit Stockists

Have you ever looked up at the sky and known you should be flying through it wearing a cape and spandex? Of course you have! The Superhero Selfie Kit allows you to finally realise your dreams of becoming a real life superhero with 6 colourful props including 2 masks, a chest plate and 3 cartoon sound effects. The props are easy to assemble and everything is included for you, simply use the sticky dots in the packaging to attach the sticks to the props. Go from citizen to superhero in one quick flash of a stick! This product would be perfect for parties or as a gift for that person you know who loves a good costume. Please note...

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Cable Tag 10 Pack Stockists

Ever felt the annoyance of trying to locate which wire belongs to which socket or which wire connects to which source, or just where did this wire even come from? If so, then we have the solution for you with these Cable Tag Identifiers. The perfect solution for those people who may lack certain organisational skills or just for that individual who loves to organise!There’s no need for a fancy marker pen either, as the Cable Tags can be wrote on with your average ballpoint!Simply attach the tag to the required wire and hey presto, no more cable identifying induced headaches.

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Dog Selfies Stockists

Have you ever wondered what Fido would look like in a business suit and hat? Of course you have! Since the dawn of time man has tried to dress up their animals in amusing ways and now the Dog Selfies kit is here! This kit is the best way to take hilarious photos of your dog as all props are on sticks so you don’t actually dress up your dog in real clothes. This can make the whole experience fun and spontaneous as you wait for the perfect moment to whip out a novelty tie to adorn your pooch. This kit comes with 13 clothes props and a whiteboard with the words ‘#dogshaming’ pre-written on. An included black...

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T-Shirt Graffiti Pens Stockists

Hey plain white tees, no, not the band, those boring garments in our wardrobes - we’re bored of you! It’s time you had a makeover. Set your creativity free and turn plain old cotton t-shirts, caps, canvas trainers and more into colourful masterpieces that even Picasso would be proud of. Perhaps. There’s eight different permanent coloured pens included within the set, so you can go bold and colourful or dark and simple, the choice is yours! Simply draw whatever you fancy onto your clothes then either air cure them for 24 hours or fix them immediately by ironing them. Once fixed, the newly adorned clothes...

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Breakfast of Champions Stockists

In a frolic of cartoon and comic outbursts against rule and reason a miraculous weaving of science fiction memoir parable fairy tale and farce Kurt Vonnegut attacks the whole spectrum of American society releasing some of his best-loved literary creations on the scene.

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