Bargain Instant Coasters Stockists

Bargain Instant Coasters Stockists

We’re sure that no one has ever said ‘Yay shopping for coasters!’ its pretty dull and tedious but lets face it, it’s a necessity. At least with the Instant Coasters you can choose the design of these table top protectors yourself so you know they will definitely match your décor. Whether you choose slightly tipsy selfies from your last night out, your dog with a giant stick or your nephews first snot bubble, the Instant Coasters allow you to make personalized coasters that you can change as often as you like. Select your favourite picture, cut it to size and slot it into the coaster to create a lovely gift for a friend. Once your pictures are inserted into the coasters they look like cute little glass Polaroid’s. With endless opportunities, the Instant Coasters will catch your visitors’ eyes as well as their coffee dribbles.

Bargain Deal: £1.97

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Mustard Splash Lid Holder Stockists

The Mustard Splash lid holder is a highly practical gadget that will help you keep the countertop clean while you cook. This funny bloody splash won't make a mess in your kitchen and can be used a spoon rest. It is dishwasher safe and comes in a pack of two.

'Mustard Splash Lid Holder Deal' priced at £4.50  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Splash Spoon Rest Stockists

The Mustard Splash spoon rest is a perfect way to accessorize your kitchen and creates a fun, bloody mess helping you to avoid unnecessary spills and splatters. This splash-shaped spoon rest is dishwasher safe and lets you keep a kitchen worktop fresh and clean. Suitable for cooking spoons, keys and coins, the spoon rest not only spices up the atmosphere, but also has a clever and practical design.

'Mustard Splash Spoon Rest Deal' priced at £7.49  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Sweet Stripes Highlighters Stockists

Studying for a test can be a real chore and somewhat boring, but with Mustard Sweet Stripes highlighter it can be fun and sugary at the same time. Use them to underline the most important passages in a book or notes to make your life much easier. Also with a joyful design including candy-shaped highlighters and a fancy jar to store them, learning becomes fun and playful, plus they are not toxic and arrive as a set of eight colourful highlighters.

'Mustard Sweet Stripes Highlighters Deal' priced at £7.48  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Stickmen Bookends Stockists

Bring some action to your book collection with the Mustard stickmen bookends. The classic stickmen will hold books or DVDs in place with their martial arts poses, and are an excellent addition for all aspiring ninjas or action film and comic book lovers. The steel, cutout stickmen have sturdy brackets to support your collection firmly and in style.

'Mustard Stickmen Bookends Deal' priced at £10.99  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Bikends Bookends Stockists

Thinking about going vegan recently? Or maybe you are a real cycling enthusiast? No matter which option is closer to your heart, the Mustard Bikends Bookends provide an excellent way of organising your old bookshelf with style and chic. With a fun design like that, the bookends serve as a great gift possibility for a cyclist or a clumsy friend who's flooding his apartment with books without thinking about it. The bookends are made from steel, promising high durability and fancy white metallic finishing.

'Mustard Bikends Bookends Deal' priced at £11.72  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Froot Washi Tape Stockists

24 Advantage card points. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

'Mustard Froot Washi Tape Deal' priced at £6.95  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Really Long Sausage Dog Bookends Stockists

There is nothing more amusing then a sausage dog guarding your precious books on the shelf, long, beautiful and majestic, the Mustard Really Long Sausage Dog bookends deliver a fun, entertaining way of keeping a book collection safe and sound with laughs and style. With such appearance, the dachshund bookends make a great and purposeful gift for a friend who boasts a fancy shelf of excellent reads, they're made from a sturdy material, and the eye-catching design grabs the attention like no other.

'Mustard Really Long Sausage Dog Bookends Deal' priced at £12.39  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Photomug Retro Camera Shaped Mug Stockists

Make your first shot of the day the best one with the Mustard Photomug retro camera-shaped mug. The photogenic ceramic mug would make a stylish addition to work desks and is certain to attract attention from friends and colleagues, or make a good impression on clients.

'Mustard Photomug Retro Camera Shaped Mug Deal' priced at £8.48  =>  Click for Deal


Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer Stockists

Gone are the days of watching your bevvy get cold, as your keyboard heats up. This Hot Cookie plugs straight into any USB port, gently heating and maintaining a 50 degree Celsius temperature inside the mug. Recently featured on ITV's: Alan Titchmarsh Show where Alan himself, accompanied by the lovely former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, demonstrated how our cookie heats tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Regardless of how hard you are working, or how distracting that computer game is, you now heated refreshment will be at hand. The cup heater, is one clever cookie and even looks like one (Oreo, anyone?)  Features on/off button...

'Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer Deal' priced at £4.97  =>  Click for Deal


Mustard Photonotes Sticky Notes Stockists

Keep in motion the flow of your tasks with the Mustard Photonotes sticky notes featuring a marvellous look with an instant camera design granting a fun and convenient way of writing down all the important errands and useful information like birthdates for a future reference. They can be used as a marvellous gift, we're sure any passionate photographer will appreciate it, plus the 'camera' includes one hundred sheets of paper.

'Mustard Photonotes Sticky Notes Deal' priced at £6.89  =>  Click for Deal

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