Bargain Interactive Glow T Shirt Black Stockists

Bargain Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black Stockists

Featured on BBC 2's Dragon Den and invested in by the one and only Deborah Meaden, if that isn't a reason to snatch this up quick then what is? Everyone loves going out for a night about town, and most people will admit to the fact that some of the best memories (or lack of them) happen when you’re out on an evening with your mates. Why not make these occasions even more fun with this fantastic Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black. This t-shirt will ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd! At first glance this t-shirt doesn’t look particularly special; it’s a nicely fitted black t-shirt with a white polygon graphic on the front. But add a touch of light and this t-shirt comes into its own! The white graphic on the front is sensitive to light and lets you draw amazing graphics onto it with any bright light. Draw any image you like onto the white polygon and it will last for 5 minutes before disappearing and becoming ready for the next drawing. This t-shirt comes with a UV pen that lets you draw graphics onto the front with speed and precision. If you leave your pen at home though, you don’t need to worry as torches and phone torches will also work! This t-shirt is machine washable for ease of use and is also extremely comfortable as it’s made from 100% cotton. This comes in 5 sizes: small, medium, large, XL & XXL. Mens Chest Size Small - 34-36 inches / 81-86cm Medium - 38-40 inches / 96-101cm Large - 42-44 inches / 106-111cm So make sure you never blend into the crowd again with this fantastic piece of men’s clothing. This would be a great addition to any night out and would be a brilliant gift for any man that loves interesting t-shirts.

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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Amazeballs Catapult Stockists

Some of the items we have on our desks lack inspiration and fun. Most of these things are essentials to our work such as pen pots, stationery and paperwork. Now we've found a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy to give your workplace that added oomph! The Amazeballs Catapult is a DIY mechanical marble run. The set comes partly unassembled so you will have to follow a few easy step by step instructions to create your tower of fun. Once completed you can show off your building skills to passers-by as they watch the seamless flow of balls flying into the dish and falling down one of the four different slides.

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Levitate Speaker Stockists

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out in the market today but few of them defy the laws of physics! The Levitate speaker appears to do just that. This amazing speaker not only sounds great but will also add an unbelievable focal point to any room. So how does this speaker appear to magically float in mid-air? Well it’s all thanks to some clever technology hidden in the base of the speaker. As we all learnt in school, magnets with the same polarity push apart and it’s this that creates an invisible force field and levitates the speaker. This unique speaker is incredibly versatile too, not only can you use it...

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Quadcopter With LED Stockists

NEW AND IMPROVED! NOW WITH ADVANCED 6 AXIS STABILISATION AND LED RUNNING LIGHTS! Imagine the coolest helicopter you've ever owned crossed with a stealth jet, and you're beginning to comprehend the awesomeness of the RC Quadcopter. The fun of flying this revolutionary indoor/outdoor flying gizmo is hard to put into words. Please check out the rather rubbish quality video (above, next to more images), you'll see a Dad happily ignoring his bleating child because he's having so much fun putting this whizz through it's paces, we can't believe how fast this puppy shifts. The RC Quadcopter has ingenious quad rotor technology with...

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Balloon Dog Light Stockists

The Balloon Dog light is perfect for anyone who used to love the clown or entertainer creating a animal out of a balloon at the fair. Why not re-create that memory in your very own home with this fanstastic light constructed out of soft silicone rubber. It features LED lights in the middle which creates a red glow, to light up your room. The light requires 2 x AA batteries (not included), which can last longer due to the optional auto switch off feature after 30 minutes use.  

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Shot Tender Stockists

99 bottles of spirits on the wall might seem like a bit much but don’t let the man get you down, grab your Shot Tender and pour another round. The Shot Tender allows you to bring the bar back home, great for parties, social gatherings or living out those Ibiza night club owner fantasies (that may just be us). Easy to mount on walls and existing shelves the Shot Tender comes with its own attachment pieces and is able to hold up to 1 litre bottles so you can party on into the night! (Just try not to wake the neighbours). Each shot will dispense 1.5oz of your favourite drink into your glass in an instant, giving you...

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Induction Duo Speaker Stockists

In the past few years we have been introduced to Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV’s, so now it’s about time speaker evolved their technology too. Luckily, the Induction Duo Speakers do just that. No fiddly wires or cables and no hopeless attempts to pair your phone via Bluetooth, simply place your phone on to the speaker and voila – instantly amplified sounds. And because this is the Induction Duo Speaker, you get double the amplification thanks to the two 5 Watt speakers. These portable and wireless speakers will work with any device that has an external speaker, even if you still have your protective case...

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Build Your Own Tie Fighter Stockists

Ever wanted a Tie Fighter but just haven’t had the time to travel to a galaxy far far away? Now you don’t need to travel into deep space to find one of these amazing spaceships thanks to the BYO Tie Fighter kit. This kit gives you the chance to build your very own Tie Fighter in your own home with ease. No glue, paint or tools are needed as all the pieces simply click together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. In no time at all you will be left with a movie quality model with LED lights, realistic sound effects and an opening cockpit. 

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Hexbug Battery 2 Pack (LR44) Stockists

What's the point in having a toy if you don't have the batteries to power it! Here we have a two pack of the LR44/AG14 batteries that are used in many small gadgets and toys.

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3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Stockists

We live our lives online now more than ever before, and photography has become central to our online profiles. With the evolution of social media alongside technological advancements, camera phones and visual media have grown together, with more of us than ever before perfecting our photography to compete. So if you want your pictures to stand out above the rest, then improving your lens is the easiest way. The 3 in 1 Universal Camera Lens allows you take high quality photos using your camera phone. With three lenses to choose from, this set is designed to give you a variety of options on the move. The wide angle lens extends...

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Mini Quad - White Stockists

This fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Drone is the ideal quadcopter for any flyer who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a pilot pro or aviation novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature quadcopter has everything you need to keep you thoroughly entertained. The 6-axis gyro system in combination with the 3 stage sensitivity flight modes allows you to have incredible control as you fly. The effortlessly stable flight makes it easier than ever to master the basics, before trying out some gravity defying flips and spins! You can use the 2.4GHz ergonomic controller to switch your quad into tumble mode, allowing you to turn your copter...

'Mini Quad - White Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal

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