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Jellyatrics - think jelly babies as you know them... age them 95 years (which is about how old Jelly Babies are now!)... and you have Jellyatrics! There are 5 colour/flavour combinations (with all natural colours and flavours) and, unlike Jelly Babies as you know them, you can clearly make our the different characters depicted on the sweets. There are: Bill Bird... boasting zesty lemon flavours Benny Dorm.... bursting with character and a big blackcurrant bite Pearl Stitch... a soft touch with a sharp lime taste Frau Zimmer... sweet like oranges, legs like jelly Mister Miser... tight with his wallet but generous with his strawberry tang. But most important of all (apart from tthe fact that they are funny)... they taste really good. Not unlike traditional Jelly Babies... but bigger. You`ll love them. - Qty In Order: 1 x 180g bag

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