Bargain Jellyfish Mood Lamp Stockists

Bargain Jellyfish Mood Lamp Stockists

Would you love to own an aquarium but don't want the hassle of feeding fish or cleaning out the tank? Perhaps space is an issue. This Jellyfish Mood Lamp may go some way to alleviate that desire. Fabulously soothing, this magical novelty light sees three jellyfish dance jelly-fish style, gliding and darting under soft, inter-changing coloured lights. You can set the unit to either cycle colours, or pause on the colour of your choice! No other jelly-fish habits such as eating, dying reproducing or messing up the tank. These wee things don't bite either! Makes a lovely mood lamp for a child's bedroom or a relaxing distraction in the office. Lovely to watch when your eyes weary of the computer and that ghastly spreadsheet. Lovely and quiet Jellyfish mood lamp ideal for a childs' bedroom   Comprises two small and one big jellyfish that glide up and down Water tight tank with five color light changing effects With an auto-off function that switches off after four hours operation Operates by UK Mains adaptor (included) Dimensions: Approximatgely Height: 22cm x Width: 20cm x Depth: 5cm

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Mini Jellyfish Lamp Stockists

The Mini Jellyfish Lamp is perfect for those who would love to own an aquarium but simply do not have the time, the space, the finances or the desire to maintain a tank of living animals.The quirky little lampquarium arrives with two imitation 'stingers' that will float around the tank in a natural manner, as soon as you fill have filled the tank with distilled water (recommended). No mess, no fuss, just sit back and enjoy the view. With its 3-piece LED lighting system in red, green and blue, the lamp will create a real atmosphere in a room and is serene to watch. The motor is quiet which makes this ideal for bedrooms as a...

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Crab Bowl Stockists

How many people do know you with pet crabs? Probably not many as they are not the cuddliest of animals, their pincers are pretty dangerous and most of us don’t even know what they eat. If you are still determined to get a pet crab then your dreams have come true! This adorable pet crab doesn’t need cleaning, feeding or even petting – he’s quite content swimming and dancing around his bowl without bothering anyone. Powered by magic, (or magnets) the crab will play in the bottom of the bowl with the colourful beads and his moveable legs and pincers waving around. Sat on an artificial rock, this cutie...

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