Bargain John Madin Stockists

Bargain John Madin Stockists

John Madin was the indisputable master of post-war architecture in Birmingham. The work of Madin and his associates had a profound influence on the reshaping of the city after the war producing some of the most iconic buildings of that period such as the Birmingham City Library the Chamber of Commerce and the Post and Mail Building.Trained in the modernist style but too much of a craftsman to abandon decoration entirely his work is characterised by attention to detail a preference for natural materials and a desire for decoration and art in his buildings.Many have characterised Madin as a commercial architect but as the author argues there was another side to his work. His conservationist approach to the development plan for the Calthorpe Estate his workman-like master-planning of Dawley Telford and Corby new towns his public service commissions and his design and layout of housing schemes that are still lived-in and popular today testify to his commitment to human values.Lavishly illustrated with images from Madin's personal archive and stunning new photography this book is an essential read for architects students architectural historians and modernist enthusiasts interested in learning more about a key figure in British post-war architecture.This book has been commissioned as part of a series of books on Twentieth Century Architects by RIBA Publishing English Heritage and The Twentieth Century Society.Publication Date: March 2011 Paperback 160pp 120 illustrations

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A Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape in Northamptonshire Stockists

The Raunds Area Project investigated more than 20 Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in the Nene Valley. From c 5000 BC to the early 1st millennium cal BC a succession of ritual mounds and burial mounds were built as settlement along the valley sides increased and woodland was cleared.Starting as a regular stopping-place for flint knapping and domestic tasks first the Long Mound and then Long Barrow the north part of the Turf Mound and the Avenue were built in the 5th millennium BC. With the addition of the Long Enclosure the Causewayed Ring Ditch and the Southern Enclosure there was a chain of five or six diverse monuments...

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The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle Stockists

The garden created by Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester at Kenilworth Castle in the early 1570s was one of the wonders of Elizabethan England. It is also the best documented of all the great gardens of its age providing the starting point for English Heritage's ambitious re-creation in 2009. This beautifully illustrated book presents the extensive research that informed the scheme and describes the process by which the new garden was designed.Seventeen chapters written by specialists and experts in the field range widely covering: the place of Kenilworth in garden history; the Earl of Leicester as a cultural patron and his...

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York Minster Stockists

York Minster is one of England's greatest Gothic Buildings and the repository for the largest single collection of medieval stained glass in Britain most of which remains in situ. This cathedral of the northern province which every year attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors was built over a period of more than 300 years.This book charts the construction of the Minster as we see it today and traces its development which was by no means smooth and uninterrupted. Progress was checked by financial constraint Scottish wars the effects of plague political upheaval structural crisis local rebellion and sometimes the indifference...

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Stonehenge: World Heritage Site Stockists

Stonehenge is one of Europe's most eminent prehistoric monuments a fact recognized in 1986 when the site and its surrounding landscape was inscribed on the World Heritage List. Since that time much effort has been given to improving the conservation management and presentation of Stonehenge and its environs. Research has also played an important role with several extensive surveys and selective excavations helping to improve understandings of the site and its setting.But how does all the archaeological work carried out over the last century or so fit together? And what should we do next?This volume sets out to provide an...

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The Rows of Chester Stockists

Almost ten years of historical and archaeological research on the Rows of Chester the most extensive surviving example in Europe of a medieval two-tier complex of shops are detailed in this thorough and authoritative report. The Rows of Chester form a unique system of walkways through the frontages of buildings on the city's four main streets. They pass above the street-level shops giving access to a second tier of shops at Row (first floor) level. Established in 1984 the Chester Rows Research Project aimed to survey all the Rows buildings using an interdisciplinary approach in which an appreciation of the architectural...

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Early Structural Steel in London Buildings Stockists

At its heart this book is an examination of how a new structural material - mass-produced steel came to be first applied to the buildings of one of the world's great cities. The focus is evolution and change in London's buildings and architecture in the late Victorian and early Edwardian period; its emphasis is unashamedly constructional. A great deal has been written about the shape style and ornament of metropolitan buildings of the period but comparatively little on their structural anatomy and physiology.The first part examines the technological developments and economic forces that brought structural steel into...

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Guidebook: Great Yarmouth Row Houses Stockists

Great Yarmouth was once a thriving port famous for its trade in herring. It was also celebrated for its crowded distinctive rows a network of narrow alleyways between the town’s busy thoroughfares. Both the herring and the rows have now all but gone but two surviving row houses in the care of English Heritage show was these houses looked like in their 17th century heyday.They also contain an outstanding collection of fixtures and fittings from other now demolished row houses. Nearby stands Greyfriars’ Cloister the remains of a 13th century friary of Franciscan or grey friars.This guidebook the first comprehensive...

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Aldington, Craig and Collinge Stockists

Peter Aldington started his independent architectural practice in 1962 quickly earning an international reputation for designing small houses that respected their village locations and achieved magical transitions between interior and garden. The group of three houses at Haddenham Buckinghamshire (1964-68) now listed Grade II* where Aldington created a well-known garden is still widely admired and visited and has been vested in a trust.John Craig became a partner in the practice in 1970 and they went on to design ground-breaking doctors' group practice surgeries shops office interiors and public housing. With the Royal...

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Images of Change (Paperback) Stockists

Motorways airports tower blocks power stations windfarms; TV and the internet easy travel and shrinking distances; business parks starter homes and vast shopping and leisure complexes. All of these helped define the later 20th-century world and their material remains remind us of the major changes brought about through innovation and rapidly developing technology.Illustrated with striking aerial and ground photographs of some stunning and sometimes surprising 20th-century landscapes Images of Change highlights for perhaps the first time the impact the developments of the last century have had on the landscape and gives us a...

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Stourport-on-Severn Stockists

Today many English towns adjusting to the needs of the 21st century are turning to the historic environment as a means of reinforcing their identity and distinctiveness precious attributes in a town's local and regional profile. For Stourport-on-Severn this special identity is written large in the central part of the town for there can be few places with such a strong association with a single determining feature - for Stourport its canal infrastructure - and with a discrete period of development - in this case the period 1770 to 1850. The regeneration of Stourport depends on many things but the protection and presentation...

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