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Kite surfing - it’s the high speed, big air, heart stopping new sport.......... join the groundswell! Simple really, you just get yourself a controllable power kite, a kiteboard and a big stretch of water, add the magic ingredient - WIND and away you go. Or better still make sure you can not only go out but also come back again. This day gives you an introduction to the sport. The lesson normally includes a short background talk on the equipment, boards, kites and safety kit etc. Then it’s ‘hands on’ in the water all the way! The instructors will teach you to set-up and fly with one of the new generation of water re-launchable power kites. You will then learn how to water launch the kite, once these techniques are mastered you will go on to ‘body surfing’ behind the kite. Finally the flying skills are put together with your kite board, for your first surfing sensation.

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