Bargain K425 Stockists

Bargain K425 Stockists

Dunlop K425 is a remarkable tyre which shows excellent performance on roads. The zigzag centre rib assures greater stability and straight line drivability. The sipes in the tread blocks enhances road grip by offering additional biting edge effect. For enhanced wet traction, the tread grooves are optimised with effective water disposal. The stiffer sidewalls improve the lateral stability and protect the tyre from external damages. This tread pattern is designed to give maximum road contact for greater stability and road feel. The advanced tread compound offers good road holding capability and durability. The classic tread design of this tyre enhances overall performance and adds style to it.

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Speedmaster MKII AM6 Stockists

Avon Speed Master MKII AM6 is uniquely designed front tyre. This tube tyre gives excellent handling. Its modern and advanced rubber compound maximises grip on wet and dry conditions. The curved tread profile and ribbed pattern of the tyre maintains good contact with the surface retaining stability. The continuous sipes and aggressive tread pattern improve the braking and the handling system of the vehicle. This Speed Master MKII AM6 is an ideal performer with distinctive features.

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K46 Stockists

Heidenau K46 is an enduro player which performs its best on both on and off the roads. The comfortable and reliable tyre on sandy terrains, the evenly spaced blocks in the tread pattern enables self-cleaning ability. Distributing the pressure evenly, this Heidenau is a confident tyre which gives well balanced driving experience. Featuring independent tread blocks in the design pattern, this tyre penetrates into the sand and mud for enhanced traction. The wide contact area creates larger contact patch for smooth riding experience. The B-rated player with stiffer sidewalls prevents the tyre from external damages and shows outstanding...

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Roadtec Z8 Interact E Stockists

Metzeler, a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance, is a major player in the motorcycle tyre industry. With around 130 years of experience, Metzeler manufactures world-class tyres for motorbikes. The Company, established by Robert Friedrich Metzeler in 1863, started manufacturing multilevel rubber tyres. It continued the same till 1978. From 1979, it shifted its focus to motorcycle tyres. Metzeler has the credit of being the first manufacturer in Europe to develop tubeless tyres. It also introduced tread design with diagonal grooves. Ever in the process of introducing new and innovative tyres...

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K555 / Fuel efficiency: F, wet grip: E, ext. rolling noise: 69dB, rolling noise class: A Stockists

Dunlop K555 is a specially designed tyre to be fitted as Original Equipment (OE) in popular Honda models. The unique tread pattern and the compound of this Dunlop have made it possible to smoothly handle different horsepower motorcycles. Offering increased tread life and high mileage, this tyre is the result of dual belt construction. The technically designed directional tread pattern with deep grooves and sipes ensures excellent wet surface vehicle handling ability. The H-rated tyre with wide contact patch assures outstanding wet and dry road performance. The stiff and solid sidewalls of this K-series also provide superb cornering...

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Roadtec Z6 Front / Fuel efficiency: E, wet grip: B, ext. rolling noise: 69dB, rolling noise class: B Stockists

Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Front is a sport touring front tyre. The tyre's unique Contour Modeling Technology (CMT) provides optimum handling at all lean angles. The patented 0° steel belt technology promises perfect balance, high-speed stability and reduced damage during hard braking. Thanks to the special Finite Carbon Matrix (FCM) compound, Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Front offers good mileage and improved dry grip performance than Metzeler Z4. The tread design, a combination of carcass and compound, ensures long tread life and a stable, balanced performance. Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Front is a W-rated tyre, displaying excellent traction and...

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TT 900 Stockists

Lightweight grippy tyre for junior riders.nTread pattern optimised for maximum lean

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M6029 Supermaxx Front / Fuel efficiency: E, wet grip: C, ext. rolling noise: 70dB, rolling noise class: B Stockists

Founded in 1967 in Taiwan, the Cheng-Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd company is currently one of the market leaders of high performance tyres, with subsidiaries and distribution centres in 130 countries. Maxxis tyres have been honoured by the Ford Motor Company with the World Excellence Award in 2001. A Maxxis tyre can endure, overcome and surpass, and at the end of its life span always looks like new, according to consumer testimonials. The durability of its tyres is one of the specificities that make the pride of the manufacturer, which builds on in the creativity of its engineers during the design of its rubbers. In order to ensure...

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Battlax BT 45 Front / Fuel efficiency: E, wet grip: B, ext. rolling noise: 70dB, rolling noise class: B Stockists

Bridgestone Battlax BT 45 Front is an all round sports tyre designed to be fitted in the imported bikes as well. This tyre satisfies the demanding needs of the challenging drivers who require high-speed performance. The dual tread construction of this Battlax supports high-speed stability and assures long tread life. For outstanding wet and dry grip, this tyre is manufactured from advanced silica compound. Better shock absorbing capacity and neutralized handling is offered with the help of innovative singular sidewalls. The zigzag centre groove and the small directional grooves in the tread pattern evacuate water effectively....

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K41 RF Stockists

Heidenau K41 is a winter player designed specially to meet the needs of performance riders. The P-rated tyre features sophisticated tread pattern with independent blocks and sipes in it. The evenly spaced tread profile promotes self-cleaning ability and also ensures good traction. The enduro tyre with directional pattern gives straight-line drivability and precise steering response. The solid shoulder blocks create excellent cornering stability and lateral grip. The advanced tread compound assures higher mileage and increased tyre durability. This reinforced tyre provides solidity and stable driving experience.

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Pilot Road 3 Front Stockists

With more than one hundred awards in the Formula 1 races and two victories of the constructers' world championship, Michelin is beyond any doubt one of the most praised and prized manufacturers in the world. One may understand better why Michelin tires are so respected all over the world, if we just sum up the world speed record, with an average of 400km/hour, during the F1 tests, successfully passed with BAR Honda in 2006. The French tires have won the consumers' trust in more than 170 countries, because Michelin's signature comes along with safety, longevity, security and boldness, in all respect of the environment. Dedicated...

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