Bargain Key Kong Stockists

Bargain Key Kong Stockists

If losing your keys make you go bananas then the Key Kong will help you out! Due to his size he would struggle to climb the empire state building but your fridge is no problem at all. Unlike his counterpart, this one isn’t going to snatch your girlfriend but he is pretty handy at holding your keys. Utilizing the power of magnets, this miniature beast will attach to anything metallic and even doubles as an extremely useful bottle opener.

Bargain Deal: £3.97

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Syma X5SC Quadcopter Spare Battery Stockists

Quadcopters are amazing, there’s no denying that. Once you’ve mastered it, as far as we are concerned, nothing comes close! The problem is that learning to fly a 4 channel does take time and you don't want to be wasting your time waiting for the battery to recharge. That's why we have this spare battery, to keep you up in the air for as long as possible!

'Syma X5SC Quadcopter Spare Battery Deal' priced at £1.97  =>  Click for Deal


Build Your Own Tie Fighter Stockists

Ever wanted a Tie Fighter but just haven’t had the time to travel to a galaxy far far away? Now you don’t need to travel into deep space to find one of these amazing spaceships thanks to the BYO Tie Fighter kit. This kit gives you the chance to build your very own Tie Fighter in your own home with ease. No glue, paint or tools are needed as all the pieces simply click together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. In no time at all you will be left with a movie quality model with LED lights, realistic sound effects and an opening cockpit. 

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Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Known as the signature Special Forces fighters used by the Galactic Empire and later the First Order, this TIE fighter model is one of the most recognisable ships from The Order’s arsenal. If you’ve ever edged towards the dark side and dreamt of defeating rebel forces then this is the ship for you. This fantastic kit will give you all the tools needed to build your own TIE fighter. Forget the difficult messy kits where you end up with more glue than model – this is the next generation of kits where simplicity is key and the end result is extremely impressive. With the Build and Play TIE Fighter, it won’t...

'Build and Play Tie Fighter Deal' priced at £3.47  =>  Click for Deal


Erasable Memo Pad Stockists

40 Advantage card points. The Erasable Memo Pad is a must have office gadget for every workplace. The quick and easy way to get down all your notes, this desktop accessory is the handy wipe screen notepad which simply plugs into your computer’s USB port. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

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Quadcopter with LEDs Stockists

If you’re an intermediate to advanced drone user and are looking for your next big drone then look no further than this Quadcopter with LED lights. This nifty little drone packs a powerful punch and is sure to surprise you with its speed and agility. This copter has 4 channel flight and uses 6 axis gyro technology to remain incredibly stable during flight. 30-40 minutes charging gives an amazing 8-10 minutes of flying time and this copter can fly both indoors and outdoors in calm weather. As wll as executing tight turns this copter is capable of performing 360° flips. This quadcopter has 3 modes that let you decide...

'Quadcopter with LEDs Deal' priced at £8.97  =>  Click for Deal


Hexbug Battery 2 Pack (LR44) Stockists

What's the point in having a toy if you don't have the batteries to power it! Here we have a two pack of the LR44/AG14 batteries that are used in many small gadgets and toys.

'Hexbug Battery 2 Pack (LR44) Deal' priced at £0.27  =>  Click for Deal


All Day Rechargeable Fan Stockists

We all enjoy a heatwave but sometimes the high temperatures can be a bit too much too handle. This gadget is perfect for when you need to cool down, especially when you are on the go. The All Day Rechargeable Fan is a portable fan that delivers the cooling breeze you have been craving. With three fan speed settings (low, medium and high) and a handy stand allowing you to prop it up for optimum cooling power, this is a must have gadget for the summer. Not only does the fan cool you down, but it can also simultaneously charge up your phone or MP3 player! Simply plug your usual USB charging cable in to the fan and your phone...

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Amazeballs Mini Saucer Stockists

Some of the items we have on our desks lack inspiration and fun. Most of these things are essentials to our work such as pen pots, stationery and paperwork. Now we have found a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy to give your workplace that added oomph! The Amazeballs Mini Saucer is a DIY mechanical marble run. The set comes partly unassembled so you will have to follow a few easy step by step instructions to create your tower of fun. Once completed you can show off your building skills to passers-by as they watch the seamless flow of balls moving up the corkscrew and spinning around the saucer like a pea descending down...

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Light Sabre Stockists

In a galaxy far far away there are people fighting other people with the coolest weapon known to mankind. Now, you can have your own Light Sabre without having to worry about chopping someone’s hand off! These awesome Light Sabres come with three colours built in that change as you swing it and whenever you swing this around you head, awesome and realistic sound effects will come out making you feel like you are battling in a faraway galaxy. Each one comes with a stylish hilt and the sound effects can be turned off if they start to annoy your mum a bit too much. 

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Mini Quad - Black Stockists

The fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Quad is a perfect quadcopter any pilot who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a professional pilot or a complete novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature marvel has all that you need to keep your utterly entertained. The 6 axis gyroscope and 3 stage sensitivity allow you to have incredible stability as you fly. With an effortlessly smooth flight on offer, it makes it so much easier to master the basics, meaning you can quickly progress onto awesome tricks and stunts. Use the remote control to switch the Mini Quad into tumble mode so you can turn your quad in every direction and perform awesome...

'Mini Quad - Black Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal

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