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Anne Neville and her sister Isabel are daughters of the most powerful magnate in 15th century England. Ever ruthless always plotting in the absence of a son and heir Warwick sets about using his daughters as pawns in his political games. Anne grows from a delightful child brought up at the court of Edward IV and his queen Elizabeth Woodville intimacy and friendship with the family of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Her life is overturned when her father turns on his former allies escapes England and invades with an enemy army. Widowed at 14 fatherless with her mother locked in sanctuary and her sister a vengeful enemy Anne faces the world alone. But fortune's wheel turns once again. Anne plots her escape from her sister's house finds herself a husband in the handsome young Duke of Gloucester and marries without permission in secret. But danger still follows her. She finds that she has a mortal enemy in the most beautiful queen in England. Anne has to protect herself and her precious only son from the treacherous royal court the deadly royal rival and even from the driving ambition of her husband - Richard III.

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PM Blue: The Christmas Tree (PM Storybooks) Level 10 Stockists

Laura and Matthews class don’t have a christmas tree yet and so now everyone in the class is helping out. Blue level titles introduce children to sentence structures and common word endings. This level also teaches how to read with insight, encouraging children to stress words in bold type for example. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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The Expanded Guide - Nikon D5500 Stockists

Small enough to fit in your camera bag, the Expanded Guide book is a detailed guide to ensure you get the most from your Nikon D5500 digital SLR camera. Written by author and award-winning photographer, Jon Sparks, the book is made up of 9 chapters and includes hints and tips, as well as a pull-out reference guide for quick access to the cameras functions.

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PM Ruby: Communities Everywhere (PM Extras Non-fiction) Level 27/28 x 6 Stockists

Ruby level titles give readers the variety they need to become confident and successful readers, using a range of characters, topics and text styles keep children engaged and encourage discussion.

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My Story: Suffragette Stockists

What would you risk your life for? To the women of England, not being able to vote means not counting as a real person… #women

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Numbers 3: Infinity Stockists

Would you kill so as never to die? It’s 2029. Mia is growing up. But her ability to change numbers makes this little girl a target for those who want to live eternally… #10-for-10-17

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Ambushed! ebook Stockists

Blaze March 2011 Morgan O’Connelli wants to create a real home in small-town Wyoming. So first she hangs up her estate agent sign...then she promptly borrows the horse of the hottest cowboy in town! Rancher Gabe Chance is blown away by the feisty redhead who unexpectedly lands right in his bed...and, soon enough, his heart! Morgan’s perfect for him in every way. Until he realises that while she’s turned out to be everything he wants, he’s got the one thing everyone in her profession would want...his family’s ranch. And that’s a legacy he’s just not willing to give up – not even for the sexiest woman he’s...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Last Straw Stockists

The Last Straw" is the rib-tickling belly-aching and laugh-out-loud third title in the bestselling and award-winning "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series by Jeff Kinney. Perfect for both boys and girls of 8+ reluctant readers and all the millions of devoted Wimpy Kid fans out there. "The Last Straw" was also combined with "Dog Days" the fourth book in the series to become the major movie hit at the box-office "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days". The third hilarious book in the bestselling phenomenon that is the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. You know how you're supposed to come up with a list of "resolutions" at the beginning of...

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Doing the Animal Bop Stockists

A lively noisy funny text that encourages very young children to walk and talk like the animals - including waddling like a penguin stomping like a rhino and jiving and jiggling and jumping and wiggling to the monkey bop! Hugely entertaining with plenty of scope for interaction and play.

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Unworldly Secretary, Gorgeous Boss ebook Stockists

By Request October 2011 Secretary Mistress, Convenient WifeItalian tycoon Fabian Moritzzoni needs an heir. Marrying for love is not an option, so he needs a bride – and his new PA fits the bill. Delicate English rose Laura Greenwood fires his hot Italian blood like no woman before…The Boss’s Unconventional AssistantSophia Gable is anything but conventional, and multimillionaire Grey Barlow knows it instantly. With her bright clothes and even brighter outlook, Sophia is no ordinary PA. She’s the complete opposite to brooding, workaholic Grey, and you know what they say about opposites!The Boss’s Forbidden SecretaryCautious...

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Alloy of Law Stockists

The Mistborn trilogy has become a firm favourite with fantasy fans the world over. The imagination that Sanderson brought to the series and his skill at marshalling epic storylines and dramatic action his ability to create vivid characters made him a natural choice to complete Robert Jordan's epic wheel of time sequence. But with Mistborn his standalone fantasies and his new series The Stormlight Archive Sanderson has shown his bountiful talents in his own fiction. Now he returns to the series that made his name with a new story set years after the events of Hero of Ages. In a world recovering only slowly from evil a world...

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