Bargain Kojak   Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Kojak - Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

On the timeline of successful TV cop dramas, Kojak offered bold authenticity and paved the way for NYPD Blue. As immortalised by Telly Savalas, veteran detective Theo Kojak was introduced in the 1973 TV movie The Marcus-Nelson Murders, a ratings hit that encouraged CBS and writer-producer Abby Mann to create a trend-setting series (based on a book by Selwyn Raab) that premiered on October 24 of that year. The Greek, bald-headed, snappily attired Kojak brought no-nonsense bravado to homicide cases in South Manhattan--a setting that lent a gritty, urban edge to intelligent plots that won the respect of real cops with an emphasis on diligent police work instead of overblown action and phony glamour. While working cases with his captain Frank McNeil (Dan Frazer) and closest colleagues Crocker (Kevin Dobson) and Stavros (played by Savalas's brother George, credited as "Demosthenes" for the first two seasons), Kojak had a knack for bending the rules (but never breaking them) if he knew it would solve a crime. Kojak came at a perfect time for Savalas and cop dramas in general. The actor's career was slumping in the early '70s (he'd just appeared in the Italian horror film Lisa and the Devil), and he quickly put his personal stamp on the role with street-wise sarcasm and trademark lollipops (a perfect prop that Savalas adopted to quit smoking). Consistently well-written, the series was realistically rooted in a broad spectrum of New York City crime. These qualities attracted plenty of fresh and established talent, including guest appearances by Harvey Keitel, James Woods, Richard Jordan, Hector Elizondo, John Ritter (in one of his first TV roles), Paul Michael Glaser, Dabney Coleman, Tina Louise, and a host of familiar TV veterans. For the debut season, Savalas won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and Kojak ran for five well-rated seasons, followed by several TV-movie revivals in 1985, 1989, and 1990. The enduring popularity of Kojak was further proven when the show was revived yet again in March of 2005, with Ving Rhames in the title role And now, it's an open and shut case for this slick, well plotted, entertaining series, with all 118 newly remastered episodes, from all 5 seasons, available together for the very first time in this 30 disc box set Running Time: 5651 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: None Release Date: 17 Nov. 2014

Bargain Deal: £69.99

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Immortal Beloved (DVD) Stockists

Gary Oldman stars as Ludwig van Beethoven in this biopic of the great composer. At the reading of his will, it is revealed that Beethoven has left all his worldly goods to a mystery female benefactor, who he names as 'my immortal beloved'. Anton Schindler (Jeroen Krabbe) goes in search of the unknown woman, uncovering a number of secrets about the musician's past. Directed by Bernard Rose. Running Time: 115 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 2 Feb. 2009

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Dionne Warwick - Live in Concert (DVD) Stockists

Over an illustrious career that has spanned four decades, Dionne Warwick has established her as an international household name. Her reputation as a hit maker has been firmly etched into public consciousness thanks to nearly 60 albums that have made the charts across the world. This release includes a live performance in Liverpool from her 2005 tour.

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Three Films (Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (1967) / Sicilia! (1998) / Une Visite au Louvre (2004)) (DVD) Stockists

CHRONICLE OF ANNA MAGDELENA BACH, which covers the years of Bach s life from his marriage to Anna Magdalena to his death in 1748, is at once a love story, a documentary, a socio-political statement, and a film of the music of Bach. SCILIIA! Based on Elio Vittorini s seminal 1938-1939 anti-fascist novel Conversations in Sicily, banned by the Fascists in 1942, Sicilia! is a four part film which follows Silvestro, an emigrant who is returning home after fifteen years spent in America. His conversations, with his mother, on the train, or on the price of oranges, as well as the recurrent shot of arid landscape outside the train...

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Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here - Digitally Remastered (DVD) Stockists

Deputy Sheriff Coop (Robert Redford) is the son of a revered Indian scalper who fought in the Indian wars. But now they are over, Coop s job is to stop any Indians from getting liquored up and causing trouble on the settlements. Having to take orders from Dr Elizabeth Arnold (Susan Clark), who is in charge of the Indian s welfare, riles with Coop s masculinity, and their tempestuous relationship descends into sexual frustrations. But when a quarrelsome Indian, Willie Boy (Robert Blake), kills his lover s father and runs away with her, Coop has to gather together a posse to hunt Willie Boy across the desert to a showdown at...

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Scarlet And Black - BBC (DVD) Stockists

Ewan McGregor stars in this BBC adaptation of Stendahl's classic novel. The handsome young Julien Sorel (McGregor) believes that he has a better chance of furthering his position in society if he chooses to enter the church (the black) rather than the army (the scarlet), and is found a position by his mentor Father Chálan as tutor to the children of the powerful Monsieur De Ránal. Julien finds favour with the children, rapidly becoming a beloved member of the household. However, when his relationship with Madame De Ránal (Alice Krige) goes beyond the professional, Julien's future is dramatically altered. Running Time: 240...

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The Death Of Adolf Hitler [1973] (DVD) Stockists

A dramatic re-creation of the last ten days of Adolph Hitler's life, with Frank Finlay in the title role. About the Actor Finlay was born in Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire, England, the son of Margaret and Josiah Finlay. A devout Catholic,[citation needed] educated at St. Gregory the Great School, he belongs to the British Catholic Stage Guild. He met his future wife, Doreen Shepherd, when they were both members of the Farnworth Little Theatre. They lived in Weybridge, Surrey. They were married until her death in 2005. Stage career Finlay began his stage career in rep before graduating from RADA. There followed several...

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The Winds Of War [1983](DVD) Stockists

Set against the backdrop of world events that led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, The Winds of War stars Robert Mitchum as Victor Pug Henry, a career naval officer who, along with his family, learns to navigate the waters of dangerous times in the late 1930s. While Germany expands and proceeds to seize several border countries, Italy attempts to establish a Fascist Colonial Empire under Mussolini and Japan prepares for a major battle with China. Meanwhile, the Henry clan finds itself drawn into the centre of the conflict as they deal with the drama, romance, tragedy and heroism that lead to America s involvement...

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The Terror of the Tongs (DVD) Stockists

Region: Region 2 Release Date: 9 Jan. 2015

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In Search Of Beethoven [2009] (DVD) Stockists

One of the finest movies about a great musician I've ever seen' The Observer. In Search of Beethoven offers a comprehensive documentary about the life and works of the great composer. Over 65 performances by the world's finest musicians were recorded and 100 interviews conducted in the making of this beautifully crafted film. It delves beneath the mythical image of the tortured, cantankerous genius to search for the real Ludwig van Beethoven. 2 DVD set. Extras: in the edit room complete movements deleted scenes interview with the director Review A was so terrific I wept --Mail on SundayIn Search of Beethoven is fit...

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Rosemary's Baby [1968] (DVD) Stockists

Exciting horror film with Mia Farrow as an innocent pregnant wife betrayed by her ambitious husband to a cult of devil-worshippers. Running Time: 131 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Arabic|Bulgarian|Czech|Danish|Dutch|Finnish|German|Hungarian|Icelandic|Norwegian|Polish|Romanian|Swedish|Turkish|English Release Date: 5 Nov. 2001

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