Bargain LEGO® Non Fiction: Mighty Machines Stockists

Bargain LEGO® Non Fiction: Mighty Machines Stockists

Let the LEGO® minifigures take you on an adventure to learn all about the most extreme machines that build roads, bridges and buildings. The expertly written narrative non fiction contains the most important and the most super fun facts about how these machines work. LEGO® Minifigures hooks kids and reinforces information with original illustration including vignettes, mini comic strips and storytelling filled with their trademark humour. These LEGO® non-fiction readers are an exceptional offer: the world’s most powerful toy brand with the most trusted name in children’s publishing.

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Taming the Dragon eBook

Tess McGarry is only supposed to deliver a silver dragon pendant to its rightful owner and she’ll be paid handsomely. But this simple job gets complicated when she comes face to face with the hottest—and most difficult—man she’s ever laid eyes on. A man who says he wants to claim her as his mate. Kaden St. George was once a fierce warrior, a leader among his kind. But pursued by hunters intent on exterminating dragons and stealing his treasure, Kaden has gone into hiding—until he is awakened by a beautiful woman who has something that belongs to him…

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Dance with the Doctor ebook

Cherish November 2011 Not exactly what the doctor ordered…Call him overprotective, but Dr Mike Carter can’t believe his daughter is ready for dancing lessons. Taylor’s lucky to be alive! Only two years after her heart transplant, she wants too much, too fast. Mike can’t help but think her dance instructor Darcy O’Connor has a lot to do with Taylor’s recent obsession. He can understand why. Darcy is beautiful…irresistible. Still, Taylor’s care and safety come first, so Mike tries to put a little distance between them and Darcy. Too bad he doesn’t count on his wilful daughter and her plans to make Darcy one...

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Breath of Snow and Ashes

Their love has survived the test of time. But can it survive fate? It is America 1772 - it is only a few years before the war of independence and the colony seethes with unrest. As battle lines are drawn up and loyalties tested no one is safe in this new country. Jamie Fraser receives a message from Governor Josiah Martin. He wants Jamie's help to keep the backcountry safe for King and Crown. But Jamie knows what's to come. His wife Claire has travelled back from the twentieth century and she knows what will happen to those loyal to the King of England. Exile or death. Neither prospect appeals to Jamie. But Claire knows...

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Drums of Autumn

HOW FAR WILL A WOMAN TRAVEL TO FIND A FATHER - A LOVER - A DESTINY? ACROSS SEAS - ACROSS TIME - ACROSS THE GRAVE ITSELF It began in Scotland at an ancient stone circle. Claire Randall was swept through time into the arms of James Fraser whose love for her became legend - a tale of tragic passion that ended with her return to the present to bear his child. Two decades later Claire travelled back again to reunite with Jamie this time in frontier America. But Claire had left someone behind in her own time - their daughter Brianna. Now Brianna has made a disturbing discovery that sends her to the stone circle and a terrifying...

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Sultry Nights book

By Request November 2012 Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire - Ten years ago Tiarnan humiliatingly rejected Kate. Now a famous model, she can have any man. So why does she want the cold-hearted millionaire? Kate knows he can’t give her true love. But as the sultry nights close in she sees hints of a different man beneath the hard exterior… Also includes The Savakis Mistress and Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress.

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Imagine that a few years from now England is covered by water and Norwich is an island. Zoe left behind in the confusion when her parents escaped survives there as best she can. Alone and desperate among marauding gangs she manages to dig a derelict boat out of the mud and gets away to Eels Island. But Eels Island whose raggle-taggle inhabitants are dominated by the strange boy Dooby is full of danger too. The belief that she will one day find her parents spurs Zoe on to a dramatic escape in a story of courage and determination that leads to an unexpected and touching conclusion. FLOODLAND has a powerful and emotive...

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Falcon Flies

'A single ball came through at deck level It struck a burst of sparks from the steel hull like Brocks Fireworks at Crystal palace brilliant orange even in the strong sunlight and the hole it tore through Black Joke's plating was fringed with bare jagged tongues of metal like the petals of a silver sunflower.' In search of a father they barely remember Zouga and Dr Robyn Ballantyne board Mungo St John's magnificent clipper to speed them to Africa. But long before they sight that mighty continent Robyn knows that she and Mungo will battle with all the fury of natural enemies -- and love with all the desperation of those...

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Merchant & Mills Sewing Book

Keep it simple and do it well. The Merchant & Mills Sewing Book contains fifteen step-by-step projects aimed at guiding you gently but firmly through the basics of sewing. Each project you make from this book will be stylish but above all useful. Part I of the book presents a fundamental overview on the art of sewing the tools and materials you will need and homegrown tips on essential good practice. In Part II seasoned dressmaker Carolyn Denham leads you step by step through fifteen achievable projects each building on the skills gained as you progress through the book. First equip your sewing room with practical items...

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PM Sapphire: Underground Adventure (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 29

Nina and her parents are having an adventurous holiday, deep underground in a cave. But Nina gets separated from the tour group and is suddenly alone in the dark. With the help of the light of thousands of glowworms, she is able to find her way to safety. Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and discuss their own reading tastes. PM Plus Chapter Books (levels 25–30) provide a selection of stories chosen for their broad range of content, characters, topics and points...

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Road Less Travelled

From alternatives to the Carnival in Rio and the beaches of Thailand to substitutes for the most visited national parks and over-rated restaurants The Road Less Travelled" will help you find less crowded sometimes less expensive and often more spectacular and rewarding places to visit. Presenting 1 000 fascinating alternatives to hundreds of well-known tourist destinations and sights this compact edition of the bestselling guide brings vibrant cities enchanting sights breathtaking natural wonders and unforgettable experiences to life. Written by a team of travel experts and with a foreword by Bill Bryson "The Road Less...

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