Best LEGO® Star Wars: LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Trilogy Stockists

Best LEGO® Star Wars: LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Trilogy Stockists

The epic LEGO theme meets the Star Wars legend. Yoda’s story. Great it is say we.

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Piano Prep Test

The Piano Prep Test has been specially designed to be taken by pianists who have been playing for a few terms. Built into it are all the sorts of skills they will be developing at this stage such as a sense of pitch and rhythm controlled and even playing accuracy and quality of tone. This book contains all that the player will need to do the Test explaining how each part will help in the development of their musical skills and giving advice on what the examiner will be looking for. As well as the tunes pieces and musical games it includes some entertaining illustrations and a fun page - so practising for the big day...

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Sussex: East with Brighton and Hove

The East Sussex" volume of "The Buildings of England" covers an area ranging from the High Weald in the north of the county to the massive ridge of the South Downs and the resort towns and ancient ports of the coast. Its coastal resorts are particularly distinguished none more so than Brighton and Hove where John Nash's oriental Pavilion for the Prince Regent sets the tone. Elsewhere castles at Camber Bodiam and fortified town walls at Rye and Winchelsea attest to its military past and Battle Abbey to its medieval endowments. The towns and villages are especially rich in timber-framed brick and tile houses for which the...

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Maya's Notebook

From the author of 'The House of Spirits' - teenage Maya is in trouble. She's an alcoholic an addict and deeply involved with a criminal gang. How did it all go so wrong? Abandoned by her parents as a baby Maya has been brought up by her tough grandmother Nini and her gentle grandfather Popo. At school though teenage Maya finds herself drawn towards the wrong crowd. Before she knows what's happened Maya's life has turned into one of drug addiction and crime. Things go from bad to worse as Maya disappears into the criminal underworld. To save her from her old associates Nini sends Maya to a remote island off the coast of...

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PM Sapphire: Rosamund Zeph: Futuristic Chef (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 29 (6 books)

Rosamund Zeph’s restaurant is famous for serving dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables, unlike the artificial powders and potions and 3D-printed replica food people usually eat in the twenty-third century. When Rosamund gets hold of a real, fresh egg for one of her kitchen experiments, it seems to her and her robot assistants like an especially exciting find.But Rosamund and her robots aren’t prepared for how exciting it will be. Now, Rosamund has a bigger problem than cooking the perfect soufflé: a giant chicken-shaped problem! Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for...

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Wild Sheep Chase

His life was like his recurring nightmare: a train to nowhere. But an ordinary life has a way of taking an extraordinary turn. Add a girl whose ears are so exquisite that when uncovered they improve sex a thousand-fold a runaway friend a right-wing politico an ovine-obsessed professor and a manic-depressive in a sheep outfit implicate them in a hunt for a sheep that may or may not be running the world and the upshot is another singular masterpiece from Japan's finest novelist.

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V is for Vengeance

Las Vegas 1986. A young college graduate is murdered when he is unable to pay back a loan funded by notorious criminal Lorenzo Dante. Two years later private investigator Kinsey Millhone finds herself assisting to apprehend a shoplifter - Audrey Vance - in a shopping centre. Events take a much darker turn when Audrey's body is discovered beneath the Cold Spring Bridge a local suicide spot. Unable to believe she took her own life Audrey's fiance Marvin Striker hires Kinsey to investigate. It soon emerges that the shoplifter had become caught up in a much larger operation. Meanwhile Lorenzo Dante has begun to grow weary of...

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Mr Right, Next Door! eBook

Financial executive Sophie is a workaholic. But her gorgeous neighbour Grant is about to teach her how to live for the moment. The ex-architect knows that if he can persuade Sophie to let loose, the moments they share together could be life-changing!

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Edexcel A2 Economics Student Unit Guide: Business Economics and Economic Efficiency

Perfect for revision these guides explain the unit requirements summarise the content and include specimen questions with graded answers. Each full-colour New Edition Student Unit Guide provides ideal preparation for your unit exam: Feel confident you understand the unit: each guide comprehensively covers the unit content and includes topic summaries knowledge check questions and a reference index Get to grips with the exam requirements: the specific skills on which you will be tested are explored and explained Analyse exam-style questions: graded student responses will help you focus on areas where you can improve your...

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A Cold Creek Baby both

Cherish June 2011 She’d dreamed about him coming back with a baby in his arms… And now Cisco was home. But the baby he carried couldn’t possibly be theirs. Still, Easton got part of her wish. The man she could never stop loving was back, even for just a little while – with a serious injury, a beautiful baby girl and an explanation about them both that was as flimsy as his excuse for leaving years before. And after five long years of trying to forget him, Easton was faced with a choice: love him – and that little girl – while she had them, or get out now. Because she’d never escape with her heart intact a second...

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Brilliant scientist Joe Messenger believes that people can be made to live for ever. Knowing the human body can be frozen indefinitely Joe devises a way of downloading the human brain into a supercomputer called ARCHIVE. But Joe's wife Karen is worried by his preoccupation with ARCHIVE which seems to be developing signs of a distinct and sinister personality of its own. Then just as Joe is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough a series of macabre accidents befall him and his family - and Joe finds himself facing the terrifying consequences of his own obsessions.

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