Bargain Laser Finger Beams Stockists

Bargain Laser Finger Beams Stockists

There’s a few key items you need to have to host the best party; venue, music, party rings and lighting. Once you have these sussed you can get the ball rolling. However, if you want extra super duper lighting then why not strap on the Laser Finger Beams creating your very own multi-coloured rave! These unusual lighting features can be slipped onto each finger so you can create your own personal lighting show! Each Laser Finger Beam ring has a built in super bright LED torch in red, white, green and blue and stay on your fingers using the small elastic bands. Great for parties, camping, children, and well, pointing at things in the dark.

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Popcorn Magic Silicone Stockists

The lights are out, the sofa’s prepped and you have your DVD in hand. The only ingredient left for a fantastic movie night in is an awesome bag of popcorn. Except that popcorn is heinously expensive, and you’ve gotten a bit bored of standard flavours. Well now you can mix things up with the Popcorn Magic Silicone cup! This fantastic popcorn cup comes in a bright red silicone and is the perfect kitchen gadget to accompany your movie night in. This cup is non-stick and non-toxic so it’s completely safe for people of all ages to snack from. To use this great popcorn holder simply fill it with half a cup of popcorn...

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3D Football Puzzle Stockists

If you love a great game of football and want to pay respect to this most exciting of sports then check out this 3D Football Puzzle! This challenging puzzle has 76 clear plastic pieces that interlock to form a sphere. A further 32 pieces clip to the edge to give this puzzle its football look. Once the puzzle is completed it can be placed on the included clear plastic hands to make it look as if the ball is being held aloft. Each piece is numbered for easy assembly but it can be just as fun to take the challenging route and try to fix them together without help! An instruction leaflet is included in the box if you get truly...

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Giant Beer Stein Stockists

So you’re heading out to your local and order a pint of your favourite beer. You’re all set to settle in for then night until you realise, what’s this? The barman has handed you a thin stemmed pint glass that surely can’t contain the raw manliness of your beer. Fear no more as we have the solution! This Giant Beer Stein will surely mark you out as king of the bar. This Giant Beer Stein is made from thick glass to ensure it is tough enough for the job at hand. As well as looking amazing with a dimpled glass effect and thick rim, this glass can hold a mighty 1 litre of beer (around 1 ¾ pints)....

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Misfit Shine 2 Stockists

We all need an extra bit of motivation to help us eat better, sleep better and move more. Now you can do it in style with the gorgeous Misfit Shine 2 activity tracker! Taking the stress out of healthy living, the Misfit Shine 2 is bursting with fantastic features and stunning good looks to easily monitor your fitness levels every day. Slim and lightweight for optimum comfort 24 hours per day, the Shine 2 is the simplest way of staying on top of your goals. With a vibrant, multi-coloured LED halo display, this cool design and vibration motor delivers detailed and accurate information on your lifestyle, making it easier than...

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Android OXO Smartwatch Stockists

There’s a whole new generation of watches revolutionising the way we connect to the world - changing the way we use technology forever! And once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll never want to go back. The Android OXO Watch gives you nearly all the functions of your smartphone at your fingertips, reimagining the watch for the 21st century. This handy device will give you tons of functionality, style and ease of use without breaking the bank. All you have to do is download the free app and connect your phone to the watch via Bluetooth. The Android OXO Watch has a fantastic colour LCD TFT touch...

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Bluetooth Colour Changing Speaker Stockists

We’re treated to so many cool gadgets nowadays that it’s sometimes difficult to know what to go for. So if you’re looking for impressive sound quality, multiple connectivity options, up to four hours of playback time and incredible mood lighting rolled into one, then this Bluetooth Colour Changing Speaker is the perfect choice. Connect up this cool speaker using your smartphone, laptop, PC, MP3 or MP4 player using Bluetooth, SD card or AUX to experience stunning sound at the push of a button. Take with you to a party or festival or simply enjoy the ambient of this speaker at home – the choice is yours!...

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Telescopic Turner Stockists

The telescopic turner. A masterpiece in cooking efficiency. If you’re flipping burgers here but making salsa over there, the Telescopic turner is the gadget you need to stop you running around the kitchen like a headless chicken. Use it like a normal spatula when it's compressed to 28cm long then when you need to flambé the steaks and don’t fancy losing your eyebrows, extend the turner to the full 88cm. Now you can keep a safe distance from spitting oil and all the fireworks in the kitchen and still pay attention to your food.

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Android OXO Watch Stockists

There was once a time when a watch was a watch and that was all it could do. Now watches are more technical than ever and have just as many features as some smartphones! The Android OXO Watch is one of these watches with all the features you would want without breaking the bank. This flashy timepiece looks as stylish as it is practical, with its colourful LCD TFT touch screen display and sleek black design. All you have to do is download the free app and connect your phone to the watch via Bluetooth. Now you are able to instantly access most of your mobiles features without ever taking it out of your pocket. If you are wondering...

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VW Pocket Knife Stockists

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately. Giving any outdoor explorer everything they need for those day to day tasks, this officially licensed Volkswagen lightweight Pocket Knife is the perfect accessory! This super portable multi-tool is jam packed with awesome functionality all packed into one compact VW styled design. With fourteen essential components, you’ll be well prepared for any survival situations that come your way! Styled with a black, red and stainless steel...

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Portable Disco Stockists

You’ve planned the drinks, the lighting and created your ultimate party playlist, but you need something awesome to blow away your guests and blast out your tunes. This Bluetooth music blaster is the answer to any event, providing fantastic sound quality in a portable package which delivers a party atmosphere wherever it goes! Complete with 50-watt power output and 7-inch tweeter and 12-inch woofer speakers, this sleek speaker is styled with LED screen, easy to use buttons and plenty of connection options. Simply connect to your mobile phone, DVD, VCD, CD, LD, TV, MP3 player, computer, radio, electric piano or any other...

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