Bargain Last of the Summer Wine Stockists

Bargain Last of the Summer Wine Stockists

The genuine and only INSIDE STORY of Last of the Summer Wine! Roy Clarkes Last of the Summer Wine was the longest running TV comedy series in the world largely due to the passion dedication and creativity of its producer/director ALAN J W BELL. In this book Alan takes us on the set and into the studio to get up close and personal with the series and its actors. You will laugh out loud cry in places and also guffaw as your jaw drops at reading these astonishing anecdotes all told as only Alan can from the inside! Despite being one of the most-watched BBC shows with huge international sales the programme was unceremoniously dropped by sending Alan an email! A torrent of public protest ensued only to fall on deaf BBC ears. Last of the Summer Wine: From the Directors Chair" provides a powerful critique of BBC management style from the man who was the very last in the long line of traditional comedy producer/directors who made programmes with little or no executive interference. What was so special about a TV series that was the favourite of the Queen; a TV series that was shown for over 36 years in more than 25 countries? Alan J W Bell remembers the series with the passion and emotion he brought to each episode. The series is finished but in this memoir we can still relive that little bit of Yorkshire held so dear to the viewing public."

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The Secretary's Secret / Rodeo Daddy ebook Stockists

Cherish November 2011 The Secretary’s Secret Kit Mercer smooths down her skirt preparing to face her boss the morning after spending the most amazing night of her life with him! Surely he can’t wait to sweep her into his arms again? Actually, Alex Hallam tells her what a mistake he’s made! It’s the right thing to do – after his ex-wife’s lies, is he really ready to be a proper full-time daddy?Rodeo Daddy A fall ended Lark Anderson’s rodeo career – and his marriage – leaving him a single dad. The community, suspicious of the new ‘celebrity’ resident, nominated Sophie to keep the hot-tempered cowboy out...

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Bloke's 100 Top Tips for Surviving Pregnancy Stockists

A follow on to the bestselling Blokes Guide to Pregnancy" this pocket bite size guide book has all the crucial advice for expectant blokes and outlines 100 absolute need to know tips for surviving pregnancy. Written in his customary no nonsense straightforward style - these 100 tips are taken from interviews with 100 blokes who have lived to tell the tale. This is the only guide to be reading for all expectant dads out there."

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Fast Forward Orange: Walking on the Moon (Non-fiction) Level 15 Stockists

On 10 July 1969, humans walked on the moon for the first time. People all around the world watched on their TV sets as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped out of the lunar module… Fast Forward Instructional Texts are especially designed for teacher-led guided or shared reading sessions with less-able readers (either individuals or groups at the same level) and form the core of Fast Forward’s finely-levelled approach. Vibrant illustrations and photographs are paired with engaging, varied topics and stories to ensure that there’s something for every type of reader. Audio to accompany each Instructional Text can be...

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Cholesterol Cures by Rodale Health Books Stockists

If you have high cholesterol, you probably understand the importance of improving your overall cholesterol profile.

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Confessions of an Angry Girl ebook Stockists

This is a story about ROSE. About the occasional panic attack and being fourteen in the suburbs without a mobile phone. Read it and weep Rose's first year at Union High isn't exactly going to plan. Her family's broken, her supposed best friend's going boy crazy and Rose is so far behind socially that she might as well be moving backwards. Until her brother's friend Jamie offers her a ride home - and a way into the world of his popular clique - if only it weren't for his perfect cheerleader girlfriend. Now Rose is learning how to climb the wobbly high-school social ladder, while struggling to hang on to what matters the most...

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Smart Kids 6 Spelling Board Games 3 Stockists

6 Spelling Board Games is a higher level set of 6 board games which  teaches more advanced spelling patterns including homonyms, antonyms & synonyms, prefixes, roots, suffixes, and similes, idioms & metaphors.We love the non-threatening way this pack develops understanding of quite tricky topics for key Stage 2 higher levels in spelling.Contains 6 games made from durable cardboard (297 x 420mm), 20 counters, a die, spinners and an answer sheet.Ages 8 to 11 years.

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Janeway's Immunobiology Stockists

Janeway's Immunobiology is a textbook that introduces the immune system in all its aspects to undergraduates and also provides a treatment of the subject that is comprehensive enough to be useful to graduate students interested in research and to medical students focused on clinical applications. The Eighth Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and is available in both print and e-book formats. Janeway's Immunobiology continues to set the standard for currency and authority with its clear writing style and organization uniform art program and scientific accuracy. It presents a consistent point of view throughout-that...

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Black Powder Stockists

Today’s dilemma: would you rather let your dad die or kill a king? In London, 1605, Tom’s finger is on the button. His choice will rewrite history…

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Horrid Henry Pack x 23 Stockists

Our horrid hero has stuffed every evil prank he knows into this whopping sack of funnies. And it feels good.

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Whistleblower eBook Stockists

Mira December 2008 A deadly truth… When Victor Holland comes flying out of the night, he runs straight into the path of Catherine Weaver’s car. Having uncovered a terrifying secret which leads all the way to Washington, Victor is running for his life – and from the men who will go to any lengths to silence him. Victor’s story sounds like the ravings of a madman, but the haunted look in his eyes – and the bullet hole in his shoulder – tell a different story. As each hour brings pursuers ever closer, Cathy has to wonder, is she giving her trust to a man in danger or trusting her life to a dangerous man? “Gerritsen...

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