Bargain Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

Bargain Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

We have seen many speakers in our time but never, never have we seen one with magical powers! This incredible speaker is not only loud and powerful but has the capabilities to float and spin just like a magician from a Las Vegas show. There’s no wires here, no noisy fans, just pure, unfathomable magic... and a few magnets if we're being completely honest. The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker defies gravity by floating on an invisible cloud of magnetic force, creating the ultimate focal point for any room. You and your friends will be truly mesmerized as the Levitating Speaker floats and spins above its base whilst playing your music with crystal clear sound through a high quality 3 watt speaker. Not only is it a good looking speaker but it's also portable. Since it has a powerful magnet in the belly of the speaker, you can attach it to pretty much anything metal; the fridge, your bike, anything you like. The Levitating Speaker even comes with a built in mic, so you can use it as a hands free device to take calls in style. The built in rechargeable battery will give you up to five hours of battery life and can be recharged via the USB cable included. Choose to connect via Bluetooth 4.0 or with the aux cable provided for some mystical music enjoyment and send your friends into a spin of amazement and confusion. Please note this product comes supplied with a UK plug. If purchasing for use in a country outside the UK an additional adaptor/ converter may be required.

Bargain Deal: £50.97

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Mini Quad - Black Stockists

The fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Quad is a perfect quadcopter any pilot who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a professional pilot or a complete novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature marvel has all that you need to keep your utterly entertained. The 6 axis gyroscope and 3 stage sensitivity allow you to have incredible stability as you fly. With an effortlessly smooth flight on offer, it makes it so much easier to master the basics, meaning you can quickly progress onto awesome tricks and stunts. Use the remote control to switch the Mini Quad into tumble mode so you can turn your quad in every direction and perform awesome...

'Mini Quad - Black Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


RED5 Books - Middle Class Problems Stockists

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of @ChrisMonk who is having extreme difficulties understanding the instructions on how to descale a Nespresso machine. We can only imagine the stress he is under and for a one off payment of £9.95 he can at least be happy in the knowledge that his torturous struggle has not been in vain. Including some of the most pathetic, unjustifiable cries for help, including people needing another holiday to recover from the one they just had, and others that are in ‘desperate’ need for hand cream, the Middle Class Problems book will have you laughing and face palming in equal measure....

'RED5 Books - Middle Class Problems Deal' priced at £2.97  =>  Click for Deal


Chip Stockists

Prepare to be overcome by a cuteness overload… An interactive pet that’s so much more than a cool gadget, CHiP is man’s brand new best friend! This incredibly cute and incredibly irresistible robot pup has got everyone here at Menkind swooning with excitement, and with very good reason! Using the next level of artificial intelligence, this super clever robot puppy really is a technical breakthrough in robotics. Equipped with an adaptive personality, using intelligent algorithms and high tech sensors, this perfect pup has a character that grows and develops over time - with real time processing helping CHiP...

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Scribble Clock Stockists

It’s amazing how much can be achieved if you’re a night owl. It’s reported that some of the greatest minds do their best work at night. Famous faces like Bob Dylan, President Obama, Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill all claimed to have their most inspirational moments when the moon is high and the stars are sparkling. So whether you have the greatest ideas in the wee hours or simply need a neon reminder of the things you need to do then the Scribble Clock is the perfect bedside accessory. This clever alarm clock features a clear plastic screen that you can use as a notepad to write down all of your...

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Build Your Own Tie Fighter Stockists

Ever wanted a Tie Fighter but just haven’t had the time to travel to a galaxy far far away? Now you don’t need to travel into deep space to find one of these amazing spaceships thanks to the BYO Tie Fighter kit. This kit gives you the chance to build your very own Tie Fighter in your own home with ease. No glue, paint or tools are needed as all the pieces simply click together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. In no time at all you will be left with a movie quality model with LED lights, realistic sound effects and an opening cockpit. 

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Sound Sword Stockists

Little old men tend to give good advice in video games (especially Zelda), so when a little old man said to us “it’s dangerous to go alone, take this” we heeded his words and took the Sound Sword with us on our adventures. This inflatable sword is a must-have weapon for any dragon slayer or dungeon delver and makes a great addition to your fancy dress costume. This 80cm inflatable sword is sure to keep the beasts at bay. Every time you take a swipe at a villian or bonk someone on the head, the sword will play fun sword sounds!  It’s fun for all, whether you are a master swordsman or a chicken chasing...

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Induction Duo Speaker Stockists

In the past few years we have been introduced to Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV’s, so now it’s about time speaker evolved their technology too. Luckily, the Induction Duo Speakers do just that. No fiddly wires or cables and no hopeless attempts to pair your phone via Bluetooth, simply place your phone on to the speaker and voila – instantly amplified sounds. And because this is the Induction Duo Speaker, you get double the amplification thanks to the two 5 Watt speakers. These portable and wireless speakers will work with any device that has an external speaker, even if you still have your protective case...

'Induction Duo Speaker Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Shot Tender Stockists

99 bottles of spirits on the wall might seem like a bit much but don’t let the man get you down, grab your Shot Tender and pour another round. The Shot Tender allows you to bring the bar back home, great for parties, social gatherings or living out those Ibiza night club owner fantasies (that may just be us). Easy to mount on walls and existing shelves the Shot Tender comes with its own attachment pieces and is able to hold up to 1 litre bottles so you can party on into the night! (Just try not to wake the neighbours). Each shot will dispense 1.5oz of your favourite drink into your glass in an instant, giving you...

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Bike Balls Stockists

In a world filled with disgruntled drivers who hate sharing the road, you need some pretty serious balls to ride a bicycle these days. The morning commute is crying out for a little humour to diffuse the tension, and you as a cyclist need to be noticed! It's in this spirit that Bike Balls were created.

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Luminara Flicker Candles 5 Inch Stockists

Nothing sets the mood quite like candles, the flickering flames, the smell and the warmth create a picture perfect scene in any situation. Unfortunately, candles are also known for their danger - just take a look at the great fire of London. This 5 inch candle however, is perfect for creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere in your home without any risk. The genuine movement of the candle will fool all your friends and family and the real wax feel just adds to the realism. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dribbling wax and with just two AA batteries, you get an impressive 100 hours of flame free, ultra-safe candle...

'Luminara Flicker Candles 5 Inch Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal

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