Bargain Life Science: Animal Communication Stockists

Bargain Life Science: Animal Communication Stockists

How do animals talk? What kinds of things can they say? Do they have ways of speaking that don’t involve sounds? Can different species chat to each other? Find out in this fun Life Science book: a fascinating look at the animals you love. Learn about animal communication in easy text that builds your reading skills. Answer all your questions with fantastic facts that will make your mind boggle. (You’ll even get to try a cool activity.) Plus: look at amazing colour photos that show you creatures’ secret lives in close-up. Who knew science could be this wild? A lively and simple first guide to a fascinating topic Quality hardback from the Raintree Pebble Plus series Beautiful photos and clear text for beginner readers Enjoy a child-friendly activity at the end of the book

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Billionaires & Babies both Stockists

Baby Bonanza The revelation that his affair with Jenna Baker had produced twins was almost impossible to grasp. Nick Falco was now determined to be a part of their lives. But Jenna wasn’t about to let the tycoon back into her least not without three little words that Nick had never said… Baby Business Donovan Tolley had to marry to keep his family’s company, and Cassidy Franzone was the woman he wanted. But convincing Cassidy to marry him without love on the table was one negotiation this cunning billionaire might not win…not even now he’d discovered she was nine months pregnant! Baby on the Billionaire’s...

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JavaScript Pocket Reference Stockists

Although JavaScript has become the programming language of the Web it's a little different from the expectations of other languages. This convenient pocket reference gives you immediate answers to pressing questions as you encounter them. Based on content distilled from David Flanagan's bestselling JavaScript: The Definitive Guide this quick guide to JavaScript's features and quirks is ideal for experienced programmers coming to JavaScript from another environment as well as developers experienced with the language.

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BR AC Electric Locomotives in Colour Stockists

This all-colour album follows a similar style to the hugely successful 'in Colour for the Modelling and Historian' series and covers the history of electric locomotives in Britain. Gavin Morrison fills a gap in the market for literature on these specific locomotives with this new title. Promoted as part of the Modernisation Plan of 1955 the electrification at 25kV of the West Coast main line from London to Birmingham Manchester Liverpool and ultimately Glasgow was one of the most ambitious schemes to emerge from the Plan. Although there had been electrification of main lines before such as the short-lived line from Newport...

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PM Silver: Jordan and the Northside Reps (PM Storybooks) Level 24 Stockists

Jordan, Kris and Liam all played soccer really hard today because the selector for the Northside Reps had been watching and they all wanted to get on the team. Kris and Liam were chosen for the team but not Jordan. The next Saturday the team was holding tryouts for the team goalkeeper but Jordan does not think he is good enough and he does not like people yelling at him if he misses. Will Jordan give it a go to be on the team? Silver level titles (equivalent to the White bridging book band) use sentences with two or three clauses and the length of the texts extends to around 1000 words to help build reading stamina. Real-life...

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Intermediate German For Dummies Stockists

Need to brush up on your German? Intermediate German For Dummies is your key to success in becoming confident in both written and spoken German. It gives you the straight talk and nitty-gritty detail that will see you successfully through any major or minor roadblocks to communicating in German. This friendly hands-on workbook is loaded with practical examples and useful exercises so you can practice how native speakers use the language. From vocabulary and numbers to juggling tenses you'll get a clear understanding of the nuances of German style and usage that will have you writing and speaking in no time. Plus you'll...

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If I Were You Stockists

When Sara McMillan finds a stack of journals in a storage unit she's shocked and enthralled by the erotic life the writer led. Unable to stop reading she vicariously lives out dark fantasies through Rebecca the writer-until the terrifying final entry. Certain something sinister has happened Sara sets out to discover the facts immersing herself in Rebecca's life. Soon she's working at the art gallery Rebecca worked at and meeting Rebecca's friends. Finding herself drawn to two dangerously sexy men the manager of the gallery and a famed artist Sara realizes she's going down the same path Rebecca took. But with the promise...

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Relics of the Dead Stockists

On hearing of this momentous discovery King Henry II demands evidence that the legendary Arthur is dead. So he calls upon his Mistress of the Art of Death anatomist Adelia Aguilar to examine the bones. But someone doesn't want the skeletons identified - and is prepared to kill in order to prevent it...

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Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law Stockists

The fifth edition of Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law continues to provide students with expert coverage of case law and legislation along with dynamic analysis of the political context and social impact of the law and a strong focus on human rights. An essential text for students at all levels the book deftly guides the reader through this fascinating and constantly developing area of law. Online Resource Centre This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which contains the following resources designed to support the book: - Twice-yearly updates providing easy access to changes and developments in the...

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Lily's Shimmering Spell Stockists

The girls in Team Starlight learn spells and earn their stars in this magical new young fiction series! Welcome to Stargirl Academy the magical school in the clouds! Previously a rather old-fashioned establishment it has been reopened by its head teacher to train children to be modern day fairy godmothers. Fairy Mary McBee selects a group of girls: Lily Ava Madison Sophie Emma Olivia - and Melody and Jackson who think they're better than everyone else. The girls learn lots of spells - shimmering starry shining sparkling glittering and twinkling ones - which they use to fix problems and help people in trouble. For...

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Haunted London Stockists

From heart-stopping accounts of apparitions manifestations and related supernatural phenomena to first-hand encounters with ghouls and spirits this collection of stories contains new and well-known spooky tales from famous sights and buildings in the centre of London. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources Haunted London" contains a chilling range of ghostly phenomena. From the monk ghost who clanks his chain's on Buckingham Palace's terrace every Christmas Day the Phantom horse-bus that occasionally rattles along Bayswater Road to the haunted Pig Tree a terrifying apparition that frequents Green Park the colourful...

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