Bargain Light Grooves HD Earphones Stockists

Bargain Light Grooves HD Earphones Stockists

If you love your tunes on the move, these incredible Light Grooves HD Earphones let you see the music as well as hear the music! Using the sound reactive technology, these amazing earphones dance to the beat of your songs, cascading a flow of light up and down the cord as you play. Looking cool in the day, but extraordinary at night, these amazing earphones gives you a stunning light show like no other. And even when you feel like cranking up your song, you won’t lose out on sound quality either. And if you’re plugged into your phone, the Light Grooves HD Earphones can switch easily between listening and calls with the ‘answer’ button, caller alert and built-in microphone, making taking calls on the move completely seamless. The Light Grooves are fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack, come with three earbud sizes for comfort and will last up to three hours on one charge.

Bargain Deal: £24.99

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Light Grooves Stockists

If you ever sat in science lessons wondering what the earth was going on, we feel your pain. Watching your teacher make illegible chalk drawings on a dusty blackboard in order to explain theory after theory wasn’t the most exciting way to spend your days. But it turns out that all that science stuff is pretty damn amazing, and that sometimes you just need to see it with your own eyes. As you can imagine, we were pretty excited when we plugged in these cool cables for the first time, transforming our charging experience from an everyday inconvenience to an awesome light show! Whenever you plug in these cables via...

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