Bargain Lilly Rose Shorty Stockists

Bargain Lilly-Rose Shorty Stockists

Coming Soon in Fume! Exquisite Empreinte Lilly Rose Shorty with a beautiful print on the front and back, and stunning embroidery all over the sides. Button detail at center front.

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Stockists of Lilly-Rose Briefs

Lilly-Rose Briefs

Stunning Empreinte Lilly-Rose Briefs in a printed elasticated fabric to ensure comfort and style; with delicate embroidery decorating the hip pieces.

Stockists of Lilly-Rose Panty

Lilly-Rose Panty

Coming Soon in Fume! Refined Empreinte Lilly-Rose panty with transparent embroidery on the tulle at the waist.

Stockists of Lilly-Rose Thong

Lilly-Rose Thong

Coming Soon in Fume! Stunning Empreinte Lilly-Rose thong in a printed boudoir style fabric to ensure comfort.

Stockists of Carolyn Shorty

Carolyn Shorty

New in! Elegant Carolyn shorty from Empreinte. Graphic embroidery worked on a tulle with a beautiful transparency in a very contemporary, simple flow of curves. Back made from soft mesh fabric with no seams for smooth finish.

Stockists of Grace Shorty

Grace Shorty

A shorty style brief capturing the `French Riviera` spirit. Sheer luxury materials combined with elegant embroidery.

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