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The Hunted book Stockists

Paranormal April 2011 A tempting stranger with a dangerous secret… When a handsome stranger washes up in a storm by Beth’s beachside home, she is cautious; her immediate attraction to him frightens her. She knows nothing about him…except that he’s hiding something. Shapeshifter Dylan was happy with his own kind but beautiful Beth drew him to live among humans…and risk discovery for the chance at love. Neither can deny that the passion growing between them is real. But as Beth wrestles with her feelings – and uncovers her own mysterious origins – danger lurks. Dylan is being hunted and now Beth is a target...

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Lady Blue Eyes Stockists

Thirty years after she first heard his voice singing to her from a jukebox at her local drive-in Barbara began her love affair with Frank Sinatra. After a tempestuous courtship she finally heard him say the wedding vows that began his fourth final and most enduring marriage; one that would last more than two decades until the end of his life. Generous and jealous witty and wicked Frank comes alive in this poignant inside story of the highs and lows of marriage to one of the world's most famous men. In this her first public love letter to the husband she adored his wife celebrates the sensational singer sexy heartthrob...

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Termly Assessment Tests: Year 4 Maths Test A x 30 Stockists

Help your pupils do their best in the National Tests! Now with a handy teacher guide, our acclaimed, tried-and-trusted practice papers are the perfect way to get children ready for SATs. They’re designed to look EXACTLY like the real thing: 100% in line with the actual test format. A great way to boost children’s confidence, target weak areas, and track each pupil’s progress. All fully in line with curriculum objectives, and including clear guidance notes and mark schemes. Practice makes perfect! Pack of 30 identical practice papers, plus three identical teacher guides The most authentic test papers available,...

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Spot Goes on Holiday Stockists

Spot Goes on Holiday" is a classic Spot book by Eric Hill. This is a colourful brighter edition of the classic Spot lift-the-flap board book "Spot Goes on Holiday" which features rescans of Eric Hill's original artwork - perfect for toddlers and children learning to read. When Spot goes to the beach he finds all sorts of fun things to do and even makes a new friend. Praise for Spot: "Spot is one of the essential experiences of childhood". ("Parents Magazine"). Eric Hill's Spot picture books have sold over 50 million copies worldwide since Spot first appeared in 1980. Don't miss any of the Spot lift-the-flap classics: "Spot's...

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Winterdance Stockists

Gary Paulsen was in his forties an internationally famous children's writer. Then he was overtaken by his passion ' a passion for Alaskan dog-racing and a passion for the wild beautiful landscape of the Arctic. Winterdance is the story of this passion. It is a powerful almost unbelievable adventure told with humour pathos vitality and excitement. Beautiful funny and laconic it is a book about men and dogs and their souls. 'An unputdownable celebration of the human spirit' Sunday Express

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A Tommy's Sketchbook Stockists

Illustrated throughout with rare, original watercolour drawings from the Great War. Depicts life in the trenches in a way that has never been seen before. From washing to cooking, to fighting and surviving this diary brings the ordinary Tommy€™s day to life. Author: Henry Buckle ISBN: 9780752466057 Cover: Hardback

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Archaeology of the Second World War Stockists

The Second World War transformed British society. Men women and children inhabited the war in every area of their lives from their clothing and food to schools workplaces and wartime service. This transformation affected the landscapes towns and cities as factories turned to war work beaches were prepared as battlefields and agricultural land became airfields and army camps. Some of these changes were violent: houses were blasted into bombsites burning aircraft tumbled out of the sky and the seas around Britain became a graveyard for sunken ships. Many physical signs of the war have survived - a vast array of sites...

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Lacey's House Stockists

Lacey Carmichael leads a solitary life. To her neighbours she is the mad old woman who lives at the end of the lane crazy but harmless. Until she is arrested on suspicion of murder. When Rachel Moore arrives in the village escaping her own demons the two women form an unlikely bond. Unravelling in each other tales of loss and heartache they become friends. Rachel sees beyond the rumours believing in her innocence but as details of Lacey's life are revealed Rachel is left questioning where the truth really lies.

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Dubai & Abu Dhabi city guide, 8th Edition Sep 2015 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Dubai and Abu Dhabi pulse with verve, ambition and the ability to dream up and realise the most extreme of projects: the world's tallest building, a palm-tree-shaped island and the world's fastest roller coaster. Visiting these cities feels like a trip to the future. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, city walks and recommendations from our expert authors planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique plus a detailed shopping...

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Seduction at Whispering Lakes eBook Stockists

Kimani October 2011 China Braxton is ready for some serious relaxation when she arrives at the legendary Whipering Lakes Resort in Texas. But the owrkaholic nurse is soon enjoying a lot more than the breathtaking scenery. It seems her holiday has come with an extra added perk - Zaire Kingdom, the ranch's owner, an irresistible corporate cowboy with seduction on his mind. But is Zaire finally ready to give up his bachelor life? And what will it take to persuade the sensuous city girl to permanently move to a ranch with him?

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