Bargain Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Stockists

Bargain Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Stockists

The Flickering Flame Candle is the most realistic artificial candle we have ever seen (and as we regularly frequent trade shows, with about a gazillion artificial candle stalls, that’s quite a boast!). Like every other artificial candle, they are 100% safe, unless one falls from a shelf and hits you on your head; we obviously mean they won't burn your house down! The flickering candles are perfect if someone in your home has young inquisitive hands, as zero heat is emitted. The candle itself is actually coated in wax and the gentle flicker of the flame only adds to the realism. Even up close the effect is still extremely impressive, and we guarantee the first time you see it you’ll be tempted to reach out and touch it. They can be placed on any flat surface and give the same romantic glow as a real candle. You don’t need to worry about melted wax spoiling your furniture and the only time they’ll go out is when the batteries need replacing.

Bargain Deal: £39.99

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Avengers Loki Pop! Vinyl Stockists

The relationship between Thor and Loki involves the typical sibling rivalry. Thor is loved all over Asgard whereas Loki, is not nearly as popular. Most brothers will just give you a dead arm and that will be all but Loki is set on destroying Thor and taking over their home planet! Now you can keep your own rebellious little brother by your side. Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the country. From movies, to TV, to comic books and everything in-between we are sure there is at least one Pop! Vinyl Figure for you!

'Avengers Loki Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Martix Neo Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Neo, Mr Anderson or as some like to call him “The One” is probably the most badass character in the Matrix Trilogy. From dodging bullets, running on walls and even flying there is no stopping neo from taking down the machines that threaten Zion. If you love The Matrix franchise and more importantly its sullen faced hero Neo then this is the POP Vinyl for you! Don’t forget to follow the white rabbit. Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the country. From movies, to TV, to comic books and everything in-between we are...

'The Martix Neo Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £5.97  =>  Click for Deal


Gino Ferrari Removable CC Wallet Stockists

The Gino Ferrari collection delivers quality materials, practical engineered design and stylish good looks to create stunning every day accessories. The Removable CC Wallet combines all these elements to provide any modern man with the perfect wallet, ideal for everyday use. This versatile design features a soft leather bifold design embossed with the Gino Ferrari logo on the outer corner. This wallet opens to reveal compartments for eight cards, two receipt compartments as well as a large note section. The added benefit of this fabulous design is the removable card compartment leather subsection with three card slots, giving...

'Gino Ferrari Removable CC Wallet Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


Special FX Fangs Stockists

Ve vant to show you ze coolest product that fits in your mouth, ever (but we'll lose the stupid accent to tell you about it). Up until now either the whistle or the kazoo could only be considered with such an accolade, but not anymore. Vampires have had a pretty cool PR boost lately and seem to be featured in just about every drama on tv (maybe with the exception of Coronation Street - we're not quite ready for the nocturnal immortal to roam the streets of Weatherfield just yet!). Pretty much all of us have donned plastic fangs at Halloween but we bet you haven't seen anything quite like these. For the first time ever you...

'Special FX Fangs Deal' priced at £2.97  =>  Click for Deal


Star Wars Vinyl Stickers Stockists

Star Wars up any gadget with these cool themed vinyl stickers. This set includes 17 differently themed stickers from both sides of the force, Yoda, Darth Vader, TIE fighters and X-Wings are all included as well as the super space station itself the Death Star. These are a great gift for any Star Wars fan and with the stickers being waterproof and removable you can use them again and again. Great for use with Laptops, tablets or mobile phones this is one product that you can’t say boo to a ghost of Obi-Wan too. 

'Star Wars Vinyl Stickers Deal' priced at £0.47  =>  Click for Deal


Minecraft Core Animal Mob 6 Pack Stockists

Ever wanted your own collection of wild animals but just don’t have the time or space to keep them all? Well now you can have one better, your own collection of Minecraft animals! The Minecraft Core Animal Mob contains all your favourite animals from the sensational game. The officially licensed animals are articulated so you can pose them in your own positions as you play. As passive mobs, these animals pose no harm to you and your village. Need some wool? We got some! It doesn't stop there either, as you can get pork chops, tasty chicken, protection from hostile mobs, transportation and more. Included in this pack is...

'Minecraft Core Animal Mob 6 Pack Deal' priced at £7.47  =>  Click for Deal


3D Art Doctor Who Stockists

Most programmes struggle to last for a few series, never mind running for 51 years but that is exactly how long our favourite time lord has been on our screens for. Doctor Who is one of TV’s most iconic programs and even if you have never watched it, you still know exactly what it is. This awesome 3D picture is just the thing to brighten up your home or office. Including five of the most notorious Doctor Who enemies the show has to offer, the picture is in stunning 3D. The Weeping Angel and Cybermen really do look further back than they actually are and you may be tempted to try and slip your finger behind a Dalek. Trust...

'3D Art Doctor Who Deal' priced at £4.97  =>  Click for Deal


Salt and Pepper Zebras Stockists

In a world with so much modern technology, it seems ridiculous that we are still stretching over the table to pass the salt or pepper to our fellow diners. Surely there’s an easier way to make our tea even tastier. The Salt and Pepper Zebras provide some much needed rest for your stretched arms along with a fun dinner time game. This time, playing with your food is ok! Whenever you want to salt your chips or add a sprinkle of pepper to your soup, wind them up and let them race across the table straight to you. Each Zebra has a different coloured tail and nose so there won’t be any confusion as to which is which....

'Salt and Pepper Zebras Deal' priced at £1.47  =>  Click for Deal


Gummy Chair Stockists

As brilliant and helpful as furniture is, there’s one thing that’s lacking from the standard armchair or sofa. It just doesn’t look tasty enough. So in the name of (nearly) edible delicious looking furniture, we have searched high and low to find you this incredibly tasty looking Gummy Chair! Looking like it’s been taken straight out of a terrifying German fairy tale, this amazingly life-like bear is just like his edible cousin, with a gorgeous strawberry red colour and classic gummy bear shape. Although we don’t recommend taking a bite of this fab PVC inflatable, we still think he can add a...

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Hexbug Strand Beast Stockists

The Strand Beast is the latest creation to come out of the Hexbug development laboratories and it brilliantly fuses a crab, a spider and a robot to create something awesome. The complex walking mechanism makes good use of its 8 legs and really comes alive as it moves. In fact it gives the illusion of being more organic than robotic! The Hexbug Strand Beast comes with an infrared remote control that allows you to independently operate each side of the Strand Beast's legs, giving you full control of forward, backward and turning motions. As it is set on two channels, you have the option of playing with two different Strand Beasts...

'Hexbug Strand Beast Deal' priced at £7.97  =>  Click for Deal

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