Bargain M&Ms Peanut Pouch Stockists

Bargain M&Ms Peanut Pouch Stockists

This big bag of Peanut M&Ms is a great choice if you are planning to stay in and watch a film or even if you just fancy the odd indulgent snack during the day. Crunch through the outer shells to access the delicious chocolate coloured peanuts inside.

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BritishCornerShopM&Ms Peanut Pouch£1.99 Visit Store
Stockists of Revels Large Bag

Revels Large Bag

Revels make eating chocolate more fun - it's a lucky dip and you never really know what you're going to get! The flavours include raisin, orange, coffee, malteser, chocolate and toffee.

Stockists of Munchies Pouch

Munchies Pouch

Munchies are something of a delicacy when it comes to chocolates, so this Munchies Hanging Bag is a treat for chocolate lovers. It is packed full of delicious Munchies, enough to keep you going for at least half an hour!

Stockists of Minstrels Large Bag

Minstrels Large Bag

In many ways, Minstrels represent the evolutionary peak of bite sized chocolates. A Minstrels Large Bag is full of truly elegant chocolates, with a smooth and creamy flavour and a perfectly crunchy shell.

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