Bargain Manolo Blahnik Stockists

Bargain Manolo Blahnik Stockists

For over three decades Manolo Blahniks shoes and his sense of the theatrical wedded to the finest materials and superlative craftsmanship have inspired fanatical devotion. This beautiful book collects together over 120 of the exquisite drawings Blahnik makes at the outset of the design process. Inimitable in style these drawings superbly reproduced in this book with special inks vividly convey Blahniks unique vision.

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Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary x 6 Stockists

Spelling words. Choosing words. Knowing what they mean. It’s a lot to learn. Luckily, Collins make it really easy in this bestselling illustrated dictionary: the fun way to get yourself word perfect. What’s so good about it? Well, for a start it’s got fantastic colour pictures. (Looking good does matter.) Plus, it doesn’t just tell you what words mean; it shows you how to use them in clear examples. It helps you with grammar, showing if each word is a noun, a verb and so on. Best of all, a magical ‘word wizard’ section boosts your vocabulary and writing skills, putting the power of words at your command. Appealing...

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PM Emerald: Trash and Treasure (PM Extras Chapter Books) Level 25 Stockists

Jon’s class think they’ve drawn the short straw when they ‘choose’ to run the Trash and Treasure stall at the school fete. They resign themselves to the fact that they had better make the most of it and set to work asking people in the neighbourhood to donate items for their stall. Jon and his mother vist Mrs Cesinski, a very old lady whose husband has recently died. Even though he feels uncomfortable, Jon asks her if she would like to donate anything to the fete. She finally gives him an old cardigan that belonged to her late husband but will anyone want it? Emerald level (equivalent to the Lime bridging book band)...

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Vintage Menswear Book (Multi-Colour, One Size, Books) Stockists

Curated by connoisseurs of vintage clothing the Vintage Showroom is a vast collection of rare 20th-century pieces that fashion designers and stylists pay to view using the cut and detailing of individual garments as inspiration for their own work. Offering one-of-a-kind access The Vintage Showroom Menswear now makes this unique resource available in book form. Featuring 130 of the most influential examples of 20th-century and earlier European American and Asian utilitarian tailoring and design the book is divided into three sections of sportswear militaria and workwear covering everything from 1940s flying jackets and...

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London's Overground Stockists

In December 2007 a new franchisee - London Overground - appeared on the railway scene. This operation was designed to operate a significant number of surface lines within the Greater London area including the ex-North London lines of Silverlink Metro and once completed the extended East London line that was once part of the Underground network. This impressive new title explores how London Overground is one aspect of a massive development of the non-Underground railway routes in the Greater London area. The book also examines other projects included in the development such as the additional links to Heathrow Airport the...

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Requiem for a Wren Stockists

Alan Duncan returns to his family home in Australia after the war and several years of study in England. But his homecoming is marred by the mysterious suicide of his parents' quiet and reliable parlour-maid. A search through her belongings in search of clues leads to heartbreaking revelations about the woman's identity the death of Alan's brother Bill and above all the disappearance of his brother's fiancee Janet.

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Big Blue Whale Stockists

The blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived on Earth. Curious young minds will love reading this sensuous exploration of what a blue whale feels sounds and smells like and learning facts about a whale's size life-span diet babies and more. Previously part of the acclaimed Read and Wonder" series "Big Blue Whale" has been re-launched in the new "Nature Storybooks" series with a brand new look."

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Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei travel guide - Selangor & Negeri Sembilan (1.649Mb), 13th Edition Aug 2016 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Southeast Asia's terrific trio offers steamy jungles packed with wildlife, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, culinary sensations and multi-ethnic culture. Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire Kuala Lumpur from the glittering Petronas Towers, climb the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls in Langkawi, or glide through the water village of Kampung Ayer; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Malaysia,...

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Sweet Revenge Stockists

Sweet Revenge" offers a detailed insider's account of entertainment mogul Simon Cowell's rise to meteoric fame and all of the controversial highs and lows along the way as he settles scores with rivals. The book will be packed with juicy details hard-to-get interviews and never-before-revealed facts all written from an objective journalist's perspective. Just named one of Barbara Walter's "Most Fascinating People of 2011" Cowell continues to reign as a pop culture icon and media influencer."

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Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams Stockists

Were you a sherbet lemon or chocolate lime fan? Penny chews or hard boiled sweeties (you do get more for your money that way)? The jangle of your pocket money ...the rustle of the pink and green striped paper bag ...Rosie Hopkins thinks leaving her busy London life and her boyfriend Gerard to sort out her elderly Aunt Lilian's sweetshop in a small country village is going to be dull. Boy is she wrong. Lilian Hopkins has spent her life running Lipton's sweetshop through wartime and family feuds. As she struggles with the idea that it might finally be time to settle up she also wrestles with the secret history hidden behind...

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PM Blue: Tiger Runs Away (PM Storybooks) Level 11 Stockists

Rebecca has moved to a new house but her cat Tiger doesn’t like it and runs away. Blue level titles introduce children to sentence structures and common word endings. This level also teaches how to read with insight, encouraging children to stress words in bold type for example. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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