Best Marriage Behind the Facade book Stockists

Best Marriage Behind the Facade book Stockists

Modern February 2012 Summoned to the desert sandsSydney Reed dreamed of being a princess in a faraway land, and couldn’t believe that smoulderingly sexy Sheikh Malik of Jahfar would marry plain old her – even out of convenience. But the dream has ended and she’s back to reality with a thud!Now Sydney needs his signature on the divorce papers – Malik, however, has other ideas. Jahfaran law requires that they spend forty days together as man and wife before Sydney can be free of him for ever. Out in the scorching desert Malik holds all the power – he’ll make sure their forty nights are more than worth it…

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Destination Love eBook

Kimani April 2010 A luxury cruise to Nova Scotia is the perfect sabbatical for overworked professor Sheri Stephens...especially when she's spending her nights in the arms of a sensual stranger. Sheri surrenders completely to this magical interlude on the high seas, never dreaming that her lover isn't who he seems. Or that he has an agenda of his own. Sheri may be beautiful, but Dalton's never forgotten how she stood in the way of his academic success or forgiven her for it. Now he's ready to take sweet revenge. He'll seduce the gorgeous professor on the moonlit waters and at every port of call. But his plans go awry when...

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The Buenos Aires Marriage Deal ebook

Modern October 2009 The Argentinian… Aristocrat, polo-player and owner of a world-renowned business, Pascual Dominguez is a legend in his country. The nanny… Wholesome Briana Douglas was just a nanny when she met Pascual, and couldn’t believe her luck when he showed an interest in her. But it didn’t last for long… …and their secret baby! Now Briana is in England, juggling a demanding job and a little son! She never thought she’d see Pascual again. But suddenly he’s back, demanding she return to Buenos Aires – where an eighteen-carat gold wedding band awaits her!

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A Cold Creek Baby book

Cherish June 2011 She’d dreamed about him coming back with a baby in his arms… And now Cisco was home. But the baby he carried couldn’t possibly be theirs. Still, Easton got part of her wish. The man she could never stop loving was back, even for just a little while – with a serious injury, a beautiful baby girl and an explanation about them both that was as flimsy as his excuse for leaving years before. And after five long years of trying to forget him, Easton was faced with a choice: love him – and that little girl – while she had them, or get out now. Because she’d never escape with her heart intact a second...

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One Night In...Rio ebook

Special Releases April 2011 Walking away from her husband Roque Aguiar Ac Costa was the hardest thing Jewel had ever done. But now Roque has come to the Amazon rain forest, claiming that he is her boss and she is still his wife. His seduction is a taste of heaven…

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A Merry Little Christmas ebook

Christmas shop October 2012 by Debbie Macomber "A touch of Christmas magic!!'' Beth Morehouse was expecting presents under the tree, not a basket of abandoned puppies on the doorstep of 1225 Christmas Tree Lane! Now it’s a race to find them new homes before she and her daughters leave for their skiing trip. With just three days to Christmas, Beth needs a puppy miracle!

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The Return Of Chase Cordell eBook

Chase Cordell Was Coming Home Linese had long awaited her husband's homecoming, but the hero that returned from the war was not the dashing rogue that had captured her in a whirlwind courtship. Who was this man with haunted eyes who could still make her heart pound ceaselessly? His memory shattered by war, Chase Cordell vowed to keep the loss of his identity a secret - even from the beautiful stranger whose touch rekindled a long-forgotten flame. But time was running out, and the past that stalked him was taking on a sinister life of its own... .

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Mills and Boon Introduces ebook

Three of the finest, most exciting new writers of romance Andrea Laurence Will Cynthia Dempsey ever remember? They say she’s the fiancée of media mogul Will Taylor. But though it’s electric when they touch, Will is treating her as an ice queen who has betrayed him! What happened? Soraya Lane Soldier Toby Freeman has survived war, but being a single father is proving much harder! Sienna Gibson understands the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life and tries to help Toby, but her beauty is more of a distraction! Natalie Charles 2011 New Voices winner FBI agent Nick Foster has only seven days to save his ex-fiancée’s...

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Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor / Doctor: Di... ebook

Medical February 2011 Cedar Bluff’s Most Eligible Bachelor When enigmatic doctor Simon Carter literally knocks nurse Hailey Rogers off her feet, breaking her leg, he enjoys coming to her rescue more than he could have imagined. Fiercely independent, Hailey is no damsel in distress! The last thing she wants is to start relying on the captivating doctor – whose kisses bring her guard tumbling down… Doctor: Diamond in the Rough City surgeon Melora knows her heart’s in for a bumpy ride when she meets rugged colleague Daniel Tarvon on the island of Tarparnii – with a hunting knife on his belt, and chocolate-brown eyes...

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The Return of Lord Conistone both

Historical May 2011 Dangerous Lord, Double Life… Miss Verena Sheldon’s not sure what’s more surprising: the fact Lord Conistone – the man who broke her heart – has prised himself away from the grasping females and high life in London, or that he still makes her body tingle. Lucas has secretly vowed to look after Verena, and with her beloved home up for sale she needs his help now more than ever. But Lucas’s dreams of holding Verena in his arms again are shattered every time he imagines her reaction should she learn what he has done…

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Nanny Needed ebook

?­It was a special love Nanny Bride Playboy tycoon Joshua Cole doesn’t expect a frumpy nanny and a howling baby in his office. But the child is his nephew. Dannie Springer hides behind her uniform. Yet with Joshua, she starts to see the man beneath the designer suits…and wishes he could see her! The Family She Longed For Jennifer’s heart went out to struggling neighbour Noah and his three little kids. Jennifer was determined to bring love and laughter into their lives. But was Noah’s proposal because he loved her — or because he needed a nanny for his children? Nanny to the Dog! Audrey Graham had taken the...

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