Bargain Marrying the Italian both Stockists

Bargain Marrying the Italian both Stockists

By Request May 2012 The Marcolini Blackmail Marriage No one asks a Marcolini for a divorce. Especially not a gold-digger, who could walk away with the family’s fortune! Claire is innocent – but can she prove it before Antonio Marcolini blackmails her back into his bed? Also includes The Valtieri Marriage and The Italian Doctor’s Bride.

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Lady of Shame ebook

‘You’re in danger of dishonouring the family name for good!’ Lady Claire must put pride above prattle if she is to shake off the not-so-respectable reputation of her youth. Swapping rebellion for reserve, she returns to her imposing childhood home, Castonbury Park, seeking her family’s help. Penniless Claire needs a sensible husband…and fast! But when the dark gaze of head chef Monsieur André catches her eye, he’s as deliciously tempting as the food he prepares. Claire knows he’s most unsuitable… even if the chemistry between them is magnetic. Risking her reputation for André would be shameful...

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A Girl Less Ordinary ebook

Riva October 2012 Can a leopard really change her spots? Eleanor worked hard to transform herself into Ella – switching braces for a breath-taking smile, dowdy clothes for fabulous dresses, and heartbreak for flirty, fun-only dates. Her extraordinary transformation became her profession – and as an image consultant she’s hired to prep fiercely private billionaire Jake Donner for a series of press interviews. Jake Donner has never forgotten his childhood friend Eleanor – and he’s shocked to see how she’s changed into Ella. Once, dorky Eleanor and geeky Jake were each other’s only support… Could their once-innocent...

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The Greek's Million-Dollar Baby Bargain eBook

Modern March 2009 He’s paid a million for the baby… he’ll take her as his mistress for free! When Greek tycoon Nikos Theakis offered grieving Ann Turner a million for his orphaned nephew, she took the money and walked away… Young, penniless and alone, Ann did what she thought was best – and it nearly broke her. But now little Ari needs her, and the ruthless Greek is offering Ann a different bargain… One month, on his island – at his mercy…

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A Match for the Doctor / What the Single Dad Wants ebook

Cherish February 2012 A Match for the Doctor When Kennon accepted an assignment to transform the home of a widowed doctor, she couldn’t help but be captivated by his two girls…and the gorgeous, stoic man hiding behind them. Simon wasn’t looking for any complicated connections. But soon he’s starting to see that Kennon could be the prescription his family so desperately needs.What a Single Dad Wants…How had Isabelle let herself fall head over heels in love with Brandon? No matter how great he made her feel, she knew he was out of her league. For years Brandon had locked up his heart. Now Isabelle made him want to...

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Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal ebook

Modern June 2009 Caught, claimed… Contracted for marriage? Tycoon Connor Brodie has just apprehended an intruder! One clad in lacy satin underwear…and not a trespasser at all, but his feisty neighbour Daisy Dean. The red-hot encounter leaves him aching for more – could the luscious Ms Dean be the answer to his prayers in more ways than one? Connor needs to safeguard a business deal, and he fully intends to finish what they’ve started. Unable to resist his lethal charm, Daisy finds herself agreeing to two hedonistic weeks in New York – as Connor’s fake fiancée!

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Beyond the Grave eBook

Young Adult December 2011 I can't move forward with my life, until I know my demons are confined to the past... Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn't like that of other teenage girls. Especially after what happened to my parents. Things changed. I missed prom and deferred my big college plans. But I still have my boyfriend, Noah. He's everything I could want—if I can figure out what's up with him. Suddenly Noah is secretive. I fear it has something to do with what happened to us three months ago. The bruise Noah suffered during a paranormal attack has never completely...

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Newborn Baby For Christmas both

His best friend’s baby bombshell… Georgie and Hamish have been best friends for ever. So Hamish can’t refuse when Georgie asks him for the Christmas present she’s spent her whole life waiting for – a baby! But seeing a very pregnant Georgie changes everything. Not only is Hamish going to be a father, suddenly he’s falling for the mother of his child…

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The Sheriff's Secret Wife book

Cherish January 2011 “As of 2:33 this morning we’re hitched.” After a wild night in Vegas, Racy Dillon and Gage Steele had taken the plunge. Now they were officially husband and wife. A fact Racy preferred to keep under wraps – at least until they could get the marriage annulled. Even if her new husband was the sexiest lawman this side of Nevada… Gage had never forgotten the kiss he and Racy had shared as teenagers. Apparently neither had she. But if she wanted out, he wasn’t going to stand in her way. Unless he could persuade the reluctant Racy that their impulsive marriage was their true destiny…

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Beach House No. 9 eBook

Special Releases March 2013 USA TODAY bestselling author Christie Ridgway introduces a sizzling new series set in Crescent Cove, California, where the magic of summer can last forever... When book doctor Jane Pearson arrives at Griffin Lowell's beach house, she expects a brooding loner. After all, his agent hired her to help the reclusive war journalist write his stalled memoir. Instead, Jane finds a tanned, ocean-blue-eyed man in a Hawaiian shirt, hosting a beach party and surrounded by beauties. Faster than he can untie a bikini top, Griffin lets Jane know he doesn't want her. But she desperately needs this job and digs...

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My Fake Fiancee ebook

Blaze June 2011 The Rules of Fake Engagement The Terms: Caterer Chelsea Hammond will live with insurance broker David Wolfe for three months in order for him to clinch a massive promotion. Newly returned from Paris, Chelsea will use his kitchen for her new catering business. Strictly business… The Rules: 1. No kissing. No kissing unless his boss is watching 2. No touching. Not too much touching 3. No sex. No sex, except for one really hot, satisfying night 4. No falling in love. Definitely no falling in love 5. ...Uh-oh

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