Bargain McMorran & Whitby Stockists

Bargain McMorran & Whitby Stockists

McMorran & Whitby are arguably one of the most unsung practices of post-war British architecture. Led from the late 1950s by Donald McMorran and George Whitby two indisputable architectural heavyweights of the post-war era the practice willingly rejected the experimentalism and fleeting faddishness that characterised the dominant paradigm of the age and from which so many of Britain's towns and cities are still blighted. The practice can be seen as part of an evolution in British classical tradition with direct linkages through other eminent figures such as Sir Edwin Lutyens and E. Vincent Harris.Their work found notable favour with public institutions such as the police county and city councils and universities. These include Devon County Hall in Exeter various buildings at Nottingham University West Suffolk County Council buildings in Bury St Edmunds but above all numerous significant commissions for the City Corporation such as Wood Street Police Station and the extension to the Central Criminal Courts commonly known as the New Bailey.This book is the first major publication on McMorran & Whitby's work and therefore contains an inspiring combination of contemporary photography and previously unpublished archival material. It is an essential read for architects students and historians not least because it highlights the importance in the arts of seeking longer perspectives than those which all too often our own ephemeral epoch permits.This book has been commissioned as part of a series of books on 20th Century Architects by RIBA Publishing English Heritage and The Twentieth Century Society.Key Features:160 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2009

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Guidebook: Dunstanburgh Castle Stockists

Dunstanburgh Castle built on the most magnificent scale to rival any castle of its day was also constructed on one of the most dramatic sites imaginable on a remote headland overlooking the North Sea. This new guidebook packed with superb photography plans and reconstruction drawings also contains the latest research on the castle solving the mystery of why it was built in such an obscure place and making thought-provoking links with the legends of King Arthur.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2014

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Great Lengths - The Historic Indoor Swimming Pools of Britain Stockists

Swimming is Britain's most popular participation sport. Nearly one in four people swim at least once a month with around 80 million visits to swimming pools recorded every year. Surprisingly although public baths have formed a vital part of community life since an 1846 Act of Parliament their story has never been told in book form until now.Great Lengths the eighth book in the acclaimed Played in Britain series traces the development of indoor public baths and pools from the earliest subscription baths of the Georgian period and the first municipal baths in Liverpool in 1829 to the current generation of leisure pools with...

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Building a Better Society Stockists

Liverpool's landscape both in the city centre and throughout its historic suburbs is studded with institutional buildings some like the great hospitals - very prominent others like Sunday Schools and chapels - punctuating ordinary street scenes. All however tell the story of how charity and public authorities responded to the desperate need of the poor and vulnerable in the 19th century.Attractively illustrated by photographs and drawings this book emphasises the importance of institutional buildings to our understanding of Liverpool's character and demonstrates how new uses can be found to ensure that they continue...

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Guidebook: Hadrians Wall Stockists

Stretching for 73 miles across northern England Hadrian's Wall is the most important monument of Roman Britain and the best-known frontier of the entire Roman Empire. It was built on the orders of the emperor Hadrian after he visited Britain in AD 122 and took ten years to complete. This new guidebook provides maps plans and tours of the important sites as well as a history of the Wall and its associated forts. It is illustrated throughout with colour reconstructions and photographs.Key Features:60 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2014

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Played in Birmingham Stockists

Played in Birmingham is the fifth book in a groundbreaking English Heritge series celebrating Britain's rich and diverse sporting heritage.Lavishly illustrated and adopting a completely new approach to the study of sporting and urban history Played in Birmingham leads readers along a trail of fascinating locations and little known buildings landscapes and waterscapes in all corners of the city and its surrounds.Birmingham is a city founded upon hard work enterprise and civic pride. Its stock of historic public baths includes three of the oldest operational swimming pools in Britain. In 1888 a Birmingham draper was responsible...

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Englands Shipwreck Heritage Stockists

What do characters as diverse as Alfred the Great the architect Sir Christopher Wren diarist Samuel Pepys and the Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins have in common? All had some involvement in shipwrecks: in causing recording or salvaging them. This book examines a variety of wrecks from logboats Roman galleys and medieval cogs to East Indiamen grand ocean liners fishing boats and warships - all are woven into the history of shipwrecks along the coastline of England and in her territorial waters.Wrecks are not just physically embedded in this marine landscape - they are also an intrinsic part of a domestic cultural landscape...

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Guidebook: Berry Pomeroy Castle Stockists

The most romantic and reputedly the most haunted castle in Devon this Berry Pomeroy Castle Guidebook is beautifully illustrated and written by leading English Heritage experts.The dramatic ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle stand amid deep woods on a spur above Devon's Gatcombe valley. Its romantic atmosphere fostered tales of hauntings but in reality it was once filled with life by great households. During the War of the Roses the Pomeroy family sought security from violent feuds by building the castle within their deer park. In the 16th century the uncle of Edward VI Lord Protector Somerset bought the castle. He was executed...

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Images of Change (Paperback) Stockists

Motorways airports tower blocks power stations windfarms; TV and the internet easy travel and shrinking distances; business parks starter homes and vast shopping and leisure complexes. All of these helped define the later 20th-century world and their material remains remind us of the major changes brought about through innovation and rapidly developing technology.Illustrated with striking aerial and ground photographs of some stunning and sometimes surprising 20th-century landscapes Images of Change highlights for perhaps the first time the impact the developments of the last century have had on the landscape and gives us a...

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Guidebook: Whitby Abbey Stockists

High on their windswept headland the imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey dominate the busy harbour town below. Originally founded in the seventh century and ruled by the renowned Abbess Hild the first monastery here was the setting for one of the defining episodes in the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon church - the synod of Whitby. After the Norman Conquest a new religious community was established on the site which eventually grew into one of the great abbeys of Yorkshire. Later after the Suppression of the Monasteries the abbot's house was converted into a grand private residence. Drawing on the latest archaeological...

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Monuments and the Millennium Stockists

An international conference 'Public Monuments into the Millennium' organized jointly by English Heritage and the Stone and Metals Sections of the UKIC with the support of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association 20-22 May 1998.Environmental issues are central to many schemes planned to mark the coming millennium. The re-evaluation and regeneration of public spaces fall within this category and the monuments that occupy these spaces are a special concern. These objects are of great artistic historic and social value. The aim of this international conference was to take a comprehensive look at the conservation and...

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