Bargain Metal Earth London Tower Bridge Stockists

Bargain Metal Earth London Tower Bridge Stockists

The London Tower Bridge is an iconic feature of London, known all around the globe as one of the most famous tourist spots of London. Allowing people and vehicles to cross the Thames since 1886, we feel that the Tower Bridge deserves some respect and should be welcomed into our homes. In this set you can create your very own Tower Bridge. What just looks like a metal sheet actually holds all the pieces you need to create the most famous bridge in the country. The detailed laser etching provides authentic design. First, pop out the pieces by hand or with wire cutters, then bend the shapes and tabs one by one to create the shape you need. What you are left with is a remarkably realistic masterpiece.

Bargain Deal: £3.97

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Professor Puzzle Aristotle's Number Puzzle Stockists

Test your intellect against one of the ancient founders of philosophy - Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC). The Greek thinker was a founder of western science and philosophy, consolidating the belief in the individual. Through his extensive writings, of which only about a third have survived, he had a great influence on the course of the renaissance in the 16th century, the development of western civilisation and on our own modern thought and philosophy. His influence has lasted over two thousand years, making him a truly great mind.  Part of the Great Minds range of Professor Puzzles, Aristotle's Number Puzzle comes in a wooden...

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Ring Toss Stockists

Whether you know it as Quoits or Ring Toss, this delightful game is full of summertime fun for the whole family. This traditional party game has been entertaining us for thousands of years, and it’s not too difficult to see why! Fiendishly fun and deceptively simple, this game will have you ‘hooked’ in no time! Perfect for parties, trips to the beach or long sunny afternoons in the garden, this perfectly formed parlour game is great for developing co-ordination and team work with a sprinkling of competitive etiquette thrown in! So get your throwing arm at the ready, with different levels of points to score...

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Metal Earth 1989 Batmobile Stockists

Bring a little piece of film history to your workspace with this cool officially licensed Metal Earth 1989 Batmobile kit. The set comes flat packed as two sheets of metal with the pieces laser cut into the sheet. Simply follow the instructions and pop out the pieces as required and fit them together. One of the best features of this kit is that there’s no glue or soldering required! Simply bend the pieces to fit together to create an incredibly detailed model of the iconic movie automobile from the 1989 movie. With a little dexterity and a lot of love, this Metal Earth kit is the ideal present for any Batman fan!

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Metal Earth Thor's Hammer Stockists

If you love build it yourself kits, this Metal Earth Thor’s Hammer is the perfect addition to your collection. Any Marvel fan will know the true power of the powerful Mjolnir, the weapon of choice for the Norse god of thunder. Now you can create your own superhero accessory with this fantastic kit. Simply remove the laser cut pieces from the two sheets included to start building your 3D sculpture. There’s no glue or solder required as the precisely cut pieces’ simply fold together with ease. Ideal for anyone aged 14 and over, your Metal Earth sculpture is the perfect accessory for your home or workplace. With...

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Set of 6 Metal Puzzles Stockists

Test the grey matter with this set of of six metal Puzzles from Professor Puzzle. These Brain Buster brainteasers make the perfect gift for someone who wants to test their nerve and dexterity.  The puzzle mission is to separate the two interlocking pieces of each puzzle and reconnect them. Sound easy don't they? In fact these puzzles are very challenging and offer hours of fun individually or with friends and family.  Plus, each brainteaser has a different level of difficulty. A great to get the mental juices flowing after a long Sunday lunch or even Christmas family get together. And although these puzzles...

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Metal Earth Model Stockists

For the artsy and crafty out there, there’s a new trend in town, in the form of the metal earth model, and this amazing Hogwarts Express model is just the thing. This one is perfect for the fan of models as well as the world of Harry Potter. This Metal Earth kit allows you to personally assemble your own replica of the famous Hogwarts Express. With no need to glue, solder or otherwise externally attach the pieces of this beautiful kit together, all you’ll need is patience and a sturdy set of tweezers, making this truly a piece of work for anyone to get their creative teeth into. The instructions included will...

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Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut Metal Earth Model Stockists

Hagrid’s Hut is one of the smaller but more familiar locations to the dedicated Potterhead – the home of the beloved half-giant Rubeus Hagrid, and a place where Harry Potter and his friends learn important lessons (both figuratively and literally) that help them in their various misadventures. Now, thanks to this beautiful and intricate Metal Earth model, you’ll be able to assemble and display your very own Hagrid’s Hut replica. With highly detailed pieces, down to the brickwork and roof tiles, this Hagrid’s Hut model is a faithful replica of this iconic location. This model kit is easy to assemble...

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Metal Earth Dawn of Justice Batmobile Stockists

Perhaps the coolest addition to the Batman v Superman blockbuster was the awesome Dawn of Justice Batmobile! Sculpted, fierce and looking arguably better than ever, you can now build your very own version with this fantastic Metal Earth Dawn of Justice Batmobile kit. This set comes complete with two flat sheets of laser cut steel that simply pop out to create your model. Follow the detailed instructions, fold the pieces and create your amazing Batmobile without any glue or soldering required! Requiring a little time and patience, this Metal Earth kit makes the ideal present for any Batman fan!

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Hanayama Quartet Metal Puzzle Brainteaser Stockists

Want to give the old grey matter a real nuts and bolts challenge? Reach no further. The Hanayama range of brainteasers have been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quarter of a century and are quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created! Basically, can you take them apart and then assemble them again? Comprising 4 interlocking pieces which are joined, The Quartet Brainteaser puzzle has a simple objective - separate the four pieces and then reassemble the puzzle. Inventor Mine Uyematsu has designed the puzzle with a bond that's truly difficult to disentangle. Consider how such a bond...

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Metal Earth TIE Fighter Stockists

“You underestimate the power of the dark side” Feel the force and bring home the power of the dark side with Metal Earth’s TIE Fighter construction kit. This fantastic product is also easy to use as it requires absolutely no glue, meaning you can get building with no mess or fuss. For Star Wars fans everywhere this kit is sure to be a winner. Even a construction novice will be able to build this with the easy to use instructions included in packaging. The kit comes as two sheets of stainless steel with the parts laser cut into them. Simply pop out the parts, bend the tabs and fit them together. Despite being...

'Metal Earth TIE Fighter Deal' priced at £1.97  =>  Click for Deal

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