Bargain Micro Brix Case Stockists

Bargain Micro Brix Case Stockists

Let’s face it, storage cases are dead boring half the time. Wouldn’t it be great to make something completely customised to you? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to make something that you could change around if you ever got bored of it? Well, now you can. The Micro Brix Case – or “creative case” – is a customisable case certain to succeed at carefully containing small assorted sundry stuff. Built to contain anything from coins to pencils, the real draw of this handy little desktop accessory is the collection of 240 plastic snap-together building blocks, designed to help you design your ultimate case decoration. If you get bored of one design, simply rearrange the blocks to suit your fancy, aided by the tool provided.   The only limits are your imagination and the size of your desk drawer, so go nuts!

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Pozebot Light Stockists

Meet the Pozebot Light. The Pozebot Light, as you might be able to guess, is a robot, who poses (or “pozes”), and has an integrated pair of super-bright LED lights. As a light, the dual LEDs (powered by three LR44 batteries, handily included) are more than capable of lighting up any room in the dark, perfect for late night reading or investigating the shadows in the corner of your room. At only 11cm tall, he’s even small enough that you could pick him up and use him as a torch to look under your bed. The neatest thing about our man (well, bot) Pozebot is that he’s posable, of course: you can move him...

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Replicushion Doughnut Stockists

There’s little doubt that this cushion is a fun and tasty-looking replica of a doughnut, though let’s be honest when we say actually trying to eat it would probably be a bad idea. Nonetheless, if you want a novelty cushion that looks like a doughnut, here it is! Make no mistake – this awesome-looking cushion ain’t just a pretty face (can that saying work with fake pastry?). You’re talking about an accurate representation of a doughnut in 35cm, sprinkles and all (imagine the calories on that thing!). It’s also a flammability-tested, supremely comfortable piece of soft furnishing, perfect...

'Replicushion Doughnut Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal

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