Bargain Mini Vortex Lamp Stockists

Bargain Mini Vortex Lamp Stockists

If you enjoy the soothing look of a colourful mood lamp then you’ll be sure to love the Mini Vortex Lamp with its soothing cycle of colours. To see this great mood light in action simply fill the Vortex Lamp with ionised water and watch the magic happen. Make sure to fill the water up to the fill line and no more or the lamp will overflow. For crystal clear water that doesn’t cloud over make sure to use ionised water and not tap water. When the lamp is filled with water simply plug it into the mains with the cable provided and watch as the water is sucked down to form a dancing whirlpool through the middle of the lamp. Powerful LED lights will change colour as the lamp stays on which colours the water and whirlpool in soothing tones. This would be a great addition to any bedroom or home office.

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Speaker Stockists

Join the Empire by striking back against the dark with this Storm Trooper Speaker. This iconic Storm Trooper has been brought to life in the shape of a desktop wireless speaker. Sit back and listen to your top playlists with Science Fiction's most iconic soldiers - representative of the military for the Galactic Empire, under the leadership of Emperor Palpatine and his commanders, most notably Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. This Storm Trooper Bluetooth speaker is the ideal gift for any Star Wars franchise fan! Product Specification Rechargeable 400 mAh lithium battery High quality 5W speaker 3.5mm...

'Star Wars Stormtrooper Speaker Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal


Beer Goggle Shots Stockists

When throwing a house party it is essential to stock up on plastic cups and plastic shot glasses if you don’t want your crockery to get smashed or have to deal with a crazy clean up the morning after. But we all know that no matter how many plastic cups you buy that you’ll have run out after about 3 hours of good partying. There’s nothing worse than losing your cup and finding all the other are dirty and smell dubious. The Beer Goggle Shots glasses will solve this problem! Instead of carrying your cup around everywhere to make sure it doesn’t get lost, why not wear the cup instead? These beer goggles...

'Beer Goggle Shots Deal' priced at £0.97  =>  Click for Deal


Ray Gun Nose Trimmer Stockists

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer is a perfect Father's Day gift for a daddy with an unruly, bush of nasal hair. Get those flaring nostrils trimmed with this therapeutic Father's Day present.

'Ray Gun Nose Trimmer Deal' priced at £1.97  =>  Click for Deal


Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

Here at RED5 we never underestimate the power of the Dark Side, but even we were surprised to find out just how powerful the Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker really is. With a high-quality 5W speaker, you’ll definitely be able to feel a disturbance in the Force when you crank up the volume. The perfect icon to sit alongside your Death Star Mood Light, this officially licensed wireless speaker contains a USB rechargeable battery so you can place it wherever you want. You can also choose to power it using 3 x AAA batteries if you’re too impatient to wait for it to charge. Great for fans of Star Wars, this speaker...

'Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal

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