Bargain Molten Lamp Blue / Green Stockists

Bargain Molten Lamp Blue / Green Stockists

There’s nothing better for relaxing than some effective mood lighting and this Molten Lamp in blue and green is the perfect lamp to help you with this. This retro idea has been given a modern revamp and the Molten Lamp has a classy curved cylinder look. The liquid inside the glass cylinder is blue and the green wax will float and divide as it is heated up. This lamp has a polished silver base as well as a silver top which gives it a stunning finish. The Molten Lamp is mains powered and the adaptor is included. At 44cm tall this lamp would look great in a home office or on a bedside table. This lamp would be a great piece of lighting for any home.

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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MenkindMolten Lamp Blue / Green£14.99Click for Deal Lamp Blue / Green£14.99Click for Deal

Nose Trimmer Stockists

Every good looking man about town wants to look their best, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life that we all have a few stray hairs here and there. So to keep your man looking in tip top condition all the time, this personal grooming Nose Trimmer Kit makes the ideal gift! Saying goodbye to unsightly hair is super quick and easy with this handy bathroom gadget. The perfect size for both home and travel, this lightweight and portable design can be taken anywhere to keep those uninvited hairs at bay! Complete with a rubberised body design and protective head cover, this Nose Trimmer is able to trim nose, ears, beard and...

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Ship Wrecked Drinking Game Stockists

The first thing you think about when you visualise the seven seas are merry Pirates sailing tall ships, stealing hoards of treasure and perching shoulder parrots. So, if you can’t resist a little pirating swag, then you’ll love the Ship Wrecked Drinking Game; the brand-new take on Battleships for slightly naughty grown-ups. So, hold on to your peg leg, and prepare to take to the seas on an amazing trip to remember! (Or maybe not!) The perfect party piece for any pirate in the making, this two-player shipwrecked themed drinking game makes light work of choppy waters. Just like the classic game of Battleships, this...

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Large Whoopee Cushion Stockists

Big kids, little kids, pranksters and schoolchildren - listen up! The classic fart gag tool is here in the shape of this Large Whoopee Cushion. It's gotta be one of the oldest practical jokes. Parents, school teachers, other pupils and work colleagues can all fall victim to the amusing sound of "breaking wind". Fortunately, there will be none of that "he who smelt it, deal it" mallarky as there will be no smell from this windy emission. At over 12 inches in diameter, this is possibly the world's largest "farty" noise maker and will produce bigger, louder and even longer farts than before! Makes a perfect gift for anyone with...

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Glass Chess Set Stockists

Chess. It’s pretty famous. Not to mention pretty darn fun. So pay attention all you wannabe Grandmasters, champions and strategic wizards, the time has come for you to let your talents shine in glorious glassy wondrousness. Mixing a combination of frosted and clear glass pieces (you’ve probably just decided which one you want to be) this set puts an ice cool twist on a traditional wooden chess set. Possibly the most well known two-player strategic board game ever, this set features the traditional 64 square layout with a new contemporary edge. So when you’re not trying to prove how ridiculously brilliant you...

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Flexible Tablet Holder Stockists

Tablets have become a huge part of our lives in recent years. They’re super cool, lightweight, easy to use and ultra-portable. In short they’re pretty darn awesome. But there are times when you want to use both your hands when navigating with your tablet, typing or want to watch movies or clips on your tablet without having to hold it in position. The Flexible Tablet from Ingenious allows you to use you tablet hands free pretty much anywhere! This portable and flexible tablet holder can attach to almost any 3D surface, so when you’re in the kitchen cooking, laid in bed watching a movie, or in the car following...

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Whopping Whoopee Cushion Stockists

Here it is! The classic prank ever is back and it's bigger and better than before. This giant whoopee cushion makes noises louder than ever! The Whopping Whoopee Cushion is over 30cm in diameter.

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Double Sided Drinking Darts Stockists

It’s a risky combination mixing drinking with sharp pointy projectiles. After all, even the best of us can get a little on the wobbly side after a couple of cocktails. But luckily some clever folks have invented the Double Sided Drinking Darts game, giving us all the fun of traditional darts without any of the danger! This cool double sided game comes with a felted circular board which you can hang using the hooked ribbon at the top. Choose from a classic dart board on one side or play the shot or dare drinking game on the other to create a super easy and ridiculously fun activity in no time at all! You don’t...

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Air Hockey Table 16" Stockists

Get the arcade experience in your own home with this 16" table air hockey set which you can put on your dining room table or in your bedroom for hours of frantic ice hockey action. This Air Hockey table uses 3xAA batteries to run the blower - floating the puck from side to side for smooth fast gameplay. It comes with 2 portable paddles and pucks for you to play with a mate and individual scoreboards to keep track of who the real ice hockey master is. Underneath the scoreboard is a puck returns section, which ensures your pucks don't go flying off when you score that winning goal. It features a wood grain finish...

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Glass Chess Set - Medium Stockists

Chess as we know it has been around since the 1470’s and if anything it has gained in popularity over the years. Now you can own a set of this classic game in a classy looking glass. This Glass Chess Set is a traditional layout with 64 squares in an 8x8 pattern. The board is made from glass with alternate frosted and clear glass making the distinctive checked pattern. Soft foam circles are added to the board to avoid it being scratched on surface. The chess piece themselves are split into 2 sets of 16, with one set made up of clear glass pieces whilst the other is made from frosted glass. This Glass Chess Set isn’t...

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Remote Control Caddy Stockists

Ever since the beginning of time (well at least since the remote control became a thing) we have all suffered the ultimate first world problem - losing the remote. There’s something uniquely special about the way money, pens, toys and remotes get lost in the never ending ether of your sofa. It’s always at that critical point when you need to pause, stop or rewind. You reach for the remote control, and it’s vanished before your eyes. Thankfully though, there’ a solution to our multi-remote disappearing problems in the shape of this extremely handy Remote Control Caddy! Complete with 360° spherical...

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