Bargain Moonlight Cushion with Remote Stockists

Bargain Moonlight Cushion with Remote Stockists

Looking for something a little bit different to kit out your home? Then this RC Moonlight Cushion is a must have accessory. Made with white fur, this cool product works as both a soft cushion and a light source! Powered by a battery pack that is tucked away inside the zip up compartment, the low energy LEDs allow the cushion to glow safely and will act as a real feature to your home! The infrared remote control can be used to change the colour of the cushion to suit your decor or mood. This cushion is a great house warming gift and will make an ideal addition to any home.  Requires 3 X AA batteries. (not included)

Bargain Deal: £12.97

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Ninja Garden Gnome Stockists

Are you tired of night time raiders badgering your bushes, raiding your roses and shredding your shrubbery? Well fear no more because the Ninja Garden Gnome is here! This adorable little assassin is ready to stand watch over your precious primroses and scare intruders away with a ninja knife and readied karate chop. This cute figurine is made from a durable resin and is weather proof so he can stand guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year come rain or shine. During the day an integrated solar panel on the back of this gnome soaks up the sunlight and lets the little guy’s eyes glow in the dark.  These glowing eyes are...

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Christmas Spirit Drinking Glasses Stockists

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, keep drinking all the way" Celebrate everything festive with this set of Christmas Spirit Drinking Glasses, which are in the shape of novelty Xmas baul bauls making them perfect to hold that crimbo tipple which you can enjoy around the tree. This set features 6 glasses all in a variety of colours making them perfect to have around the dinner table on Christmas Day when the family are round. Even if you are lover of all things festive you could even use them throughout the year as handy candle holders around your house.So why not celebrate the festive season with a shot or two of eggnog with...

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Classic Merfin small Adult Aqua UK shoe size 4 to 6 Stockists

The Mahina Merfin is a unique product, the first functional mermaid mono-fin on the market. They are made with recycled rubber, and are one of the first eco friendly/recycled fins produced.The Merfin is soft, flexible and functional and will give you the speed and agility of any fish in the ocean.The Merfin is a great pool toy, a wonderful snorkelling fin or swimming device for fitness… Not to mention the awesome fun of bodysurfing the waves! It is safe to use, with just one flick of the ankle strap the legs are free. This product is for recreational use only. Must be used under adult supervision. The buyer / user...

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Zip Earphones - Orange Stockists

Quality sound with a funky zip style. Sick of your earphone wires tangling in your bag or pocket? These zip earphones are the perfect solution - just zip them up when not use! Available in orange use the earphones to brighten up any outfit. The fully working zip not only adds flair, it also aids functionality: Try unzipping to full length when sharing music with a friend and then zipping them the whole way back up when in not in use.

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HD Spy Watch Stockists

If you want to join the ranks of the great screen spies – J.Bond, J.Bourne, and errr...J.English – then you’re definitely going to need a suave and stylish watch. And hey, if it happens to have some awesome spy enhancements then that can’t do any harm right? That’s right where the frankly amazing HD Spy Watch comes in. Not only is it a super stylish watch, with modern black face and contrasting red detail, it also has a tiny built in camera for any covert surveillance you may need to undertake. Able to record video in 720p HD and still images at 2mp, you’re sure to be able to gather any...

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I'm A Twat Mug Stockists

On first inspection, this is an innocent and somewhat ordinary plain white coffee mug. It doesn't feature any pretty patterns or witty inscriptions, to reflect the personality of the drinker...or so it appears! We invite you to look again. This seemingly harmless looking mug offers a great joke to play on unsuspecting victims. When the drinker raises the mug to their lips to take a sip, the hidden: "I'm a twat" printed message on the mug's base will be revealed to all but the tea drinker himself. So, when it's your turn at work to make the teas or coffees (and that may seem like all of the time) you can now choose who to give...

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Wave Pendulum Stockists

An original take on the Newton’s Cradle design classic, the Wave Pendulum adds a new dimension to the visual effect. To create the motion, simply pull the balls towards you and gently release. The slightly different lengths of the nylon strings mean the stainless steel balls soon fall into an undulating wave motion between the wooden frame. With its smooth motion and without the clacking of the original, the Wave Pendulum is the ultimate ornamental kinetic structure. It measures approx: 35.5cm x 26cm x 15cm.

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Insectoid Stockists

Construct this easy to build insectoid and discover the mechanisms behind robotic movement as it crawls wriggles and walks. Looks just like a real stick insect. c28cm. Requires 2 x AA batteries, supplied separately.Age 8+.

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Thumbs Up Remote Radio Controlled Wall Zero Gravity Climbing Car Stockists

Hold on to your hats and defy gravity with R/C Wall Climber! Using vacuum suction technology the Wall Climber can be used on walls, windows and even the ceiling! A zero gravity remote control car is not only cool but causes endless fun too. Simply turn your walls into a race track and remember to take a sharp turn around them picture frames.

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