Bargain My Big Cats Journal Stockists

Bargain My Big Cats Journal Stockists

Follow Steve Bloom as he travels across continents taking photographs. Find out how big-cat predators survive in tough conditions; how they live grow up hunt and have babies. Blooms in-the-field account makes a compelling narrative in the same way that the voiceover on a natural-history television programme is both informative and pacy. The photographs are full of drama. They are sharp and clear and bring the subject to life for children. At the back of the book there is a brief section on how to take photographs of animals in the wild. Here children will also find helpful tips about taking photographs of animals at home.

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The Worst Witch Stockists

When clumsy witch Mildred Hubble starts school at Miss Cackle’s Academy, chaos soon begins… #screen-gaming-17

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Once a Ferrara Wife ebook Stockists

Modern December 2011 For better…or for bedding?Laurel Ferrara wouldn’t know a happy ending if she fell over it – of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster. But it wasn’t as simple as just walking away. From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily the shivers of unease set in… The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can’t forget – but it might as well have come from the devil himself. The outrageously gorgeous Cristiano’s power is a potent reminder of this Sicilian dynasty’s unbreakable rule: once a Ferrara wife, always a Ferrara wife…

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Immortal in Death Stockists

'She'd come to New York to be a cop because she believed in order. Needed it to survive. She had taken control had made herself into the person some anonymous social worker had named Eve Dallas' But in a few weeks she won't just be Eve Dallas lieutenant homicide. She'll be Roarke's wife. But Eve's wedding plans may have to be put on hold as her private and professional lives collide...The victim in her latest murder investigation is one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted - even another woman's man. And Eve's chief suspect is the other woman in this fatal...

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Kentucky Thriller Stockists

Laura Marlin's two greatest loves in life are detective novels and animals so she is ecstatic when her uncle agrees to let her keep a horse after they rescue it crazed with fear from an overturned horsebox. But he has a condition. Before he will allow her to adopt it they have to find its former owner just to ensure that it hasn't been stolen. A visit to Newmarket to investigate the thoroughbred's origins leads Laura to the Kentucky Derby in the US and deep into the murky world of race-fixing.

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Green Crafts for Children Stockists

Give your kids their first taste of crafting with Green Crafts for Children a brilliant introduction to a world of endless creative possibilities. Kids love to make their own toys games gifts and ornaments. It encourages them to give full rein to their creative flair - and if they can use component parts that are adapted or recycled so much the better for them and the planet! None of Emma Hardy's projects in Green Crafts for Children use any special materials. Instead they all rely on items that are likely to be in the cupboard can be found around the house or garden or collected on walks in the park or at the beach....

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Far Side of the World Stockists

Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin tales are widely acknowledged to be the greatest series of historical novels ever written. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of their beginning with Master and Commander these evocative stories are being re-issued in paperback with smart new livery. This is the tenth book in the series. It is still the War of 1812. Patrick O'Brian takes his hero Jack Aubrey and his tetchy sardonic friend Stephen Maturin on a voyage as fascinating as anything he has ever written. They set course across the South Atlantic to intercept a powerful American frigate outward bound to play havoc with the British...

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My Revision Notes Edexcel A2 History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45 Stockists

Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which focuses on the key content and skills you need to know for Edexcel A2 History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45. Written by experienced teachers this series closely combines the content of Edexcel A2 History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45 with revision activities and advice on exam technique. Each section has a model answer with exam tips for you to analyse and better understand what is required in the exam. Makes revision manageable by condensing topics into easy-to-revise chunksEncourages active revision by closely combining content with a variety of...

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James Bond Omnibus Stockists

The daring James Bond is back in a definitive bumper edition collecting the first period of Jim Lawrence's celebrated run in comic strip form! This title includes seven of Bond's most thrilling and dangerous missions: The Harpies" "River of Death" "The Golden Ghost" "Fear Face" "Double Jeopardy" "Starfire" and Kingley Amis' controversial post-Fleming story "Colonel Sun"."

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Counselling Skills and Theory Stockists

This is where you can find an overview of the major approaches in counselling how they fit together and how you can integrate them into your practice. It's also your guide to the nature of counselling the skills needed to be a counsellor and managing the challenges of the counselling relationship! This new edition is suitable for a wide range of courses including Foundation Certificate Diploma and Higher Education studies in Counselling. There is discussion of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme with expanded coverage of CBT approaches. It also references the latest BACP guidelines for counsellor...

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Scholastic English Skills: Comprehension Teacher's Books Years 1-6 Set x 5 Stockists

Help children master core English skills required for success at school and beyond. Matched to the curriculum, our acclaimed Scholastic English Skills series is full of easy ways to teach the essentials. An ideal English toolkit for the primary years Gets children speaking, reading and writing confidently Tackles common problems that hold back progress Saves time with inspiring ready-made lesson ideas, activities and posters Includes detailed background knowledge and teacher notes, plus a whiteboard CD-ROM Use these comprehension teacher’s books, along with the linked pupil workbooks,...

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