Bargain Neon Jellyfish Lamp Round Stockists

Bargain Neon Jellyfish Lamp Round Stockists

When life starts to feel a little hectic, having a go-to place where you can kick back and relax is the best way to heal all your troubles. And now creating the perfect mood lit setting is easier than ever before with this hypnotically soothing Neon Jellyfish Lamp Round. This cylindrical soother features a unique combination of realistic swimming jellyfish (without the sting!) and colour changing LEDs, creating a sensationally beautiful mood light. Soft fans gently push the jellyfish giving them the mesmeric illusion of a swimming motion lit by an impressive 18 lights which can be set to a desired colour, or left to automatically phase through each hue. Phase from red to pink to purple to green, into a fluorescent blue that creates a glow to spectacular it looks like ultraviolet. The stunning mood light makes the ideal desk top accessory, feature point for your home or funky night light for your bedroom!

Bargain Deal: £69.99

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Volcano Lamp Stockists

For decades, hippies have sworn by the mind-freeing effects of the lava lamp. The Volcano Lamp provides an abundance of lava to erase the stresses of the day. Move over Mount Etna! Stand aside Vesuvius! The Mini Volcano is set to erupt in offices across the country. It's a fabulously frivolous battery-operated accessory and the perfect item to lighten up your plain, boring work space or dull bedroom. When your boss is giving you grief or that irritating co-worker has somehow developed the ability to be even more aggravating, simply cast your eyes in the direction of your molten mountain to clear your mind. The Mini Volcano...

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Hover Football Stockists

If you like playing a game of footy indoors but are always worried about destroying the furniture or kicking the ball through a window then you’ll love the Hover Football. This nifty gadget let’s people enjoy all the fun of their favourite game without the risk of mess. This Hover Football uses a cushion of air to glide across surfaces including wood, concrete and even carpet. A protective bumper around the edge of the football ensures it doesn’t get damaged when it bumps into other objects and also gives it good rebound action. The Hover Football is even more fun at night with its built in LED black light....

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Black Crossbow Stockists

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and enjoy a game of aim and shoot, then this Black Crossbow is the ideal toy. Perfect for improving your accuracy and shooting skills, play with friends or aim for tin cans and other targets when playing on your own.   This crossbow features is robust and well built and comes with a spring trigger mechanism for easy loading and firing, meaning you can play for hours with ease. With sucker tipped darts included, this crossbow set is the ideal gift for any outdoor lover, simply aim and fire! Measuring 56cm long.

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R/C Stunt Monster Stockists

What’s better than an RC car? An RC car that can do some awesome rolls and tricks of course! Send yourself into crazy spins with the amazing R/C Stunt Monster. Unlike most RC cars, this one has a 360° front axle which means you can do spins, 360° flips, single tyre wheelies and more! A super exciting button is included so you can add an injection of speed into your stunt routine. With LED’s built in to the body and the stunt wheels, you can race around during the day or at night creating the most extreme driving experience. A robust shell and hard wearing rubber tyres mean that this car will be well protected...

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Hand Spinners Stockists

There is an elegance in simplicity, and this Hand Spinner demonstrates that perfectly. With a classic weighted three-pronged design this nifty gadget is perfect for keeping your attention during long hours in the office. This spinner is guaranteed to have your back when you’re feeling stressed out, anxious or just bored by yet another meeting.  Sometimes, classic designs really are the best.  

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Vizor VR Glasses Stockists

Once upon a time, Virtual Reality was something that you only ever saw in sci fiction, a futuristic technology that seemed as unlikely to become a reality as surfing down the street on your hover board. But rapid advancements have made this incredible technology available to everyone for the very first time. So if you’ve ever wondered what’s happening behind those innovative glasses, then now it’s your turn to experience the fun. The full immersive action of the Vizor VR Glasses has to be experienced to be believed. If you’ve ever dreamt of skydiving off a mountain or visiting a Jurassic world, the...

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Credit Card Power Bank Stockists

48 Advantage card points. With the Credit Card Power Bank you can make sure your phone never runs out of charge. Packed with a huge 2000mAh and multiple changeable adaptors, this portable charger is so streamlined that it will fit into your purse or wallets credit card slot. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

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Pen Tool Stockists

For most of the little jobs that need doing, a complete tool box is very much over the top and certainly not practical when out and about. Thankfully the 6 in 1 Pen Tool has some extremely useful bits that will come in handy when some emergency DIY is needed. Fixing that wonky bit of furniture, changing a fuse, inserting new batteries into your brand new gadget or even just straightening up the picture frame, are all in a day’s work for the pen tool! The 6 in 1 pen has a metal casing and features the following tools: Stylus tip for touch screens Philips head screwdriver a.k.a a stary Flat head screwdriver Spirit...

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Power Bank & Induction Speaker 2000mAh Stockists

Do you enjoy watching movies and listening to your favourite tracks on your phone? Don't you just hate it when you get carried away with your current TV series that before you know it your battery is dead! Well with the Power Bank & Induction Speaker you will have the luxury of being able to watch & listen whilst charging your smartphone at the same time! This black speaker is great for watching movies and your favourite TV series because it features a rear stand that allows you to place your phone upright whilst it is charging. Works with any USB cable and features an easy on/off switch for operation. This Power...

'Power Bank & Induction Speaker 2000mAh Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Headonizm Head Massager Stockists

Modern day life has its fair amount of stress for most of us. If you work 9 to 5, 5 days a week you'll probably be all too familiar with the terms, deadline, workload, multi-tasking and working late. When you do manage to get away from your office desk after a hard day you then have to crawl through the rush hour traffic (which is made even worse if you're using public transport) and then think about what is for dinner. We think it's fair, after all of the above, that you treat yourself to some 'me' time. So take the phone off the hook, dim the lights, get out the smelly candles, and try the relaxing Head Massager. All you...

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