Bargain Nicholas Nickleby (1947) (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Nicholas Nickleby (1947) (DVD) Stockists

This Ealing production of Charles Dickens' novel stars Cedric Hardwicke as the eponymous hero. The duplicitous scheming of an avaricious uncle robs Nicholas Nickleby of his rightful inheritance. In order to care for his family, Nicholas is forced to leave his schoolmaster's post, and seek his fortune as a travelling entertainer. Running Time: 107 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: N/A

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Discovery Channel - Bone Detectives (4 Disc) [DVD] Stockists

Follow Scotty Moore, an adventurous archaeologist, as he journeys to the farthest reaches of the Earth on a quest driven by the belief that the secrets of the past have yet to be revealed. Carefully preserved mummies and entombed skeletons are a link to ancient civilisations. Each episode presents a mystery to unravel, a life to understand, a world to explore and a death to reveal. But these long-hidden remains do not yield their secrets easily. Ancient tombs are protected by lush vegetation, inhospitable terrain, ever-changing weather, dangerous wildlife and man-made obstacles. The pursuit of mummies, and answers to the mysteries...

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Blandings: Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Complete second series of the British sitcom based on the stories by P.G. Wodehouse and starring Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders. Set in 1929, the series follows Clarence Threepwood (Spall), the Ninth Earl of Emsworth and head of Blandings Castle, who would like nothing more than to be left alone, along with his cherished pet pig The Empress. Unfortunately, in such a chaotic household his wish rarely comes true and he is forced to face up to familial responsibilities by his formidable sister Connie (Saunders). The cast also includes Tim Vine, Jack Farthing, Robert Bathurst and Harry Enfield. The episodes are: 'throwing...

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The Prestige [2006] (DVD) Stockists

Thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Rupert Angier (Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Bale) are London-based magicians of the highest order, both blessed with spectacular powers of deception and both cursed with unrelenting envy for one another's skills. When Alfred performs an awe-inspiring trick for which there seems no logical explanation, the friendly competition shared between the pair turns to deadly rivalry as the enraged Rupert determines to uncover his rival's deepest secrets. In the world of illusion, however, nothing is ever quite as it seems, and the rules of the physical world simply don't apply. Now, as...

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First of the Summer Wine - The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Featuring every episode of First of the Summer Wine, including the pilot episode Running Time: 390 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 6 Aug. 2012

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The Lost Land Collection (DVD) Stockists

Watch an intrepid team of modern day explorers, zoologists, naturalists and botanists as they travel to the far corners of the globe in search of new species and help local conservation teams. Discover the lost land of the Jaguar. In a bid to discover new species and help Guyana protect its environment, the expedition team ventures into some of the remote jungle on earth tracking down the giants of the area; the Anaconda, the Jaguar, the giant Anteaters, the Turtles and the enormous Harpy Eagle. Explore the lost land of the volcano. New Guinea is one the most species-rich areas on Earth, but its landscape so inaccessible that...

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Moulin Rouge (1928) (DVD) Stockists

One of the most lavish British films of the silent era in both budget and scope, Moulin Rouge stars Jean Bradin, Eve Gray and Russian-German screen sensation Olga Tschechowa in the story of a young aristocrat driven to a suicide attempt after falling in love with a young dancer and her elegant, ravishingly beautiful mother.Set in and around the famous dance-halls of Paris, Moulin Rouge showcased British International Pictures' engagement of leading Continental film-makers during the late 1920s. The first British film directed by expressionist pioneer Ewald Andre Dupont, it also features Werner Brandes' stylish, distinctively...

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Passion (1954) (DVD) Stockists

Release Date: 5 Jun. 2017 Starring Cornel Wilde as a young rancher (Juan Obreón) seeking vengeance for the murders of his wife Yvonne de Carlo and his parents. The guilty parties are a group of terrorists, headed by Rodolpho Acosta, whom Jaun, now a fugitive from justice himself, intends to kill one by one. Running Time: 84 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)  

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Shadows of Progress - Documentary Film in Post-War Britain 1951 - 1977 (DVD) Stockists

SHADOWS OF PROGRESS Documentary Film in Post-War Britain 1951-1977 As Britain emerged from the Second World War, new social, political and ideological challenges brought about inevitable and far-reaching change. With change came a need to look at, and engage with, the country's people, places, values and industries in fresh and exciting ways. Out of the shadows cast by such celebrated documentarists as Humphrey Jennings and Paul Rotha emerged the likes of John Krish, Eric Marquis and Derrick Knight, each of whom employed bold and distinctive new techniques in order to tackle an increasingly diverse array of subjects. Until...

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The Railway Man [2013] (DVD) Stockists

Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgáçrd star in this war drama adapted from Eric Lomax's memoirs about his experiences in a POW camp. While serving in the Second World War, British Army officer Eric Lomax (Jeremy Irvine) is captured and held prisoner by the Japanese. He is brutally tortured and forced, along with his fellow captives, to build the Thai-Burma Railway. Many years later an older Lomax (Firth) is still traumatised by the experience. Supported by his wife Patti (Kidman) and friend Finlay (Skarsgáçrd), he decides to track down one of his torturers, Takashi Nagase (Hiroyuki Sanada), hoping to find the...

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