Best Night Shift book Stockists

Best Night Shift book Stockists

Special Releases August 2009 In the dead of night, he calls her, making ugly whispered threats. Late-night DJ Cilla O’Roarke tries to pretend that her stalker is harmless, but her boss ignores her claim that she isn’t in need of protection. It’s time to call in the cops. When the threats start to escalate, Cilla has to set aside her pride and work with Detective Boyd Fletcher to find out the truth. But the answer leads them into a terrifying situation – one that they might not both walk away from…

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The Rascal ebook

Historical July 2009 Reforming the rascal… Grace Crabtree has no need of a man. Except Morrow Creek’s reprobate saloon-keeper Jack Murphy keeps getting in her way. She’s bewildered as to why she can’t stop thinking about his infuriatingly handsome face. So Grace will use her feminine charms to reform him – once she works out exactly what feminine charms are! Jack’s determined to find Grace a husband who’ll keep her under control. But, looking around the town, no man seems quite worthy of this spiky, tempting, glorious woman. So maybe he’ll just have to settle down with her himself… ‘…witty, fun and just...

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One Night In...Rio ebook

Special Releases April 2011 Walking away from her husband Roque Aguiar Ac Costa was the hardest thing Jewel had ever done. But now Roque has come to the Amazon rain forest, claiming that he is her boss and she is still his wife. His seduction is a taste of heaven…

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Prime Time both

Mira September 2011 Emmy and Agatha Award-winning television reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan shows readers that in prime time news you’re only as good as your last story…and everyone’s watching! In the cutthroat world of television journalism, seasoned reporter Charlotte McNally knows that she’d better pull out all the stops or kiss her job goodbye. But it’s her life that might be on the line when she learns that an innocent-looking e-mail offer resulted in murder, mayhem and a multimillion-dollar fraud ring. All too soon her investigation leads her straight to Josh Gelston, who is a little too helpful and a lot too...

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Just One Last Night ebook

One last night… The temptation of one last night of heady passion with her husband is too much for Melanie Masterson to resist… But in the morning she kisses his sexy mouth goodbye and turns her back on her marriage, believing Forde deserves someone better – someone who can be a good wife and mother.   …has an unexpected consequence! Discovering Melanie is pregnant with his child pushes Forde Masterson to his limits. He will reclaim his wife and child even if that means playing dirty…with a sensual onslaught so powerful she will never want to leave his arms again! “Helen Brooks writes amazing stories that get...

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Taken by the Wicked Rake - Volume 8 of Regency Si... both

Lady Verity Carlow is poised, beautiful, charming, virginal. Her family’s precious jewel. She knows she will marry whatever titled bore is chosen for her. But sometimes, in the dark of the night, she wishes she wasn’t always so well-behaved...Then she is snatched! Kidnapped by her family’s enemy, gypsy lord Stephano Beshaley. And when this dark, dangerous unsuitable man takes Verity in his arms, he tempts her to do wicked, wicked things.

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Miranda's Outlaw eBook

WHAT WAS A VIRGIN TO DO? Miranda Colby's plan for peace and quiet in a remote mountain cabin backfired the moment she stumbled upon her sexy new neighbor - in the buff! Although the thought of spending time with Luke had the innocent Miranda reeling, she was starting to yearn for his touch... . Luke was a rough-edged ex-cowboy who had nothing to offer the city girl - except exciting, short-lived passion. But somehow Miranda was becoming a threat to his hard-earned loner status. And if he didn't get her off his mountain soon, he just might carry this virgin over the tempestuous threshold of desire... .

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One Illicit Night book

Historical June 2011 They’ll always have Paris… After one uncharacteristically wicked night, the once reckless Eleanor Bracewell-Lowen now leads a safe and prudent life. On his return to London’s high society, Lord Cristo Wellingham looks different from the man she knew so briefly in Paris, but he is still as magnetic… In his cold amber eyes Eleanor detects something she has seen mirrored in her own – longing. His touch invites passion, but this is a man who could destroy her good name with just one glance…

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A Family For His Tiny Twins ebook

Medical April 2009 Single dad with newborn twins! Nurse Nadia Smith is devoted to the fragile lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She might have lost a baby of her own, but if anything that makes her care even more for her tiny patients. And it is in the neonatal unit that Nadia meets new father and A&E doctor Gideon West… Single dad Gideon refuses to leave his premature newborn twins for a second – they are the most precious things in his world. Nadia is taken with the gorgeous doctor, and it is clear to Gideon she has already fallen head over heels for his beautiful babies. It’s not long before he begins to...

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The Kincaids: Private Mergers both

A wedding of convenience- a marriage of passion Irresistible Rankin Abdellah needs a wife to claim his inheritance...and after a spontaneous Vegas romp gorgeous, passionate Laurel Kincaid says ‘I do.' But behind closed doors, being husband and wife is more delicious than either of them expected... The illegitimate heir claims his heritage... Illegitimate heir and business tycoon Jack Sinclair wants his slice of The Kincaid Group and he's got just the woman to help him get it- but Nikki works for the Kincaids. Passion offers a second chance- until yet another truth is revealed...

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Dark of the Moon ebook

Intrigue December 2009 They called him the Enforcer His iron fist once kept the warring vampire clans of decadent 1920s New York from one another’s throats. But now, outcast from his own kind Dorian Black haunts the back alleys of Manhattan alone… Until the night he meets reporter Gwen Murphy and feels something stir within him for the first time in centuries. Gwen is determined to uncover the truth about a mysterious gang of blood-drinkers despite the danger, but she never expected to give over her heart to tall, dark Dorian. And now, in order protect Gwen, he may be forced to do the unthinkable…

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