Bargain Octonauts and the Orcas Stockists

Bargain Octonauts and the Orcas Stockists

Under the leadership of Captain Barnacles Bear closely flanked by Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin the Octonauts are always ready to embark on an exciting new mission! When a huge Orca whale becomes stranded on a beach Captain Barnacles and the Octonauts devise a plan to pull him back into the water with some help from a group of tunnelling fiddler crabs.

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Fear in the Sky Stockists

The young men who flew with RAF Bomber Command in World War Two were a complex mixture of individuals but they all shared the gift of teamwork. A crew of seven may have comprised all non-commissioned men and some crews included commissioned officers but not always flying as pilots. The outstanding fact was that each man relied on every other member of his crew to return from each mission safely.This book contains ten intriguing reminiscences of bomber aircrew; some were pilots others navigators flight engineers bomb-aimers or gunners. They flew as both commissioned or NCO airmen.. Understandably a common problem was that...

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AQA English Language B AS Stockists

These engaging resources provide a range of teaching opportunities that develop skills such as comparing and analysing language extracts justifying opinions and coursework planning. The books also offer current and topical examples of language use such as idioms dialects and child language development.

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Assessment for Learning Stockists

Raising student achievement has benefits not only for the individual but for society as well. In this lecture Dylan Wiliam argues that many efforts at reform have focused on things that are easy to change rather than those that would make the most difference. He shows that some investments in raising achievement are more cost-effective and more suitable for large-scale application than others. In particular he argues helping teachers make greater use of assessment for learning (AfL) would be the most effective way of raising student achievement. Professor Wiliam argues that if we are to be successful as well as being clear...

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Cuddle Cuddle Little Friends Stockists

Spot all the cuddly friends around the home in this fun and interactive book. The chunky index tabs make it easy to turn the pages and the shiny finish on every page is sure to engage little ones. A fun and interactive early learning book. With chunky tabs and a shiny finish on every page for children to touch and explore Children will love joining in with the catchy rhyming text

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Kept Woman Stockists

Ever since Samantha's husband ran out on her and their kids she's been working to clear the humungous debt he left behind so it's time she had a lucky break. What she's not expecting is for that break to be Jack Tolliver former governor of Indiana and the biggest womaniser in the state. He's running for the senate and needs a respectable woman by his handsome side to help clean up his image. So Sam accepts a bizarre business proposal -- a fake engagement. All she has to do is play happy families until Jack's elected and then she'll get a big fat cheque and a lifestyle to die for. It's simple. Until that is the kiss occurs....

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Living Etc Stockists

A monthly issue of Living Etc at a great price - this best selling magazine will teach, inspire, captivate, and show you the way to top designs in the home.

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Fade Away Stockists

Myron Bolitar once had a promising career as a sportsman until an accident forced him to quit. After a spell in the FBI he now runs his own business. Then Myron is approached to find Greg Downing. He knows Greg from old - they were once rivals not just in sport but for a woman they both loved. Now Greg has vanished and the team boss wants Myron to find him before news of his disappearance is leaked to the press. In Greg's house Myron finds blood in the basement - lots of it. And when he discovers the body of a woman he begins to unravel the strange violent world of a national hero gone wrong as he comes face-to-face...

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Just a Mo Stockists

The reigning queen of Albert Square Laila Morse shares her incredible story for the first time. This is a book that will shock humble and inspire.

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Northern California travel guide - San Francisco (19.092Mb), 2nd Edition Mar 2015 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Northern California has its own scale - the world's biggest trees, the continent's highest peaks - and to know it firsthand is to change forever the way you apprehend space and time. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Northern California, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, highlights and recommendations from our expert authors planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique plus Californian cuisine, hiking in the Sierra Nevada and a wildlife guide Coverage includes: Planning chapters,...

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Thomas Stockists

This is a story about Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas worked really hard shunting coaches for the big engines. But what he wanted more than anything was his very own branch line ...

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