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Best Once A Maverick eBook Stockists

The Kincaids The code of the West forbade probing into a stranger's past, but when Tyrel Kincaid found himself helping Dixie Rawlings shoot her way out of a card game, he'd demanded answers. Now, death tracked them across the desert, but Tyrel had never felt more alive... . Bent on gunning down the man who had murdered her father, Dixie Rawlings was a woman possessed. Doomed to walk alone, until the night Ty Kincaid joined her quest, and resurrected long-dead dreams of a life ruled by love... .

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Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume IX eBook

Stay up late with two delightfully naughty fairy tales from bestselling authors Rhonda Nelson and Karen Foley… The Equalizer by Rhonda Nelson Former Army Ranger Robin Sherwood is a modern day Robin Hood, determined to make the wealthy who have promised funds to a local free clinic pay up when they don't keep their word. He'll use any means possible, and if this makes him look good to his childhood friend and former lover Marion Cross, then all the better… God's Gift to Women by Karen Foley Sculptor Lexi Adams decides there is no such thing as the perfect man, until she catches sight of Nikos Christakos, the sexy builder...

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Luring a Lady ebook

Special Releases August 2012 by Nora Roberts Is he the man to melt the ice queen? Nothing in Sydney Hayward’s background of wealth and privilege has prepared her to take the helm of her family’s company. The pressure leaves no room for complications… Mikhail Stanislaski is definitely a complication. The rugged carpenter comes from a world so different to her own and he challenges her on every decision she makes. Sydney likes being in control and she’s keeping her distance from Mikhail – but opposites can’t help attracting!

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Confessions of a Duchess book

Mira July 2010 When a feudal law is invoked requiring all unmarried ladies to wed or surrender half their wealth, the quiet village of Fortune’s Folly becomes England’s greatest Marriage Market. Young, handsome and scandalously tempting, Dexter suspects duchess Laura has a hidden motive for resisting his charms…and he intends to discover it, by any means necessary.

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Her Best Friend's Husband/The Beast Within ebook

Intrigue September 2009 Her Best Friend’s Husband Justine Davis Gabriel Taggert. Former naval officer, man of honour, and her best friend’s husband. Yet when her friend disappears, could teaming up with Gabe on a dangerous hunt finally force Cara to admit her true feelings for him? The Beast Within Lisa Renee Jones Jag leads the war against the soulless Darkland beasts who took his wife. Immortal and destined to live with the vengeance that has ravaged his soul, he never thought he’d find solace in the heart of an innocent mortal. But Karen isn’t just any mortal…

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The Pregnancy Plan / Hope's Child ebook

Cherish March 2011 The Pregnancy Plan Ashley used to think she’d marry Cameron. And now, twelve years after he broke her heart, the gorgeous single dad’s back in town and determined to win her again. Ashley’s already bonded with his precious little girl, but are they ready be a real family? Hope’s Child After her ex-fiancé’s death, Hope knows that if she wants to protect her baby from money-hungry relatives, she’ll need to find the child a daddy – and fast! Rugged sheriff Lyon could be just the man for the job…

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Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride both

Historical April 2011 GOVERNESS WANTED… Miss Aimée Peters desperately craves respectability: after her father scandalously auctions off her virginity, she flees London to become a governess in remote Yorkshire. She’s horrified to discover her new employer, the piratical Captain Corcoran, never sought a governess – he wants a bride! TO BE CAPTAIN’S FIRST MATE! Aimée’s unadorned charm makes Captain Corcoran forget the true reason he married her. Then he discovers the fortune of coins stitched into Aimée’s bodice – what secrets does his new wife hide behind her oh, so innocent façade?

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A Most Unladylike Adventure book

Historical Fiction March 2012 IN DISGUISE – AS A SCARLET WOMAN!Lady Louisa Alstone, Ice Diamond of the Ton, has turned down numerous proposals from the best in society. Seeking refuge in her brother’s house, she’s shocked to find the scandalous Captain Darke already in residence. A man who certainly doesn’t need the sinful temptation of a woman he presumes to be his friend’s mistress.The misunderstanding could be Louisa’s chance to cast off the strict dictates of her life as a Lady. And if she’s already living in secret with the devilishly handsome Captain, what good is there in preserving an already compromised...

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Operation Reunion eBook

Dane Burdette still loves the beautiful girl next door, even if Kayla's life has been derailed. And when danger comes back to their small town, he knows she- and their love- is at risk. Kayla has made her quest to clear her brother of her parent's murder her life. But Dane won't let it take her life too.

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Falcon's Heart book

HISTORICAL February 2010 She would take her place in his bed – but never in his heart! Rescued from kidnap by a commanding stranger brought Marianne of Faucon the spice and excitement for which the restless maiden yearned. She wanted to tumble into love, as her brothers had done, but there was danger in giving in to desire. For Bryce of Ashforde was looking to destroy the Faucon family – and the innocent, headstrong, tempting Marianne had just become his means of revenge…

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Her Secret, His Love-Child ebook

Modern April 2010 Scandalous bombshell – secret baby Hard-hearted tycoon Alex Webber is reeling. The passionate woman who once put fire in his blood is back…in his slick penthouse office…armed with a bombshell… Alex’s rigidly controlled life is disrupted when he learns he is to become a father. Yet the intensity of his need for Katrina is equally unsettling…and completely addictive! So Alex demands Katrina move in with him. Only now he’s got Katrina back where he wants her, will their red-hot nights be enough to sate this playboy’s hunger?

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