Bargain Only The Brave [2005](DVD) Stockists

Bargain Only The Brave [2005](DVD) Stockists

October 1944, and a US Army regiment is surrounded by Nazis, high in the Vosges Forest of France. They are labelled lost, another casualty of war. A Regimental Combat Team are ordered to reach them no matter the cost. Made up entirely of second generation Japanese American volunteers, this brave band of brothers have already fought immense prejudice to be recognised as a fighting unit. Fiercely courageous they break through the German lines but at a tremendous price. The unit suffers over 800 casualties to save 211 soldiers of the 275 strong Lost Battalion in what is regarded today as one of the most significant battles of World War II. This is their true story. A story of true patriotism. Running Time: 95 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 26/04/2010

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The Goodies ...At Last a Second Helping - BBC (DVD) Stockists

In 1970, the Goodies unleashed their legendary blend of surreal storylines, strikingly topical satire, slapstick and general lunacy on an unsuspecting viewing public. Capturing the irreverent and rebellious flavour of the decade, this phenomenally popular, award-winning series spread its mischief over twelve years, nine series and numerous specials, making household names of creators, writers and performers Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor. This volume comprises eight of the best episodes. From a run-in with some dubious Boy Scouts to a bid to take over the British film industry, from a loony plan to set up a...

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Die Screaming Marianne (Digitally Remastered) (DVD) Stockists

From the legendary master of gore: Pete Walker (Frightmare, The Flesh and Blood Show) comes this pulse-pounding, nail-biting thriller where trickery, betrayal and death are around every corner. Susan George (Straw Dogs) stars as Marianne, a nightclub dancer desperately running for her life. Marianne is about to turn 21 and inherit the contents of a sizeable Swiss bank account, which also includes certain sensitive documents that would incriminate her estranged and corrupt father, The Judge (Leo Genn). Her only chance may be her new love, Eli (Barry Evans Doctor in the House) but with both of them targeted for assassination,...

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Broadchurch Series Two (BLU-RAY) Stockists

Broadchurch: a town in shock, after the revelation of the identity of Danny Latimer'skiller. Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller find themselves drawn back into the case as it goes to court.Ellie, estranged from family and friends, only has Hardy to turn to. But Hardy is a man stillhaunted by illness and the case he never could solve - Sandbrook. As the trial proceeds, battlelines are drawn: between legal teams, between the residents of the town, and even betweenfamily members. Lives will be thrown under the spotlight, and thedeepest secrets laid bare for all to see. As Joe Miller's trial and theSandbrook case collide, no-one will...

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Cats (DVD/Book Gift Set) Hardcover Box set (DVD & BOOK) Stockists

GREATEST TIPS: CATS & KITTENS DVD This is the DVD for all cat lovers! Presented by Joe Inglis, star of the highly successful BBC series, Vets in Practice and former Blue Peter vet, it is full of great tips whether you re looking to buy a new kitten or already have a feline friend. A friendly style, clear on screen summaries and sections including different breeds, cat nutrition, behaviour and health make this purr-fect viewing! LITTLE BOOK OF CATS This Little Book of Cats is a fascinating insight into the history of cats as pets. Thousands of years ago the humble cat was worshipped as a god. Even today, our cats remind...

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Catweazle - Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

It's an incredible four decades since Catweazle arrested the boredom of Sunday afternoons to become a television legend, and on this special edition DVD set of both series he returns to enchant a new generation with his unique brand of magical comedy.Filled with humour, warmth and charm, Catweazle captured the imagination of children everywhere with Richard Carpenter's wondrous story of a bumbling magician and his pet toad, trapped nine hundred years ahead of their own time. Unforgettable for Geoffrey Bayldon's entrancing performance as Catweazle the wizard, the series also boasted a superb regular cast, while guest appearances...

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Talking Heads - The Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

The complete collection of Alan Bennett's twelve monologues, which tell the bittersweet tales of 'ordinary, uneventful, desperate lives'. Patricia Routledge stars in 'A Lady of Letters', Maggie Smith in 'Bed Among the Lentils', Stephanie Cole in 'Soldiering On', Julie Walters in 'Her Big Chance', Thora Hird in 'A Cream Cracker Under the Settee', Patricia Routledge in 'Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet', Eileen Atkins in 'the Hand of God', David Haig in 'Playing Sandwiches', Julie Walters in 'the Outside Dog', Penelope Wilton in 'Nights in the Gardens of Spain' and Thora Hird in 'Waiting for the Telegram'. Synopsis Talking Heads is...

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Still Game - The Complete Series 1-6 Plus Christmas and Hogmanay Specials [2002] (DVD) Stockists

It's here “ every side-splitting episode of the acclaimed comedy series Still Game in one box set! So come to Craiglang, pour yourself a Midori and enjoy a comic feast with Jack, Victor and the rest of the gang as Britain's favourite OAPs take on the world and all it has to throw at them usually by the local neds! Jack and Victor may be in this box but there's life in the old dogs yet, as they prove they're very much Still Game. Running Time: 1210 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 3 Nov. 2008

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Hud [1963] (DVD) Stockists

Life is hard on a Texas ranch, and the owner is not helped by his arrogant ne'er-do-well son, who is a bad influence on the househo ld. The winner of 3 Academy Awards including Best Actress. Running Time: 107 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Jun. 2004

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Fantabulosa! - The Kenneth Williams Story [2006] (DVD) Stockists

The winning actor brilliantly portrayed a complex man with complex emotions. His exciting performance was all at once compelling, stunning and magical. Michael Sheen (OBE) won the 2006 Royal Television Society best actor award for his heart-breaking portrayal of Kenneth Williams, a consummate entertainer who was loved by everyone but himself. From the intimacy of his diaries and other sources, Martyn Hesford's Fantabulosa! creates a portrait of a fastidious performer who hankered after recognition, adulation and companionship throughout his career. Yet although he could create a thousand voices and characters, he was unable...

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Up The Women - Series 1-2 [2015] (DVD) Stockists

It's 1910 and we're in Banbury Church Hall at the Intricate Craft Circle. Margaret (Jessica Hynes--W1A, Spaced) has just returned from a trip to London, where she was inspired to join the Women's Suffrage movement. She wants her fellow craft circle members to support the cause. After some resistance, a cup of tea and a slice of cake, the "Banbury Intricate Craft Circle politely request women's Suffrage" group is born. Hynes is joined by a stellar cast including Rebecca Front (The Thick of It, The Day Today), Judy Parfitt (Call the Midwife) and Adrian Scarborough (Gavin and Stacey). Running Time: 265 minutes Region: Region...

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